I love that the warmer months afford the luxury of simple dressing. One cute comfortable dress and you are done. But at the same time when you don't want to be bogged down with heavy layers, it can make remixing a challenge.

Which is where the vest can really shine. Layers and structure with minimal bulk. This denim vest has served me well for years, and I'm contemplating adding a vest like this one in white eyelet lace to my collection (when the shopping ban is over, of course).

striped dress-1.jpg striped dress.jpg striped dress-3.jpg striped dress-4.jpg striped dress-2.jpg striped dress-5.jpg
The Rundown
Striped Dress Urban Outfitters similar
Denim Vest TJMaxx similar
Sandals Ciao Bella similar
Color Block Clutch Zara similar
Straw Fedora Gap similar 
Bee Bracelet Target
Gold Bracelets The Cavernous Jewelry Box
Pave Link Bracelet c/o LydellNYC
Knot Necklace Thrifted similar
Chain Necklace Home d'jour consignment similar
Sunglasses Ray-Ban Meteor c/o TJMaxx
Nail Color Essie Aruba Blue


  1. I've been trying on denim vests but they've all been really bulky. That one is perfect. Love the sripes as well.

    Closet Refreshment

  2. I have yet to get a denim vest and I am in need of one!
    I do love the one you have, looks great.

  3. I love the casual chic look with the vest!
    You are definitely making me rethink vests!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  4. I totally agree, you have to get creative in the summer time. One simple dress and you're done but adding a statement necklace or a vest adds an interesting element. Cute look.

  5. Love this sleek vest. Thrifting a great vest is on my wish list.

    Love, Peace & Grace,

  6. OOH I love how you've paired the vest with the striped dress!! So clever. I know, sometimes it's just easier to throw on a dress and be done! That shopping ban needs to end soon already haha!

  7. Sooo cute! I love that vest! It is a great finishing touch for those hot Summer months.

  8. My thoughts exactly! I have been planning for this by scoruing and collecting vests at the thrift stores for the past few months and will be wearing them a lot with tank tops!

  9. I love the vest, there's something sort of unexpected about it and yet it works so well!

    Courtney ~

  10. I love the striped dress paired with that vest - looks really summery!

  11. Indeed! I love your pretty colorful stripes with the hat and vest Lydia!

  12. Maybe by the time the ban is over, the vest will be even more on sale. Because I think you need it.

  13. This striped dress is so super pretty! And I absolutely love the bag too :) x

  14. I love this! The vest is the perfect layering piece. I love the striped dress too!


    Fashion and Beauty Finds

  15. Great outfit. I agree the denim vest is an awesome piece to have and easily changes up an otherwise simple dress. Lovely colors overall.
    Jen & Kelly

  16. I agree with you about the denim vest. I found mine thrifted several years ago and it's a great summer layering piece. Loving your colorful striped dress. Heather

  17. Love the look. I'm a sucker for stripes!


  18. such a cute vest! i need to get one!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  19. Yes...a denim vest or sleeveless denim jacket does the trick and hide my imperfections.I wear a DIY sleeveless denim jacket that I cut off the sleeves and bleached out the bottom.

  20. how cute is that vest with the fun striped dress
    love it

  21. That dress Lydia is so awesome. I love the colors of the stripes. The vest looks way cool with it. Fabulous yellow clutch.

  22. What a great cas striped dress. You look fab!

  23. That´s a really cute stripe dress you have and the denim vest did give it justice. I too am digging for stripe maxi dresses!

  24. Ha... invested. I appreciate the pun. :D

    I love the stripes in that dress! That purse of yours sure does goes with a lot. Must be that magical yellow tassel.

    Also you would totally get out of a ticket. I'd like to think I'd actually have the guts to be all clever and witty and cute, but but... I'm pretty sure I'd just cry, too. Oh well!

  25. Sun dresses with denim have to be my favorite go to look!! You look really cute!!

  26. The vest is perfect with that pretty dress.

  27. Very pretty !
    I have such a hard time wearing my vests... i feel like a clerk.

  28. I'm loving these Summer stripes! So fun and colorful!

    The Perfect Palette

  29. This is a gorgeous look, the vest works well and complements the outfit!

  30. I have two vests in my closet... should wear them! The faux leather one might not be so great for the humid summer, but I could definitely work with the silk one.

  31. I agree- I love the simplicity of summer dressing. The bright shades on the dress are fun and carefree- just like summer days should be.

  32. Great stripe dress, and perfect look, Lydia.

  33. As much as I love warm weather, I'm not really a summer clothes girl... the idea of summer layering is still pretty new to me, when the weather gets hot I tend to just throw the nearest dress over my head and go. But I must say, I'm starting to appreciate how a few layers can go a long way during the summer months. Your vest looks just perfect with your dress, and that hat is a wonderful touch :)

  34. very nice ;)

    i have giveaway:)

  35. That dress is SO fun! And I love the hat on you :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  36. What a cute striped dress! I've been thinking about getting a denim vest so I can layer in the summer :)

    The Tiny Heart
    Scarf Giveaway!

  37. I couldn't agree more. I have soft spot for stripes and vests are now one of my favorite pieces for layering. You look very lovely!

    xoxo Ra

  38. Love this!! I almost bought an envelope just like this one but in coral (it's on my Instagram) but I ended up buying a cork one with paint splatter all over it. It was too unique to pass up.

    I particularly like how the balance of color is perfect. You brought up the blue with the hat, framed the colorful dress with the denim vest, and again accented the look with the awesome yellow bag. This is summer weekender perfection!

    -Nathy @ Earnestyle

  39. Love love love this summer perfect look. You know I'm a sucker for stripes!