Gift Guide - Made in the USA

Year round, I make a conscious effort to shop for products made in USA. I am always checking tags and when given the choice, I will take it. It's not always easy to find them, so I definitely appreciate sites like American Love Affair, where you know everything they are selling is American Made.

Did you know if every American spent $64 on gifts made in the USA this Holiday season it could lead to the creation of 200,000 more jobs here?

These are a few of my favorite American made goods, and if you decide to shop at American Love Affair, they have a couple of great promotions going on today - you can purchase a $50 gift card for only $25, and they are also offering 25% off the entire site (even sale items like that gorgeous emerald bag!)

Happy last minute Christmas shopping!

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Plaid Bow Bracelet, $40 at James Keil Patrick
Emerald Cocktail Ring by Noir, $60 at Shopbop
Striped Cardigan, $75 at Splendid
Market Tote, $18 at West Elm
Nail Polish Set, $15 at American Apparel
Emerald Bag by Alexandra Satine, $96 at American Love Affair
Longitude and Latitude Custom Luggage Tag by Ted Mont, $10 at Etsy
Plaid Wool Throw Blanket, $98 at Pendelton
Leather Bracelet, $62 at American Love Affair
Sea Salt Soap, $4 at West Elm


  1. The sea salt soap sounds really cool! I definitely bought a few made in the USA goodies while in NYC!
    I'm always happy to indulge and support!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  2. Thanks for sharing that info about job creation! I love American apparel! Great selections.

  3. Seriously this list is completely genius, I love the made in the USA theme! So perfect, and I am loving the nail polish and bag!

    xoxo, KP
    Eleventh & Sixteenth

  4. Finding things that are made in North America is more and more challenging every year, I find - but you can't beat the quality and craftsmanship of things that are made close to home, by people you know are making a proper wage. Given a choice, I always buy North American. I just wish I had that choice more often! This is a great gift guide :)

  5. I need that ring in my life.


  6. Ohh I love the idea of a Made in the USA gift guide!! Awesome picks!!


  7. The hubs is all about shopping American, so thanks so much for sharing all these sites and gift options! I had no idea spending $64 could create that many jobs.

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  8. Loove that emerald bag and the emerald ring!

  9. I love products made in the U.S.! Have been seeing that sea salt soap everywhere... must mean it's time to try it!

  10. I love that emerald ring and the green bag!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  11. that statistic is amazing...i will definitely do my part! i love that luggage tag!

  12. I'm not familiar with this site, but I'll definitely check it out! I'm all for supporting companies that are made in the USA.

  13. I love the Sea Salt Soap:) Beautiful guide, lovely. xo

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  15. The soap sounds like such a great buy

  16. What a neat site! Thanks for sharing it.

  17. I love the gold glitter polish!