While I'm always trying to move forward with my style, sometimes I come across a piece that feels nostalgic, and I have to indulge myself with it.

Such was the case with this brown and white silk floral blouse, which immediately made me think of a top I purchased from H&M years ago (and since donated).  The similarities between the two are striking, but while the H&M top was a faux wrap knit, this is a Banana Republic silk blouse with a ruched front.

Even though the new top is secondhand and thus several years old (is ruching out?) I'd like to think of it as a more sophisticated update of the top I originally loved.

brown and white floral blouse, white lace skirt-1.jpgbrown and white floral blouse, white lace skirt-13.jpgbrown and white floral blouse, white lace skirt-3.jpgbrown and white floral blouse, white lace skirt-7.jpgbrown and white floral blouse, white lace skirt-10.jpgbrown and white floral blouse, white lace skirt-11.jpgbrown and white floral blouse, white lace skirt.jpgbrown and white floral blouse, white lace skirt-9.jpgbrown and white floral blouse, white lace skirt-6.jpg
The Rundown
Silk Floral Blouse Banana Republic thrifted similar
White Lace Skirt Miguelina via Coco's similar
Sandals Franco Sarto via TJMaxx similar
White Mini Satchel Tignanello via TJMaxx similar
Gold Hoop Earrings Taken for Granite similar
Pave Triangle Necklace Meredith Leigh via TJMaxx
Pave Toggle Bracelet Banana Republic similar
Crystal and Pearl Open Ring Forever 21 similar
Thin Gold Ring Etsy via Sweet Olive Jewelry
Sunglasses "Meteor" Ray-Ban c/o TJMaxx
Nail Color "Haute as Hello" Essie



  1. Such a gorgeous lacy skirt!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

  2. I acknowledge that this outfit might not be completely reflective of your current style, but at the same time, as a longtime reader of your blog, I saw it and immediately thought that it is just so you. Sometimes I think style is less about constantly moving forward and trying new things than it is about circling around what we love, adding new things and discarding old ones along the way so that our style is more of a constant project in progress than a straight line towards a goal. But I'm rambling and probably not making a lot of sense. Suffice it to say that this look suits you perfectly, in my opinion :)

  3. I love your lace skirt and the flutter sleeves on your blouse. Such a pretty outfit!

  4. So pretty! It looks very modern and has a slight retro feel at the same time. Timeless fashion.

  5. I'm with Cee. I don't really care if it's "in" or "out." It's definitely "you." I think it's incredibly flattering and that should matter more than if it's trendy or not. I love the floral together too.

  6. Love, love loveeee the lace skirt and I think regardless of the top being in our out - it has vintage feel to it I like.

  7. So gorgeous! Love that lace skirt!


  8. Bravo on the score! Love the skirt with this!

  9. Love that you paired that top with that gorgeous lace skirt, so feminine and chic!

  10. Hmm I think ruching will always be okay because it's so flattering, but it doesn't matter anyways because it looks great on you!


  11. Isn't it interesting when we really reconnect with something? And I can see why you must have loved the original top so much - this updated version is really striking, especially paired with that skirt.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  12. The blouse is a flattering style, and I like this version better, as it's a bit more modern feeling, so I can see why you were drawn to it. The skirt is seamless and looks gorgeous! :) I love lace.
    Kitchen Tales

  13. Beautiful necklace! Love the skirt, too. You can keep that forever; it's classic.

  14. Such an elegant look on you, beautiful!! That top is such a chic piece, great find!

  15. I actually like the ruching... I hope that it's not "out".... I feel like it's so classic and flirty. Looks great on you

  16. You look stunning per usual! Loving the lace with the florals!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  17. Very pretty new to you top. It looks great paired with that stunning lace skirt!


    Would love for you to stop by & join TBT Fashion link up.

  18. That is a lovely top! I hope that ruching isn't out as I have a few ruched pieces! :)

    As pretty as the top is though,t he pencil skirt is the stand out to me in this outfit, it's so nice, the lace is beautiful.

    Away From The Blue Blog

  19. so in love with your fab skirt
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  20. That lace floral skirt is gorgeous and looks so pretty with the purple floral top. Love the dainty triangle necklace, a lot!