How to spend an entire month's budget in one weekend

In September, I felt like I had to prove to myself that I could have a budget, and shop, and stay within that budget, and be perfectly happy. I was determined and I was successful -- just look, I had $34 left over.

So October first arrives with my new $80 of possibilities. It was my best friends birthday and we celebrated in a very low key manner. It involved ice cream, Burn Notice, and TJMaxx.

Even though the trip to TJ's was mainly to get things for her (gorgeous pair of Steve Madden boots and and an oversized cream colored blazer by Calvin Klein), I of course found a few things for myself...

First, this gorgeous pencil skirt by Tahari marked down to $30 with a MSRP of $178. Fits perfectly.

Then I found a leopard print sweater. This was clearly a must have. It's Calvin Klein and was $25.

And finally, this belt, marked down to $10, which looks like it probably came attached to a dress and got separated. Not super fancy or nice, but it looks just like the belt I wanted from Delia's that I never did get since it sold out.

On Saturday I heard that a local shop, Coco's on the Green was having a "fill a bag" sale. How can I resist? Especially when it means getting really expensive pieces for $5?

Okay, so these pants didn't work out. But they seemed so cool. They were Banana Republic and were silk and made in Italy! I had to try them on.

The top was a winner however! The label says Premise and it's also 100% silk. (Made in China though).

This wool blazer was another amazing find -- MaxMara, made in Italy, hot pink silk lining.

This red blazer I was on the fence with -- but it was fill a bag, so I stuffed it in. It's by United Colors of Benetton and was made in Romania. 

hello cupcake

The three items ended up costing $5 each. And they were also giving away red velvet cupcakes. I'm pretty sure I could have had one even if I didn't buy anything but still. They were homemade by the shop's owner and were really good.

I couldn't pass by the Gap and not notice the extra 30% off everything sign. I am weak. I went in and looked for my fedora. The light colored one was gone, but this guy was still there and had been marked down to $12. For $8.40, I couldn't let it go.

So, there you have it, it's the third of October and I have spent $88.40. I think I'm going to bring back that top I bought last month at TJMaxx since I haven't worn it yet.

I think that shopping is very much like any other addiction, and once you start doing it, it's hard to stop. The more I bought, the more I wanted to buy. Good thing I didn't go to the mall.
Unless I return a few things, I have $25 left for the rest of October. And that's only since I was so good last month. But I don't have as much self control as I wanted to believe.

Now, to make this post even longer -- outfit photos!

In the freezing breeze

I've pretty much gotten out every pair of boots now, these slouchy ones are a favorite. So comfortable!

nail detail

I gave my dark green nail polish a try, it's from Avon.

lion detail

What to do with those lion earrings? Why not put them through button holes?

In the freezing breeze
Chloe does not like fake walking for outfit photos. 

bag detail

I made pizza for dinner tonight, which took me forever because I am the worlds slowest chef, hence my later than normal post!
They came out really good though -- fresh tomato, since they are still covering 90% of the usable counter space in the kitchen and we are running out of things to do with them.

And a new recipe that I got from my friend Bethany at More Fruit Please, a caramelized onion and pear pie, with three kinds of cheese, walnuts and honey. Very tasty.

But I don't want to take photos for your silly blog, I want to go for a walk!!!
but i want to go for a walk

The Rundown
Top Premise - Cardigan American Eagle - Jacket Free People - Leggings TJMaxx - Boots Kohls - Belt Kohls? - Bag Big Buddha - Earrings Thrifted - Ring The Cavernous Jewelry Box


  1. I think you got good items today, especially that $25 Calvin Klein sweater!:D

    I like your outfit and I want your blue bag!:D

    What a clever idea for those lion earrings, love it!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. Glad you tried the pizza! I'm in love with the Tahari skirt - what a great find!!

  3. I went over my October budget already too! It is addicting during this time of year when sales are everywhere! Love the blog :0)


  4. 1. the lion earrings in the button holes- genius! really - I wish i had some too!

    2. The pear pie - i need to make a vegan version : )

    3. Love the outfits! : )

  5. I am absolutely drooling over your TJ Maxx purchases. Looks like I need to make a trip to my local TJ Maxx ASAP!

  6. I am impressed that you did SO amazing for September (not that I thought you wouldn't succeed) and I know what you mean that it is difficult once you start; I've been avoiding shopping because of that reason.

    Great finds and I can't wait to see how you use them!

  7. You know what? If you can afford the stuff you bought, and you love it, keep it. I think they were all great purchases, nothing random or wasteful at all. They all look like they'll fit into your wardrobe really well, and that's really all that matters, right?

    I love the outfit photos, I love that top you bought. And I love the lion earring/buttons :)

  8. You're very funny! Love the purchases - especially that CK sweater!

  9. Wow! That pencil skirt was such a steal!

    <3, natasha
    twenty-something blog

  10. I LOVE the Premise top! That brand sounds familiar to me. I like how airy and feminine it is, but not overly so. And the lion earrings on the jacket is extremely cool-looking.

    Gotta check out that onion/pear/cheese/walnut/honey pie!

  11. AMAZING FINDS! I love that silk top and the red jacket! They are so pretty. I haven't shopped clothes at a regular retailer for 2 month now. I am still frequent to TJX but I only bought a laptop bag and coffee!

  12. this post is awesome! It's an awesome way to think about shopping - budgeting Im sure is not on the mind of most girls' minds. Saving up to buy all at once kind of makes sense instead of buying randomly here and there. You go girl!

  13. new clothes, pizza, and a adorable puppy!?!? YAY SUNDAY!!


