What I Want: Shoes in wide widths

For the first 20 years of my life, I had the most disgusting shoe collection you can imagine, because I refused to wear a shoe that didn't fit perfectly or feel completely comfortable. But eventually I broke down and started to fill my closet with adorable flats that had no arch support and high heels that hurt my toes.

To feel chic, sexy, and womanly I knew it was a sacrifice I would have to make.

But what I really, desperately want is a selection of shoes available in wide widths that don't scream geriatric. After hours of searching, here is what I've come up with.

Bandolino has a nice offering of shoes that really do feel new and on trend, and my favorite might just be the Ineed sandal, which is obviously great just because of the name.
 Ineed - $70 at DSW

Talbots has shoes in wide width, and even though my Grandma totally shops there, you can not deny that their shoes are actually quite on trend and, well, youthful. (check out the sale shoes too)
Lakia - $139 at Talbots

VANELi has some possibly cute shoes. I might like these.
 Plaza - $76.50 at Endless

Gabriella Rocha has a decent offering in wide widths, but really out of nearly 100 options, the only shoe I'd actually consider buying is this bootie.
Pembroke - $81 at Zappos

Stuart Weitzman shoes are on the pricier side, since the average shoe is about $300, but the wide widths are there if you can swing it. I think these basket weave sandals would pretty much go with everything all summer long, so if they lasted four summers...
Weavit - $385 at Zappos

Naturalizer actually has some decent, trendy shoes, if you can stand to weed through the 97 pairs of old lady shoes. Pairs like the black glitter pumps, and the snakeskin platform sandals would be fun, but these orange perforated pumps are my favorite.
  Korina - $99 at Zappos

J. Renee has a number of strong contenders. Some are a bit on the funky side, and there seem to be an alarming number of slingbacks aka my sworn enemies, but over all, a good selection. Just so you know, I'm looking for a leopard pump right now, and these three are under consideration:
Leda - $99 at Zappos

 Kaylee - $100 at Zappos 

Zula - $66 at Zappos

Payless, honestly their wide width selection does not impress me, but for shoes under $50 they are pretty much the only option, so I'm putting them on the list.
Kutzie Knot Pump - $30 at Payless

Then there are some designers that just seem to offer a small amount of their shoes in a wide widths (like one to seven pairs), so here are a few I thought were worth noting.

Kate Spade Karolina - $298 at Zappos

And lastly, here are a few other brands that I don't think are doing anything really great but they offer wide widths all the same: Bella-Vita, Sofft, Cole Haan, Type Z, Ros Hommerson, and Brigitte Bailey.
Any other designers that can be added to the list?


  1. Wow! Love all the cute leopard options!


  2. Oooh I love those first ones!!!
    Luckily I don't have that issue, but I feel your pain after watching you try to find shoes

  3. I have J. Renee sandals and they are so uncomfortable. Soles are so thin and the straps hurt. But the pumps look like they're much better made, or quality has gone up since I got the sandals in 2009, haha.

    Every time I try on shoes at Kate Spade they never come in wide. :( Their shoes are beautifully made. I'm for Stuart Weitzman all the way, though. The balance is good on the heels, and you can pick them up for 50% off at the end of season clearance. If you can wait that long :)

  4. Have you tried www.6pm.com? They carry a lot of the brands you mentioned in wide widths and their prices are good. They do flat rate shipping as well.


  5. I've had a couple pair of Soft brand shoes. My feet swell over the course of a teaching day and these shoes accommodate that.

  6. My feet are 2 different sizes - one is a 6.5 the other is a 9, I don't think any company will ever accommodate that problem!

  7. Wide shoes are always a challenge. For inexpensive, on trend options check out Torrid.com. I really want this adorable pair of coral espadrilles:

    Most plus size retailers sell wide width shoes on their websites, but torrid's are the least geriatric looking.

  8. Ah summer shoes. I can't wait to switch up the footwear!

  9. Ooh girl in high school I did not care at all what my shoes were like.. I bought them to buy them. Now it's all about a heel that's maximum 3.5 inches and comfy for a long time. Strange how things change...

    These are some cute shoes, though. I really like the orange ones, I feel like they'd be so versatile!

  10. shoes have always been my weakness...as in...i can't sacrifice comfort for chic T_T i tried..but i just could not handle it. i have some go to shoes and keep wearing them again and again, leaving the cute painful ones gathering dust in the closet :(

    thank you for putting together this post, i'll check if any of them could fit me and my budget :)

  11. I totally agree with you. I am all for comfort but I get tempted to buy heels just because they look great.. even though i know my feet will be crying in a couple of hours after wearing them.
    These seem like some good options!

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  12. Oh, I love this post big time! I have pretty looking shoes sitting in my shoe closet worn only a few hours. The wide width is perfect for my bunion foot. Sometimes I wonder how does Vic Beckham manage to strut in those sky high shoes of hers since she too suffer from bunion! I guess she too sufers for fashion..

    Thanks for the great post!

  13. As the owner of a wide foot, the best trick I have is to only buy leather shoes and then have them stretched. It can get expensive, so I bought my own stretcher and now do it myself. Really, the most important part is only buying leather as non-leather will NOT stretch to accommodate a wide foot, either with or without a shoe stretcher. (And leather won’t make your foot smell bad since it breathes.)

  14. I always had a narrow foot. It's now a medium. LOL I have a long foot, so mine usually come from j.crew. I've tried many of the brands you listed and they are good.