reviewed: fraas iphone gloves

Last winter I realized that having an iPhone glove as part of my winter wardrobe changed from novelty to necessity. Though I had plenty of gloves to choose from, I was only wearing the pairs I could actually use my phone in.

Thankfully many manufactures have expanded their lines to offer these gloves with conductivity thread woven in the fingertips.

The pair I'm reviewing is from the Germany company FRAAS, and retail for about $30.

They are a knit glove of a cotton/poly/acrylic blend, and the thumb, index, and middle finger of each glove are woven with the conductivity thread. Most iPhone gloves only have two fingers with touch screen functionality, so having the third was a plus. I always use my index and middle fingers to zoom in and out.

Another nice feature is that the fingertips almost perfectly match the rest of the glove, so they just look like normal gloves and don't shout "iPhone glove!" in that unnecessary manner their silver tipped brethren do.

The gloves also feature a cute ruffle around the wrist, and did keep my hands pretty warm.

My one complaint is that the gloves are one size fits all, and these were too big for my hands. This is unfortunate because your finger must reach the tip of the glove for them to work properly. Every time I wanted to use my phone I did have to pull up the glove. With the proper fit, you can enjoy complete phone functionality.

You can find these FRAAS gloves at specialty stores or you can call to order them from the company at 212-575-0191.

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iPhone Gloves c/o Fraas
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This is a sponsored post, the gloves were provided by Lipton Publicity.
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  1. aha I've always considered getting a pair of those gloves... so as a result I don't really wear any most of the time..good to know! I love that scarf so perfect fot this weather especially the past few days.

  2. Cute, Cute. Love the scarf. The prints are so eye-catching.

  3. They don't even look like techie gloves. Love your scarf and coat too :)

  4. Hola bella !!
    Me encanta el look te sienta de maravilla los complemtos son preciosos un besazo reina

  5. Haha, I love that they don't shout "iPhone gloves!" 'cause those kinds of gloves are so obvious and usually not that warm. But these looks so super warm, like a scarf for your fingers. How nice! Sorry to hear they didn't fit you just right, though. I have the same problem with gloves--I have these long skinny weird fingers that a size small can't even house sometimes.

    But hey, you're still lookin' sharp. That scarf is AMAZING and looks uber cozy. You just look uber cozy in general.

  6. I was thinking about getting a pair of those gloves for my friend for Christmas but I wasn't sure how well they work. Thanks for that, sweetie. Btw: I love your cozy scarf! Muah

  7. Love your sweater, you look so cozy and warm! :)

  8. Ooh that is good that the fingertips match! That's the one thing I don't like about my gloves. But I love how bright and happy mine are, ha ha

  9. I was sent a pair, too, and also, wish they came in a smaller size. However, they do look great!

  10. tech gloves are essential now. I just use a convertible pair though.

  11. I definitely need a pair of those! Love that cute & cozy scarf :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  12. I've been wanting to try gloves like those for awhile. And I so love your scarf!

  13. I love the fact that the gloves have ruffles and no gray colored fingertips...too bag they were too big! I love the mix of patterns with the great scarf and the stripes.

  14. They are cute and it is good to know they work though it is a shame that they only come in one size!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  15. Love the scarf you have on in this post, I am guilty of having some silver tipped gloves :)

  16. First of all I love this winter scarf you are sporting and second of all... I love the fact that you mentioned these gloves don't scream iPhone gloves!
    Will have to check them out

  17. I've been waiting for these gloves to come in tiny hand size!

  18. I'm with the people above - I totally love that scarf. I keep looking at iPhone gloves and haven't yet found a pair that I like enough to buy. I love the little ruffles on this pair. Thanks for the info!

  19. Thanks for the Pin girl! Glad you liked that combo! Love your scarf!

  20. Great point about glove size, that is very important!


  21. iPhone glove! THAT's GENIUS!!! Glad you reviewed these (they'd probably be a little big for me too). Still genius

  22. really cute scarf!

  23. those are super cute. love the color and ruffle. it's definitely a necessity nowadays.

  24. I have pretty long fingers and I feel like I have that problem with touch screen gloves, too. These are pretty though. I hate how... I don't know, but I just don't like the way a lot of the touch screen gloves look.

    Also this scarf is amazingly long. I'm jealous.

  25. Gloves that work for a touchscreen are amazinggggg!


    Fierce & Fashionable

  26. These gloves are actually a pretty brilliant idea - I don't very often check my phone when I'm outside, but if I had to wait for a bus every day, I'm pretty sure they'd make my life complete :) I love your red coat; such a statement piece!

  27. Lovely printed scarf :) the gloves are a good idea if you have to use your phone urgently and it's too cold :)

  28. Nice gloves, love the scarf

  29. I thought about getting tech-friendly gloves this year but I didn't. I'm sure I'll cave and get them next year though! I like the ones you got--the ruffle is so pretty (and so is that scarf!).

  30. You look so cozy all bundled up. Too bad the glove is too big (you must have small hands). They look so warm.