Double Delight: Linger Rose and Loving Lemons Giveaway

Yesterday I showed off my new tote from Linger Rose, but did you know they also have a sister site, Loving Lemons?

Loving Lemons is a boutique shop, with home decor, gifts and women's accessories.
You know my coffee obsession all to well, so of course I love the polka dot hot and cold cup set they sent me.
Both the hot and cold cups from Occasionally Made come in a variety of prints, all of which are adorable.

I love to be the blogger posing nonchalantly with her cup of coffee, and the poka dot cup just makes it even better. Then I thought - this outfit could use one more great accessory - Chloe.

Double delight.jpg Double delight-2.jpg Double delight-3.jpg Double delight-1.jpg Double delight-4.jpg Double delight-5.jpg
The Rundown
Dress Kirna Zabete for Target
Button Down Loft
Boots Migliorini via TJMaxx
Tote London Fog c/o Linger Rose
Bracelets Thrifted
Pave Link Bracelet c/o LydellNYC
Ring c/o Poshlocket
Signature Spade Ring Kate Spade
Nail Color Essie No Place Like Chrome 
Travel Cup c/o Loving Lemons
Dog Chloe
Pearl Leash Fabuleash

Both Linger Rose and Loving Lemons are generously sponsoring giveaways for you!

First up is an adorable yellow vegan leather Navoh Nicky cross-body bag from Linger Rose.

**Now Closed - Congrats Alex!**
a Rafflecopter giveaway

For the coffee lovers like me, you also have a chance to win a Damask Print hot and cold cup set from Loving Lemons.

**Now Closed - Congrats Stacey!**
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck!


  1. Hola preciosa!! me encanta el look es perfecto para cualquier ocasiĆ³n , me encanta tu estilo un besazo y feliz dia

  2. Love the tweed dress, and I always love it when Chloe makes an appearance. Such a cutie:)

  3. I need that yellow purse! And your jumper is seriously the zipper detail.

    Courtney ~

  4. Great outfit and accessories...hope I win :)

  5. You look so pretty! I love those boots with the zipper down the front, so fun!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  6. Oooh, I haven't seen this dress before! I really like it on you, Miss Lyddie. The texture is so fabulous and I love how you layered a shirt underneath it like so (and how everything matches so nicely, even down to Chloe!)

    And your coffee mug is so perfect, too. I'm a sucker for cute go-to cups like that since I love my tea.

  7. Chloe is a cutie. Dogs are the best accessory (and buddy)!

  8. I absolutely adore this tweed dress Lydia. It is so professional and chic!

  9. That dress is fabulous on you! I love it layered with that blouse and with those funky boots!!

  10. If I dont win I am going to lose IT! ;)

  11. I love that dress on you - it is kind of mod, kind of chic. And Chloe is the perfect accessory, good for any occasion! ;o)

  12. YAY! Love the outfit, duh! I'm doing all the easy entries now and will choose my favorite item when I'm not at work, ha ha :)

  13. I love that dress on you too!! it looks really really good!! its a cute dress however its how you are wearing it that really makes it awesome!! its perfect for you!!
    xo J

  14. Is that really a tweed dress?! That is so freaking awesome!

  15. cute dress and fabulous giveawaySSSS

  16. Coffee and dogs are both pretty great accessories :) And how cute are those boots! I love the little charm hanging off the zippers.

  17. I loveeee your dress (and your fluffly dog)


  18. You know how much I love these boots! I'm terribly jealous of your Kirna Zabete things... my Target only had 2, 4, and 6, and since I couldn't even squish myself into an 8 there was no way that was happening. This dress is seriously so cute. Ahh!

  19. thanks for these two awesome giveaway.
    BTW the dress looks so pretty on you <3

  20. Gorgeous look,love that dress

  21. Adorable dress....and the boots have to be the coolest boots I've seen.

  22. That is such a pretty dress! Its a wonderful print/fabric for winter too :D

    Trendy Teal

  23. Hi gorgeous!
    thank you for visiting my blog and for your lovely comment!
    I'm following you via gfc now, but I couldn't find you in my list?
    would you like to follow me back?
    thank you

  24. Great giveaway! :) Love your dress and Chloe is so cute :)

  25. I love, love your nail polish sooooooooo much.

  26. Love your bracelets! And the doggy is so cute!
    Like your blog a lot!

    Would be great if we could follow each other via bloglovin!

    Please check out my new posts...and stay tuned...



  27. What an adorable dress! I never would've thought about wearing a blouse under a dress?! Great giveaways too!! Hi Chloe!

  28. I absolutely LOVE this look. those boots are fly!


  29. I have that dress! I have been hesitant to wear it because it is super short on me! I have really long legs so I will have to wear it with leggings to look like the schoolteacher that I am!

  30. I love how professional chic your tweed dress looks.

  31. Tweed is always a such a great look on the fall. I love how you are even accessorizing your dishes! Suite!

  32. I seen this on Instagram! I love it on you and all the accessories you choose are perfect.

  33. I saw this dress on a hanger in Target .. i liked it but it looks SO MUCH BETTER worn!
    And i missed seeing Chloe :)