I can be cool and wear my jacket over my shoulders

I think I mentioned how much I love my new denim jacket, and I feel like it makes all my little sundresses instantly more awesome.

The jacket over the shoulders... it's a challenge keeping it there, for sure. Of course it was too hot to actually warrant putting it on, and to be honest, it's not something I would have ever thought about doing before the blog. It is a very overt way of saying "This is all about the look, and not about the function."

What do you say? How often do you choose fashion over function?

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striped dress-3.jpgstriped dress-5.jpgstriped dress-6.jpgstriped dress.jpgstriped dress-4.jpg
The Rundown
Striped Dress Forever 21 similar
Denim Jacket Gap
Leopard Sandals Target
Bag Thrifted similar
Gold Cuff Nugaard Designs similar
Midi Ring Urban Outfitters
Crystal Bar Ring Upper Metal Class
Sunglasses Ray-Ban Meteor c/o TJMaxx


  1. Ah, so much to love about this. The leopard, the sandals, the stripes, the gold cuff and of course, the jacket! Perfection.

  2. It's cool--I was totally wearing nylons yesterday for pictures because they looked fashionable, and immediately took them off post-picture taking. I think we're all a little guilty of that sometimes. :)

    But I love that you did put your denim jacket over your dress like this. Such a nice touch! And that huge gold cuff of yours is simply ravishing. :D

  3. Lol - all about the look and not about the function! Stripes and denim are perfect for summer!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  4. I choose fashion over function almost everyday! :-/ Kinda sad...heh.

    That being said, this ourtfit looks fabulous!!! Like you stepped out of a J.Crew catalogue!


  5. I LOVE that dress! so much that I'm tempted to run the 10 min walk to my closest Forever21 and look for it!

    Isabel @ Walk of Fashion

  6. HaHa Lydia! It looks awesome girl! You always look cool, sophisticated and pulled together. Love that dress and that gold cuff is gorgeous.

  7. I love that dress, it's very French. I don't choose fashion over fashion anymore though, especially when it comes to heat, I rather be comfortable and for my clothes to be practical. I just can't deal with the heat, but you were pretty courageous to wear the jacket in the heat.

  8. I think we all do fashion over function sometimes. A denim jacket adds instant chic. I love leopard and stripes :)

  9. Darn it! Your photos are not showing up for me! But the little preview on Bloglovin was really cute! I love my denim jacket and I wear it all the time--especially with dresses. But I've not been cool enough yet to pull off the on the shoulders look. I always feel like a senior citizen or an 80's college prep when I do it.

  10. Fashion over function, but you need a jacket for the cold A/C in some places. Great outfit on you! I love my denim jacket 'cause it covers most of what I'm trying to hide.

  11. Sorry, I can't wear that look... too cold here!! Unfortunately I still have to wear my jackets.

    Very cute, your dress and necklace are awesome!

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    Lady of Style

  12. That striped dress is just darling on you! I don't think I've ever done the jacket half on my shoulders thing :) Have a great weekend!

    The Tiny Heart

  13. I admit to doing the over-the-shoulder jacket look a lot. I know it's not practical at all (unless you're in a super A/C-ed place & it's sort of cold, but not really), but there was always something so Pink Ladies about it. I feel like such a cool kid (which I'm decidedly not).

    Obviously I'm biased because I consistently dress ridiculous for situations that don't warrant it! ;)

  14. usually i completely hate the look of now wearing a jacket because really, who is wearing it like that anyway, but this is just so cute...especially that last picture

  15. Love that last photo! And yes, I choose fashion over stuff alllll the time ;)

  16. I love it!! You'll get so much wear out of it during the fall and you'll be able to stretch wearing your sundresses. I wore the heck out of mine during the spring!

  17. just love the dress! looks amazing with the new denim jacket, dear :)


  18. i'm loving the title of this post! And of course I'm totally digging the stripes. (i'm such a stripe girl). Oh, and the structure of that dress - is so great!

    The Perfect Palette

  19. What a great look, I love stripes for summer. Haha yiou look like you are on the set of Revenge.

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

  20. Looks great!

    I wore a dark wash jean jacket with that dress the other day to a party. I think I still managed to be overdressed for it. As someone who fights with linebacker shoulders, I can't seem too pull off cardis or jackets over the shoulder.

  21. That last pictures is sooo cute!
    I usually struggle with shoes when it comes to comfort.
    I know wearing heels will take the outfit to the next level but know that i won't be that comfortable.-

  22. Beautiful dress and I wish I could keep a jacket on my shoulders.

  23. Such a cute outfit! Love the dress, as well as the sandals. I have the same ones and wear them all the time, lol.


  24. Love this dress on you... i totally missed out on it at F21. Hopefully they will bring it back - fingers crossed!

    xo, tasha
    twenty-something blog

  25. Ugh, I can never ever do the jacket on the shoulders thing. My shoulders are just too broad and it doesn't stay on.

    Love this stripy dress!

  26. I LOVE this dress!! The stripes, the pleat, the flared skirt...so perfect :) And styling it with the leopard sandals is wonderful!!

    Veloria in Velvet

  27. Love the denim and stripes together! I must admit I am a function over fashion girl...typically. :) I have to be comfortable! Love these sandals too by the way.

    Style of One's Own

  28. I like the dress and the denim jacket paired together, but it must have been so frustrating trying to get photos - it would slide off any time you made the slightest movement!

    Well done for putting up with it to get photos :)

    Away From Blue

  29. Lyddie am new to your blog and instantly fell in love with
    I choose fashion over function almost everyday hehe :-). You look super cut in that striped skater dress, aren't they just so flattering? I am wearing a skirt like that on my recent dress and found it to be the perfect shape for women with feminine curves :-). That jacket adds that edgy touch to your playful dress, love it. You have a new follower from germany via Bloglovin, can't wait to see more of your gorgeous looks :-)


  30. It's completely functional to keep your shoulders warm! ;-) I swear, any outfit with that striped dress is my favorite of yours. How did something from F21 be that flattering?!

  31. I've worn a jacket over my shoulders maybe once or twice precisely because of that reason, it keeps falling off!! I have to admit though, your denim jacket looks pretty awesome on your shoulders with your striped dress and leopard flats. You always manage to look SO chic!


  32. Awesome outfit Lyddie ... and yes, keeping your jacket over your shoulders like that is just too difficult. Love the dress.

    Hope you're having a wonderful weekend.

    Simply Sassy Style

  33. Haha...love the Vogue article. And I LOVE that dress even more! I'm sad I never found it in stores. It just looks perfect on you!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  34. Beautiful pictures! Love the dress and the sandals, you look great! <3

  35. I say both. I always need a jacket so it is a great look when going to the movies. I love the silhouette on that dress. So chic.