Got my love to keep me warm

It was another ridiculously cold day, the kind of day where it's ideal to not even leave the house at all, yet I somehow convinced Sean to take photos with me at the beach.

For as much as I complain about the cold and the inconvenience of snow, I must admit, there is such beauty in it, and it's something I want to capture in my photos. So out we go, into the arctic tundra.

I can at least take comfort in the fact that I was not the craziest person at the beach that day; I was not going for a run in shorts.

his and hers winter style-1.jpgnavy sweater, plaid shirt, plaid scarf, coat-4.jpgnavy sweater, plaid shirt, plaid scarf, coat-1.jpgnavy sweater, plaid shirt, plaid scarf, coat-5.jpgnavy sweater, plaid shirt, plaid scarf, coat-3.jpgnavy sweater, plaid scarf, grey coat.jpgnavy sweater, plaid shirt, plaid scarf, coat.jpghis and hers winter style-2.jpg
Her Rundown
Plaid Shirt Gap similar
Navy Sweater Target similar
Jeans Joe's Jeans via Saks off Fifth
Grey Duffel Coat American Eagle similar
Snow Boots Pajar similaron ebay
Red Willis Bag Vintage Coach via ebay similar$
Plaid Scarf c/o Front Row Shop similar
Mittens gift from Vaseline similar
Pearl Earrings Gift similar
Sunglasses "Meteor" Ray-Ban c/o TJMaxx
Nail Color "Bordeaux" Essie

His Rundown
Plaid Shirt JCP
Shirt Jacket L.L.Bean
Jeans "541" Levis
Wool Baseball Cap Wiggins


  1. Aw you two are seriously the cutest!!!! Love the title of this post too! You both look fabulous! Your scarf and fur boots are amazing!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  2. So cute! Love everything about this look, the layers are perrrrfect (although I know how cold you must have been).

    Dana | Pink Champagne Problems

  3. All the navy and plaid! I'm in love with this outfit. You and Sean are so cute. These are some very sweet pictures. Fridge material if I do say so myself.

  4. You guys are too cute! Loving the snowy photos. I should take a trip to the beach :p

  5. What a cute post! And I love your layered up look! So chic!

  6. Winter is such a beautiful season - these photos really capture it!

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  7. i love this outfit cozy and casual

  8. I give you create for braving the cold - I am a wimp - haven't ventured out for photos since the temps went below freezing (and in the negative digits!). Great setting for pictures!

    Daily Style Finds

  9. Such a cute couple!! I love your coat with the fur detailing!

  10. Currently I am in London but have to ho home tomorrow - and face the snow again! I am like you and do complain about it but sometimes have to admit it looks beautiful. And you are certainly dressed properly and still look great!

    Annette | Lady of Style

  11. I love posts like this! I have done a few with my man too. Your outfit is so cute!

    XO Chelsea

  12. Aw so cute! You guys are tougher than I!

  13. I love the colours in that scarf! So cute and comfy :)

  14. Your snow boots look so cozy. I've been doing all my photos inside. It's too cold for me.

  15. I can't decide which I think it more admirable... the fact that someone was running at the beach in shorts in what looks like arctic winter, or that Sean agreed to pose for photos with you in what were undoubtedly not-unlike-arctic temperatures. Nah, I think Sean wins. You two make such an adorable couple, especially in your somewhat coordinated but not matchy winter outfits :)

  16. Awwww, this is so cute! That coat is everything too!

    xx Cara

  17. You two make a cute pair! And you're right, even though the snow and the cold can be a major pain, it is quite pretty =)

  18. Bravo for getting your guy to take pictures with you! I am thoroughly impressed! You are so cute together! The beach makes a gorgeous backdrop for your winter wear. I love the two plaids paired together!

  19. you two are so cute, I love the way you look at each other.


  20. Aww you look so cute and cozy and warm :) What a good guy for taking snow pictures with you! And you saw someone running in shorts!? Those are two things I wouldn't do in that weather...

  21. You both are so cute! Hope you weren't out in the cold too long :)

  22. love the scarf and bag!! :D lovely photos of you two! thanks for sharing!

    Animated Confessions

  23. You two are such an adorable couple! Love your look here..I can't believe all of the snow!

  24. So cute! I love that he is in the pictures with you.. my hubs prefers to stay behind the camera. Every so often when there is a picture of us together he says, "You aren't going to put this on the blog are you??" What a good sport you have!


  25. He is such a sweetie to do these photo shoots for you! I love these photos since I don't live in freezing temps, it looks so peaceful and picture perfect. Of course, I was was in these type of temps, I would not leave the house to enjoy it.


    Hope to see you Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.

  26. These pictures are so cute! You guys are adorable!
    Melanie @

  27. There definitely is beauty to be found the cold. I love how you worked in two plaid pieces into your outfit. You guys make for a cute couple :)


  28. These photos are really cute :)

  29. Aww, you are too cute together! :) How nice he was happy to come help you with photos :)

    The snow does make a lovely backdrop for photos but I guess we don't think of how cold it is when we see the snow photos, haha!

    Away From The Blue

  30. You outfit is absolutely perfect. I love the photos and adore all the snow - I really miss it. x

  31. You guys look so happy together =) I love your outfit. Very chic indeed. Enjoy the rest of your week!

  32. Loving your winter style! It's such a beautiful backdrop for pictures, you look adorable together.
    We Shop in Heels

  33. Awwww! You two are so cute together and it's so fun to hear about this side of your life a bit more lately. Thanks for sharing, and cute outfit, too! Great way to brave the cold in those boots!

  34. SO cute!! And loving those boots :)


  35. Awww… that last picture of you and him looking at each other is lovely -

  36. Oh, how cute you two are!! What our blogger partners must do for us. ha ha. Love those boots! I am all about the layering and warm boots.

  37. You guys look super cute and the snow is really beautiful I've just had enough of it! C'mon Spring!

  38. You guys are so cute! I can barely get my husband to take photos of ME - I could never get him to actually be in one of my outfit photos...haha.
    Jeans and a Teacup

  39. I've always thought that snow makes for beautifully lit photos. This is a perfect beach snow day look, too. Shorts in the snow? I think not. Unless maybe you're going from the house to the hot tub.