Spring wishes on a budget

It's still very much winter, but with all the stores rolling out spring, it's hard not to want to start shopping. Giving consideration to my $80 budget, I tried to think about what key pieces I would want without over spending.

The moment I spotted this polka dot shirt dress at Old Navy I was in love. I don't have much in the way of polka dots in my closet, and I could immediately imagine this dress in it. It's currently full price at $33, but I don't plan on buying it until it's at least half off.

This gold bar necklace by Jules Smith is kind of like a subtle statement. It's a larger piece, but the minimalistic design makes it more wearable. Maybe I just have a weakness for gold and accessories, but for $20 at TJMaxx I'm eyeing this piece.

A pastel clutch would be a perfect way to update for spring. While I would much prefer a leather option, this faux bag is only $20 at Forever 21,  and pale blue may not be a color I want to commit to as an investment piece.

The nude flat. I love that this shoe has an open toe, looks to be the most perfect blush/nude shade, is real leather and just happens to be reduced from $80 to $24 at Amazon. I want to scoop these Lucky Brand babies right up, they will go with everything.

spring update


  1. oooo I love that pastel blue clutch! Perfect for spring

    Cha Cha The Fashion Genius

  2. It feels like spring here again today, but we're bracing for 10 degree weather this weekend. Yay Georgia! Not. I love that polka dot dress. I packed up everything I have for spring, so I'm excited to start pulling stuff out again. It'll be like it's brand new again.

  3. That clutch is F21?!? Definitely going to have to pick that up! Great picks!

    Clothes & Quotes

  4. Great pieces, the clutch and flats scream Spring and the polka dot dress is so fun!

  5. Love these pieces! That ON dress is adorable, and I promise you there will be a 30% off everything sale any day now ;)
    xx, Emily
    shell chic'd

  6. I don't know how you manage with a budget of just $80 every month, but I will always admire you for doing it (even if you don't stick to it 100% of the time.) But I suppose it's all about how we approach our shopping. My closet is small (to put it mildly) so I can't focus on acquiring lots of different things or it will end up exploding in less than a few weeks. So I shop less, but spend more. That said, I absolutely love that polkadot Old Navy dress. Such a cute piece for spring!

  7. LOVE those nude flats!! So cute.


  8. I love the color of that clutch! If you got matching plastic flowers you could recreate the burberry clutches from last Spring! ;)

  9. That clutch is adorable! I love the soft shade of blue! And those shoes are a steal!

  10. I can't believe that necklace is only $20! That's such a great find!

  11. These are great spring picks. My favorite is that dress--I love the pattern and relaxed shape!

  12. That shirt dress is too cute! Love the polka dots!


  13. That dress is really gorgeous....I'd love it :)

  14. The clutch is really cute!


  15. I love the pastel clutch it's timeless pieces that we can always use on our everyday life!

    xo June

  16. Loving the blue clutch


  17. Those flats are super cute! Probably going to be adding those to my spring wishlist... :)


  18. Save your pennies for a real leather foldover clutch. You'll be so much happier with it! (This is advice given after many faux leather bags sat in my closet unloved for years.) Everything else, buy it. The dress would look sooooo cute on you!


  19. I'd go for the flats and the polka dot dress when its on sale.
    The clutch is plastic and you know what happens to those after a while...