Holiday Wishlist

Some of my wishes are practical, some pure fantasy, some I may end up buying myself anyway should they not find their way under my tree...

Clockwise from top left:
Kate Spade Charm Magazine iPhone case, $40
The free one Apple gave me broke a few months ago and the iPhone has been naked while I've been indecisive about what case to buy next. Kate Spade knows how to make one darn adorable case.

Starbucks Falala ceramic travel mug, $11
This mug solves my travel mug conundrums; I hate the plastic tumblers because the plastic always makes the coffee taste weird and you can not put them in the microwave, so I'm stuck drinking my lukewarm coffee. This mug is essentially a regular coffee mug with a removable plastic lid - so I can reheat my coffee to my hearts content.
And did you notice how cute and even non-christmasy those falalas look? I can totally get away with using this year round.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Petal to the Metal bag, $438
This is one of those fantasy items, but I've been smitten with this bag for ages. Great shape, great size, and cute little birdie details!

ONA Roma camera bag insert, $59
In the past I'd searched and searched for the perfect camera bag that was an elegant marriage of style and affordability. In the end all the bags worth having weren't really in my budget. This little insert solves that dilemma. Now every one of my bags can be a camera bag.

Dara Ettinger Lark Ring, $115
I love a statement ring. I love the color and the huge amethyst. As a bonus, Shopbop states this ring was made in the USA. I heard on the news that if everyone spent $64 on Christmas gifts made in America, that we could create 200,000 jobs.  So not only would I get an awesome ring, but someone else would get a job. Win-Win.

DV by Dolce Vita Dahlia Chunky Pump, $74
Even though I already own a pair of red pumps, they are patent Mary Janes and I can not wear them without garnering several Dorothy comments. I do love my little MJs, but I think it might be time for a more grown-up red pump. No one will be going to see the Wizard in these suede platforms.

A vacation to someplace with palm trees.
I feel like I haven't been on a proper vacation in ages, and warmer climates would be a welcome change. (Even though it's been unseasonably warm!)

What are you wishing for this December?

P.S. This awesome clock I picked up at my church fair for $1 this weekend is broken. It was functioning when I took it home, but 20 minutes after I hung it on my wall it just stopped. I put in a fresh battery and coerced it into movement, only for it to stop again in an hour.

A little searching lead me to a near identical clock from Target, and of the two reviews, one of the reviewers described a similar problem.

I really love the clock though! Can battery clocks be fixed? Would it be worth the effort/money?



  1. I LOVE my Kate Spade iPhone case! If you can't wait for a Kate Spade sale, check eBay. I've noticed tons of Kate Spade cases there for under $20! (I just picked up ANOTHER one, actually. It looks like a rotary phone!)

  2. I love that Marc Jacobs purse too! (duh...haha) Some great wishlist items!
    I have no idea what I want...all of what I actually want is too much (iPhone, chanel, etc. :p)
    and poop! That stinks about the clock...I dunno how much it costs to fix though :/

  3. I'd love the statement ring for starters then would settle on the pumps as the main present!

  4. That iPhone case is AMAZING. I want it - even thought I don't have an iPhone yet. My lust is a pair of Sam Edelman heels. I can't bring myself to spending that much on spiked heels!

  5. i love all of your picks! that coffee much is too cute :) and a vaca in a warm climate is such a dream! i hope santa brings you everything you want!!! xo

  6. Oh my gosh, that Kate Spade iphone case is just adorable! My case right now is broken and a bit grungy, so I will definitely be upgrading to something a little more fashionable like this one!

    star-crossed smile

  7. The Kate Spade phone case and the quartz ring with such a great cause stole my heart. x

  8. ahhh that bag is so cute. the price... not so much

    Glass of Fashion

  9. I think that Marc Jacobs bag is ADORABLE!
    xo Josie

  10. Oh that camera bag is cute and practical!

  11. Gorgeous wishes!!!

  12. That phone case is so cute! You have some nice things on your wishlist. A vacation somewhere tropical sounds really nice :)

  13. Wow, I love that bag - that's so going on my wishlist now!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  14. Oh man, in February I get to get an iphone. And then I'll get a Kate Spade case... Someday, SOMEDAY! I agree: vacations. I want one somewhere warm! ;)

  15. you can just replace the clock mechanism for a moderately cheap price (under $10).. Just hit up your local craft store and ask for the kit. You can turn proactically anything into a clock these days. If not you can just set the clock to a time you like and use it as an statement art piece.. Good Luck!

  16. I think I need those shoes and that camera bag!

  17. I like that phone case. The only thing I really want right now is a new pair of slippers.

  18. So funny! The camera bag situation is so prevalent yet why is there no solution for it? If you get the Ona bag, let me know how you like it. I've had my eye on it for some time now but am unsure about how it'd sit in my bag in reality. What kind of camera do you have?

    Also, love Kate Spade's kitschy cover. She's so playful as always. Great and practical list -- I wish I could manage to make one like this. :)

  19. I need that amazing Kate Spade i Phone case! and love the Marc by Marc bag of course :) great holidays picks!

    xx, Ally

  20. I don't want to think I want anything for Christmas.
    I am over my head with new stuff I have not worn...
    in fact i was thinking yesterday about telling people who might gift me to just buy a gift for a girl (ages from 7 to 14) and then just give them away.
    I think i need a ban.

  21. I just got myself a new case! It's not Kate Spade though, forgot about those.

    I love that ring! I'm wishing for a trip to India in January. Unlikely, but maybe if the price of flights goes down...

  22. Love the Marc Jacobs bag!

    xo Ashleigh

  23. love your items. i wouldn't mind a vaca and those chunky heels myself ;-)


  24. I hope you get those chunky heels, they are pretty spectacular! I dont know a whole lot of clocks but if I had to guess I'd say the expense of having it fixed probably wouldnt be worth it.

  25. Hi Lyddie,

    I also just wanted to pass along information about a $150 Perricone MD skincare giveaway to you and your readers. It's an amazing opportunity to get some self-care this holiday season!

    I hope you'll get a chance to enter because I know you've had luck before!

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  26. I'll take that vacation..i love palm trees!!

  27. BEST ring ever.. and I love that- creating jobs in the US while getting ourself gems. amazing.


  28. VACATION! Definitely at the top of my wish list!

  29. That Kate Spade cover is so adorable and holy crap I need that camera bag insert!! I always run into the same problem as you, where the best bags are out of my price range. This would definitely solve the problem! Thanks for the suggestion!

    xx Melina

  30. i'm with you on that camera bag and red shoes!!! i hope you've been doing well pretty girl, sorry i haven't been around, i just haven't even been online!

  31. I am now wishing for those shoes! My husband keeps asking me what I want for my bday (Christmas baby) and now I have something to show him. Sorry for stealing it!!


  32. Marc Jacobs bag is pretty, but so pricey!

  33. that iphone case is adorable
    my big ticket wish list item is a dslr camera

  34. Ooh now I want that Starbucks mug...and the Marc Jacobs bag. Although I think I know which one I'll have a better chance of getting :)

  35. What a cute iPhone case and you can never go wrong with a cute MJ bag and colorful heels!

  36. I love that Kate Spade iphone case! I'm waiting to get a new phone before purchasing one. :D

  37. The ring and pumps are amazing. Blah. I also would love a vacation to somewhere warm and sunny. It's horrible and cold and dark here.

  38. cute wishlist!

    Take a look at mine!