State of the Budget

My self control during after Christmas sales was not good. In fact, it has been non-existent, as I hopped from one website to the next adding things to my cart and convincing myself it was too good to pass up, or that I had to buy something more to get my free shipping. All those really good excuses. Add in a trip to the mall to return something, a stop at the thrift store, and this is what I've got.

To be fair, I haven't received any of the items from Old Navy or the leopard booties yet, so there is always the possibility that they could be returned.

Here is where I stand:
Silver and Gold Coated Sweaters from Kohls - $10 each
Glitter Pumps by Madden Girl from Amazon - $17
Brocade Skirt from Kohls - $15
Leopard Booties by Madden Girl from Amazon - $40
Sequined Tee by Tommy Hilfiger from Macy's - $20
Leather Pencil Skirt from Lord and Taylor via the thrift store - $7
Mint Pencil Skirt from JCPenney - $17
Floral Button Down from H&M - $15
Green Dress from Old Navy - $13.50*
White Cardigan from Old Navy - $13.50*
Aztec Print Scarf from Abercrombie via the thrift store - $2.50
Lilac Sweater from Old Navy - $13.50*

Total = $193

Yikes. Little bit over budget this month I think.
By rights, I really just need to deduct the $110 from my February and March budget, which might be tough. But we will see how it goes. I haven't been this bad in a while!

 *This is just an average price of my total order because I used a coupon code for 25% off and had a $20 gift card.


  1. I went terribly over budget last month too. It looks like much of what you purchased will transition nicely into spring, like that killer mint pencil skirt!

    I'm holding myself much more accountable this year for clothing/accessory purchases and plan to do the same type of roundup at the end of the month. I think it'll make me aware of what (and how much) I'm purchasing!

  2. It's definitely easy to get caught up in the after Christmas sales. Like the comment above, a lot of these pieces are great transitional pieces for spring/summer. I am definitely watching what I spend on clothes this year. We are saving for a vacation, so that is my motivation! Heather

  3. I love the leopard booties!

    Rachel Ashley

  4. Haha, well at least you got more than I did...I paid $270 for 2 things :p (But i had Christmas money and $130 for returning something from Santa, so it's not as bad as that)

  5. Love all your new purchases, especially that sparkly skirt- so fun!I definitely fell victim to some post holiday sales too...oops :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  6. You know, looking at the individual prices, it didn't seem like you spent that much, but it sure adds up fast!

    As others have mentioned, a lot of your pieces will transition through the seasons, which does make them a pretty good buy! I'm only letting myself buy things that will work year-round AND that fill a wardrobe hole, so I've been avoiding snatching up all those cute, sparkly holiday pieces.

    And that white cardigan from Old Navy is so cute! I've been off their website for a while, so I hadn't seen it before... I might need to splurge :)

  7. I, too, went a little buckwild these past few months! I have been making returns though, including that adorable mint skirt from JCPenney :(

  8. surprisingly I didn't buy anything in the after Christmas sales. I don't know how I managed not to but I'm pretty proud of myself!!! I LOVE that skirt you got from Kohls! I'm about to go scour my store to find it!

    xo Jackie

  9. These sales are so tempting for me too! Especially Gap has some really cute things that I've been eyeing all season on super sale! Though, There's no money left in my piggy bank for January, so I have to pass these ones up :( I love the leather pencil skirt you found at the thrift store. Such a classic piece for so little dollars!

  10. Maybe this can just be a "treat to' self" holiday splurge?

    Courtney ~

  11. Oh my goodness, you may be over budget but you got some really great things!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  12. Haha, sometimes it can be hard to stay on budget! But you're usually so good, so I wouldn't beat yourself up too hard over this indulgence. It's like eating a whole pint of Ben & Jerry's once a year. Sometimes you just gotta do it.

  13. For the first time this year I have set a budget.
    It's a yearly budget - maybe you can turn your monthly budget into a yearly one and just get away with it :)
    Or maybe when you get all the goodies in, some won't be what you expected and you can return some or sell some.
    Ohhh I see you are getting the JC Penney mint skirt. You will love it, in fact i am wearing it today but since I am behind on posts you will probably see it tomorrow.

  14. Wow you got so many goodies! It's ok I've been not shopping for a while, you can do it!

  15. Oh budgets. We are not friends.You are always so good with your budget, this is such a rare thing! Plus you got sooo many cute things!

  16. Lyddie, I totally understand. I feel like I've been buying things online everyday. There are even deals on spring stuff. Free shipping and a discount make me weak. LOL You purchased some great items.

  17. The after Christmas sales were just too good....I don't blame you! But you got a bunch of great pieces (love that lilac sweater) that could take you to March, April.

    Fleur de Lyss

  18. I say why not deduct from your budget for the next two months? I always spend more in the months where the stock changes out between seasons (January, April, August) because of the deals you can get. You found a lot of great pieces for under $200!

  19. After Christmas sales are way too tempting. You got some cute stuff, especially those booties.

  20. My budget is in a desperate state, but who can resist end of the season sales? Looks like you got some great deals!

  21. Its not easy to stay on target with a budget. I'm struggling with temptation myself right now and I vowed a spending moratorium. Tomorrow is a day out with my cousin and we love to thrift and check out boutiques. It might be bad.

    I love your sparkly striped tee and it is one of those special pieces that is hard to pass up!

  22. I think you got a heck of a bargain on all of you item and the sequin tee paired with the mint top looks delightful!!

  23. leather pencil! yes pleaseee
    Xo Megan,

  24. hehe I've had the same problem, I'm glad I'm back to work or else my bank account would be in serious trouble! I love the booties that you bought, you inspired me to try leopard print and so I had bought a leopard print shirt, my first one, unfortunately it was sold out and I had been put on the waiting list, so I canceled the order, maybe next fall/winter I'll get to try that print. I did thrift some leopard print flats but with the rain I don't think it would be wise to wear them. =)

  25. the brocade skirt is so beautiful!!! :D

    <3, Mimi

  26. It looks as if there are some great bargains there. I love the leather skirt.

  27. You purchased great items for great prices! The post holiday sales are very tempting.

  28. I kind of wish I would have shopped during the after Christmas sale... But I didn't'.... now so envious of what you got lol

  29. These all look wonderful, though! And if they become closet staples they'll have been well worth the expense.

  30. I use the same shipping justification to get something else hehhe. You got great things I love he metallic sweaters!

  31. Those leopard print booties are on crazy clearance at Famous footwear, I got my pair for $20! (I didn't need another pair of leopard booties, but I've been really hard on my Vince Camuto pair lately and that seemed like as good of a reason as any to find another pair.) I haven't been into Old Navy for a little while, I did go in the day after christmas and found two coats on crazy good sales.