2011 in fashion and photos

I can't hardly believe another year is gone... and even though we must keep moving forward, here is a little look back on 2011...

january 2011 
I discovered Hipstamatic.
Center in snow

february 2011 copy
I bought new shoes.
Seychelles Gypsy

march 2011
I co-hosted a bridal shower.
dessert is served

april 2011
another year

May 2011
My Brother got married!
me and lou in sunnies the leap

june 2011
I got to meet four wonderful Connecticut Bloggers, Amber, Nnenna, Courtney and Megan.
Blogger Meetup!

july 2011
I discovered Instagram!

August 2011
Tropical storm Irene brought flooding, downed trees and left me without power for a week!

september 2011
I met Alex in New York and went to Central Park for the first time.
Alex in central park 
I bought a new wide angle lens and took it out for a spin.
Grand Central

October 2011
I zipped around Washington D.C. on a Segway.
Lyd and Ab at the White House
And I went back to NYC for a Be the Buyer Event at TJ Maxx!

november 2011
November had some pretty nice sunsets and (aside from that one small nor'easter) stayed warm enough to not wear tights the whole month.

december 2011
I got a new camera!
And that's a wrap!
I hope you all have a happy and safe New Years Eve!
I will probably be on my couch watching Midnight in Pairs and nodding off before midnight, becuase I'm practically 26 86 years old, and that's how I roll.


  1. Girl that post must have taken you 4ever! Great recap. Your blog has been amazing this year, sorry I haven't commented as much but I do still read. Have a safe and happy couch New Years. :)


  2. looks like you had a nice year!
    nice post girl, and a happy new year!


  3. Fantastic recap! Looks like you had an amazing year! I am drooling with envy over your new camera...

    Here's to an even better 2012!

  4. LOVE your recap..you are so stylish lady! Happy New Year!

  5. What an awesome post! Really sweet, creative and charming way of reviewing the year! Can't wait to see what you'll cook up for 2012 lovely!

    Happy New Year!

  6. Your year was fabulous. Are you sure you turned a year older though? You don't look like it!
    I wish you a smashing New Year!

  7. Wooohoo! You had such an amazing 2011!!! Here's hoping that 2012 is even better!
    (and we need to get on planning our blogger shopping trip)

  8. Great wrap up :) Have a happy new year!!! xx

  9. I've been enjoying everyone's 2011 recaps, but I think yours is the best one yet! I love how you collaged your looks for each month and how you included something special from each month. I hope you have a wonderful New Year!!

  10. I love the year of you! Happy 2012!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  11. What a great year for you! And hooray for the new camera! I think half of us bloggers got a new camera for Christmas!

    New Years on the couch is how I roll too. Gotta love it!

    Happy New Year!

    Along Abbey Road
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  12. Oh this is such a great way to recap the year... I wish I would have thought of something creative!

    Happy New Year! At least make it to midnight!

  13. I can't believe it either... where did 2011 go? So jealous of your camera! It looks like you have an amazing year. Beautiful Photos! Happy New Years Eve!

    Love & Lollies... Jessa

    Confessions of the Cupcake Countessa

  14. You did so many things! :) And looked so great through the entire year! Here's to another great year of blogging :D!

  15. What a great re-cap Lydia. I am so glad to "meet" you this year and I wish you all the best in 2012! Stay lovely!

  16. I love this recap. It shows how classic your style is. I lub it. I can't remember quite when I stumbled across your blog, but I'm so glad I did!

    Happy New Year!

  17. great recap and congrats on the new camera! can't wait to see what more styles you come up with in 2012!

    cute & little

  18. suchhh a fab year! cheers to more chicness to come! :)

  19. Love your year end wrap up!
    Here's to a great 2012!
    Hope you had a fabulous NYE

  20. Awesome recap! You have amazing style! Happy New Year!

  21. I love the cut-out effect that you got going on with the outfit photos! It's like a magazine spread. Happy New Year!

  22. I love how you presented your year in review- the wide angle lens shot is incredible! I watched "Midnight in Paris" a couple of days ago and just loved it- I hope you did too! Happy New year (if it's any consolation, I wanted to spend NYE doing just what you had planned!)

  23. This is one of the cutest recap posts I've seen! Looks like you had a great year! Hope 2012 is just as fun!

    xx Melina

  24. This is my favorite recap I've seen. SO cute. Looks like you had a fabulous year and I hope your 2012 is even better! :)


  25. Suite!! You always have the best recaps. What a fantastic year! It is so funny because I spent my New Year Eve watching the same movie. A trip to Paris is on my wish list. Keep doing what you are doing, you work and style is fantastic.

  26. Happy new year dear Lydia! It has been quite a year and I hope you have an even better one this year!

    p.s. I didn't realize we had the same camera! I of course have to use mine more though!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  27. Fabulous Camera Girl!!! Wooo! Happy New Year to you Lyddie! I've changed my blog address, so I wanted you to know. Thanks!

  28. Your blog is amazing ! Love the pics in general and especially the NY pics you took, the one in grand central station is amazing :) I am following your blog with google friend connect <3
    I'd be honoured if you liked my blog too ! Kisses and happy new year !
    Fashion and Cookies
    Fashion and Cookies on Facebook

  29. What a fun look back! I just love the way you rock color!

  30. WHat a fun post !!!
    great retrospective !
    I m actually working on a post of how many stuff i bought and how many stuff i got rid of this year.
    It's exhausting.

  31. Yay- I love your 2011 post! So many great outfits and good times! Happy New Year Lydia :)

    star-crossed smile