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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Snow, furry earmuffs and Hipstamatic

Did everyone have lovely weekends? I had a nice snowy one. As I've mentioned, early January is still in the honeymoon period for me and snow, where I get excited to see those flakes falling from the sky, and immediately dash out to take photos, and don't mind getting a bit soggy in the process.

Desmond, my camera does mind however. And my makeshift plastic bag coverings don't do a damn bit of good. I'm fearful my desire to expose my camera to all this moisture is going to bite me in the butt at some point.

Snowy scene

This outfit is a total violation of the no repeats challenge, you've seen it all before. But I was having a challenging time getting dressed. I wasn't feeling happy or motivated at all. Finally I decided to do something I haven't done in months and months -- play video games and exercise. Yes, simultaneously. And Old School; Dance Dance Revolution with a mat. Kids these days don't need mats to jump on, they just have motion sensor cameras and whatnot, but I still like my good old DDR.

The Rundown
Coat H&M - Jeans Kohls - Top Kohls - Boots Steve Madden - Earmuffs Gift (from TJMaxx) - Dog Chloe

earmuffs 1 earmuffs 2
I decided to get the Hipstamatic app for my iPhone (a big splurge, at $2) and it is super awesome and completely worth my $2.
Center in snow
I couldn't be happier with how this photo came out!
And if you wanted to go to flickr and mark it as a favorite, I would like that :)

christmas tree snowy street lamp center bench HIP_316130156.382667

But this morning everything started to melt, and snow started to drop off the tree branches. Sad, since that is always so beautiful.

Start to melt

The Rundown
Dress Urban Outfitters - Coat Free People - Boots Madden Girl - Scarf Avon - Belt Pineapple Mint Vintage - Tights TJMaxx


Starting tomorrow I'm joining Iris of 260 Days No Repeats in a bright tights challenge! Should be fun and a way to force myself to deviate from my typical blacks and greys.


  1. OMG love the earmuffs! I had a pair for christmas but mine are no where near as fluffy, very cool. Im sure your camera will be fine in the snow! Good luck on the bright tights week!

    Daisy Dayz Home
    Cross-Jones-Photography Home

  2. Lyddie--the last outfit is gorgeous and cool app for your phone!

  3. awesome outfits! i want that scarf! & i wish i had enough colored tights to join in the challenge, but for some reason the only color i buy is black. boring. : )

  4. Hey, a comfy jacket is a comfy jacket, right? XD
    And beautiful colors on those photos!

  5. Lovely photos! I love playing with the hipstamatic on my iphone as well :) I love your outfits as always, you look perfectly chic. I love that scarf!

  6. Gorgeous snow photos!
    I love both the outfits too! :) I was in my pjs all weekend, haha

  7. Love both looks!
    The purple dress is super cute, great for layering I bet :)

    And repeats are okay by me, that first look is great (especially the animal print)!

  8. Did you name your camera???? Cause if you did that would be awesome;). Love your outfit in the last pics.

  9. Your Hipstamatic photos are gorgeous of the snow! Love that...and your beautiful blue brocade coat. ;)


  10. Cute earmuffs! And those pictures in the middle were all taken with your phone? Wow, they turned out really cool!

    Rainbow Tights week sounds like a lot of fun, but I can't count on our weather to give 7 days in a row where it'd be okay to wear skirts/dresses! I'll join in at some point this week though :)

  11. I love the scarf in the second picture and the lining of the coat. Your earmuffs are so cute too.
    The colored tights challenge sounds fun. I'll try to participate a little bit.

  12. Love your blog! You look great in that leopard fun fur coat :) I am always amazed at the technoloy behind fake fur these days! It is getting more and more realistic! And your doggy is just adorable too, we share the name Chloe (lol)!hope u had a great weekend!
    Lots of love
    Beckerman girls


  13. Hipstamatic is one of my favorite apps! I have a ton of the expansion packs too, it totally just sucks you in :P I love the lining of the coat in the last photos! In fact, the whole color/pattern combination is so lovely!

  14. Ooh Hipstmatic looks too fun and how cute is Chloe?

  15. such cosy, warm and chic outfit! love its every single piece!
    and you took such amazing photos! i miss winter like this - in my country snow is melting, and it has become really dull...

  16. Great hipstamatic shots! My hubs loves his too.

  17. Adorable ear muffs!

    What lens/flash/film did you use for the Hipstamatic prints? I can't get enough of my own. Unfortunately I only remember to whip it out when I'm taking non-sober photos ... which I won't post on the blog. ;-)

  18. I love your last outfit, your dog, but most of all the picture in the middle that you worked so diligently on...it is so cool! I am going to show it to my students...great job!!

  19. I like so much snow, but in Madrid is weird see snow... :P

    Love your leopard coat!

  20. I love your leopard print jacket! I'm also sort of sad that all the snow here is starting to disappear (your photos of it turned out wonderfully).

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  21. So cute! I love earmuffs<3

    ♥ kisses ♥


  22. I laughed when you called DDR old. O no, 5 years ago! Technology wise that must be a million years ago...

    Your photos are gorgeous! Will go home and vote when not on crappy work computer :)

  23. You look perfect in the snow! I love the leopard jacket, and that Hipstamatic picture is AMAZING!

  24. that colorful hipstamatic picture did turn out so cool!!! I love that app :)

  25. thats a really cool app,if only I had an iphone. Oh well. Your outfits are lovely once again. :)

  26. I love the picture with your earmuffs and your dog, you look so cute! And old school DDR is the best, I haven't done that in forever!

    Shopping and Spreadsheets

  27. Oooh, THAT PICTURE LYDDIE.. an iPhone app? THAT IS WAY AMAZING and I want to buy it now. If only my iphone wasn't old and cranky and would let me put new apps on him. Or update him. :)

    I hope your camera Desmond can be besties with Sir Samuel. <3

    And I love your furry ear muffs and the black and white you've got going in that first picture. You are beautiful, as are your pictures. I really wish it would snow more here because snow makes such a pretty background all the time.

  28. Awesome pictures! Ipods are so amazing. Fab jackets too lady. xo style, she wrote

  29. those ear muffs are super cute!


  30. that iphone app is super cool!

  31. That H&M coat is gorgeous, so is the scarf in the second outfit! I'm in love with both items! You always look lovely but today you've outdone yourself! Spectacular!

  32. I am going to have to pass on joining the rainbow tights week. I only have like 5 pairs of tights and it is hellish hot here....
    On the other hand I ADORE your pictures. They are fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And of course CHLOE, she is the cutest.

  33. Good luck, I KNOW you'll do great. I've done no repeats since I was 13. I kept track in a notebook all thru junior and high school, all before the blog and for 2.5-3 years on the blog. Now that I have less than 50 items its just too tough (lol)!!


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