2013 in fashion and photos

The end of another year. This one certainly flew by, and it is another year in which I can reflect and appreciate all the wonderful things this blog has brought into my life. From monthly brunches with my fabulous Connecticut blog friends, to trips to New York City for fashion week fun, to collaborating with some amazing brands, it's been a fun year!

Last January I wrote about resolutions and things I wanted to change in my life. One of those things was that I wanted a new job. Well, I'm half way there now, as I got laid off just before Christmas. Sometimes you just need a little shove in the right direction, right? I am hopeful a new and amazing job is in my (immediate) future! Wish me luck!

Stripes + Sequins-2.jpgRainy day-5.jpgtwo tone-7.jpg

boyfriend denim-1.jpgSnow shoveling-5.jpgleopard tights-4.jpg

anna sui for target-4.jpgmint + emerald-2.jpgwinter white-3.jpg

all neon like that-1.jpgIMG_4497.jpgNew Haven - Lydia-16.jpglace + pleats.jpgtrees and bench.jpg

memorial day-4.jpga cherry good time-2.jpgcreme de mint-4.jpgleather + denim.jpgflowers on newbury.jpg

strawberry shortcake-5.jpgcloudburst, sparkle, luck-5.jpglondon times tie dye-9.jpg

vince camuto coverup-2.jpgscalloped shorts-3.jpgorange dress-4.jpgrust and green-5.jpg

sequined ikat-1.jpggeorgia-2.jpgsnowball-3.jpgTom at the drive-in.jpg1000-7.jpg

boston day 2-1.jpgboston day 1-1.jpgIMG_9497.jpglace trim-3.jpgmenswear.jpg

fall chevron.jpgLidia-3.jpgdiamond print-1.jpgnanette lepore-3.jpg

also kind of preppy fall-1.jpgona bag, blazer, plaid shirt-4.jpgplaid + leather-6.jpgNovember flame-3.jpgmeg and lydia.jpg

blue nile gift box.jpgIMG_5789.jpgbeaded jacket-2.jpgtartan-7.jpg

Here is to a brilliant new year!


  1. Woohoo!! It certainly was a good year! And I think that losing your job was definitely one of those good things! Forcing you to do what you love :)

  2. So sorry that you got laid off before Christmas! But if you've been wanting a new job then, like you said, it's probably for the best! I'd love to hear about journey towards new employment if you ever feel like sharing on the blog. I'm kind of fascinated with how people go about doing that since I have yet to find a real career path... I'm always looking for inspiration!
    Anyway, I'm looking forward to following along in 2014! Happy New Year!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  3. Happy New year, so happy to have found you this year.


  4. I'm sorry to hear about the lay off, but it is a chance to find a job you really love now. Good luck with your search and happy new year!

    The Tiny Heart
    Le Mode Giveaway!

  5. I love your photo gallery today, so fun to look at the year like this :)

  6. Happy New Year! I love that you are so positive in spite of the fact that you've ended 2013 on what could only be a frustrating note - but I'm sure that 2014 is going to bring so many wonderful things your way, including many more amazing sale finds and a new, fabulous job. And I can't wait to follow along with it all. Wishing you many more very happy years writing this wonderful blog, it's a pleasure to visit every time :)

  7. I'm sorry to hear about you getting laid off! Wishing you a short and successful search, and a Happy New Year!

  8. I'm so sorry to hear about your job, but like you said, maybe this is just the push you needed!

    Loved all of your looks this year - I love coming here to see what you come up with next :) Can't wait to see what 2014 brings!

  9. So many great looks in 2013! Wishing you all the best in the New Year. I know a perfect job will be right around the corner for you!!

  10. Sorry to hear about your job, I'm sure you'll land a great position.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely style with us! Your photos always look great.

    Happy New Year!

  11. you have such a unique sense of style, love it


  12. I am 100% confident that you will a job that's perfect for you in the new year!

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  13. It's great to meet you this year and looking forward to more of your posts. Happy Healthy 2014!!

  14. Lots of really cute looks here! Happy New Year!

    Style Diary

  15. Ugh, I'm sorry to hear about the job. Sometimes you just need to be forced into a change. You'll find something that's a fabulous fit without question. You're too darn smart and talented to stay unemployed for long. xoxo

  16. What a lovely recap, adore all the pics that you've chosen, they are all so beautiful and full of a great vibe! I'm pretty sure you'll find a new job in no time, sometimes we need a little shake to fall into place, wish you the best of lucks and my best wishes for the new year!

    Cee. ♥
    Code Overdressed

  17. Great style recap! I'm sorry to hear about your job, Lydia, but I'm sure you'll find an amazing job in the new year. I hope 2014 is an awesome year for you!

  18. Good luck on the search for the perfect job for you!
    Have a fabulous NYE and here's to a great 2014

  19. What a year! I agree with what everyone else has said--keep your spirits high! Help (or whatever word you want to put here) will come when you need it.

  20. With how on top of things you are, I'm sure you'll land an incredible job--best of lucky, you worker bee, you! <3 It's been a fabulous year indeed for you. Let's hope that 2014 is even better!!

  21. Oh no! Laid off before Christmas?!?!?! I am so sorry to hear, but as you say, sometimes there are bigger and better things in our future. I hope that 2014 brings you all the best! You had a lot of amazing looks this year.

  22. Love all these pictures. You had lots of great outfits this year! Good luck with the job search! I am sure things will work out for the best!

  23. Sorry to hear you lost your job, what a bad way to end the year!

    I hope you have a happy new year and a great 2014.

    Away From The Blue

  24. I hope the new year will be more kind to you..you did a wonderful job with the blog :)
    Arianna, Nymphashion ♡

  25. Amazing style!!!!


  26. Sorry to hear you got laid off! Hoping you find a job you love and that 2014 is your best year ever.

  27. So sorry to hear about your layoff! And right before Christmas. Not cool. Well now on to bigger and better things. It's happened to me and I assure you it has a way of working out for the better. Bring on the new year! I see big things in your future dear!

  28. Marvelous choice of pictures !!!
    and as i said before, i am certain that 2014 will bring a lot of great opportunities your way :)

  29. Yay, this was such a fun recap post! Happy 2014 Lydia! :D

  30. Also, definitely wishing you luck with your job search. Here's hoping you find the perfect job for you!

  31. I ADORE YOUR T-STRAPS!! They're my absolute FAV!! Great stylin Ladybird!

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  32. The layoff may be the best thing that happened to you this year! It was cool to see the seasons change in your photos. Happy New Year!