  14. Girl... you got some amazing bargains but! Like.. the leopard sweater, I heart it. You probably just needed to get the shopping out of your system, and I'm sure you can restrain yourself for the rest of the month.. I think it's those first few days that's hard and it just gets easier from then (at least this is what I'm finding!) xx

  15. Those are such a great buys,sweetie
    I also adore your dog:) aww
    Happy Monday

  16. Awesome finds. I love the skirt and the blazers. I wish I could find great bargains like you. $25 is plenty left to buy something for the rest of the month. But the best part is that you can spend the rest of October mixing and matching up these new pieces with your existing wardrobe.
    Those pizzas are mouthwatering!

  17. Your pizza looks delicious! And fabulous outfit!

    I know what you mean about being good and staying in budget. I was right at my month's budget in Sept and the only thing from stopping me shopping over this past weekend is that I was at a yoga thing all weekend long. Looks like you got some fabulous goodies to wear over the next month and reduce your need to shop, no?

  18. Love that Max Mara blazer, what an amazing find!

    Chloe is so cute!

    x Jasmine

  19. lol- totally understand how you feel lol. Good deals are impossible to stay away from- I WISH I could find such great deals with high-quality items (but my checkbook is hissing right now, so maybe better off I don't).... lol!

  20. First, love the outfit!
    Second, oh did get some great buys though ;) I have a feeling the same thing will happen to me this weekend when I go bday shopping with my mom, she's going to buy me some stuff but I bet I'll get even more too XD

  21. Those pants are sooooo funny! I fell over laughing! Thanks for sharing your other goodies! Very cool finds!


  22. Now see, I need to learn to shop like you. I'm horrible at finding deals.

  23. Well... these purchases are fantastically easy to rationalize.
    1. The skirt is a perfect staple. Classic
    2. The sweater is animal print (yay) and great for layering
    3. Haven't you had your eye on that hat for weeks or longer? Easy.
    4. Max Mara wool blazer? No question.
    Etc, etc. etc.
    I'm on a no-spending streak that's lasted since ummm... Wednesday. I'm hoping I can make it through the month. But, if I were to find any of these finds... the flesh is weak.

  24. great finds!! I love rummaging through tjmaxx (when I have time and patience!)
    and your dog is too cute :)

  25. YUMMY! really liked your post :) thanks for visiting!

  26. oooh the food, the leopard, your outfit, I love it all! but give me the pizza pleaaaase :D

  27. oh, and feel free to check out my blog!

  28. It seems you had the shopping Gods and Angels watching over you !
    You got some amazing items !
    I cannot pick a favorite.
    Well for sure Chloe is a favorite but on the clothes side... I cannot wait to see you wear that new print top+belt. I think they would look fabulous together.

  29. You're second person with pizza on their current blog post I visited today (and I've only visited 4!) This is making me hungry...!

    Cool outfit, by the way! I LOVE Fall, and your outfit combines most of the things I love about the season-- tights, boots, and layers!

    I don't think I could resist major sales, too... I actually have those plaid pants from AGES ago!

  30. you got so much for what you spent! i love sales like that!

    and that pizza looks amazing. homemade pizza is the best. hands down.

  31. You look absolutely ADORABLE in that hat!! And what a fun shopping spree. Looks like you found some AMAZING items! I especially love the red cardi and leopard shirt. xoxo

  32. Oh my gosh Lyddie, every shopping post you do makes me drool! The leopard print jumper is *gorgeous*,and those lion head earrings are amazing! I wish I had half the shops you seem to have near you, you lucky thing! :D

  33. I love TJ's. I need to stop in there again and look at clothes. I went Friday for a new purse. I think I need to go try that pizza recipe. I've heard a lot about the pear pizza in blog land lately.

  34. I feel your pain, Lyddie! Budgets are not easy.

    You look insanely fabulous in that hat.

  35. haha fun post :) i like your purse! i totally don't need tips on how to spend a paycheck!! :)

  36. i love the leopard are is a must have!

  37. Wow, some great finds! And I have faith that you can stay strong with your shopping ban for the rest of the month. I believe in you!

  38. Wow, some great finds! And I have faith that you can stay strong with your shopping ban for the rest of the month. I believe in you!

  39. What good deals you snagged. The skirt and sweater are really cool and I love your pooch!

  40. That Premise top is EXACTLY something I would have picked up and never let go. And that Tahari skirt? That is a lifetime piece. You'll be able to give that to your grandchildren.!

  41. Oh wowww! You got so much, such good deals, though. Gotta spend it eventually, yeah? ;) I love that bright blazer you found, I bet you'll be able to do so much with it! I know what you mean by once you buy, you want to buy more.. goodness, I am never satisfied, it seems! Glad I am not alone in this huge fashionworld. :D

    Your pizza looks extremely delicious. You should send me some. >____>~ <3 or your dog.

  42. You find THE BEST stuff! Everything looks awesome (although I have to say that I'm glad you didn't go for the plaid pants, haha!). I definitely know what you mean about shopping being addicting - I do it in spurts, too!

    Also, love the earrings through buttonholes! Too clever!

  43. Love. Love. Love.
    The purchases, your outfit, and the food are all winners in my book.

  44. Wow, I need to go shopping with you. These are amazing finds hun!

    I am so thrilled to see Twenty York Street's Give-Away on your sidebar. That is soo cool, thank you!




  45. you got really great buys! i love them all! i really like what you're wearing too. :D

    <3, Mimi

  46. I could say so much about this post, but most importantly:
    - When I saw the picture with the plaid pants, and you said these didn't work out, and I thought I hope she got the top, and you did yay!
    - Brilliant with the earring/button thing! I think they would have to be the right earring though, and those lion ones are perfect.

  47. You got some GREAT stuff. I love the red jacket and the leopard top.. that will look awesome on you.. cant wait to see it in action!!

  48. such wonderful bargains! i especially adore the leo print sweater! also, the outfit is incredible! and i love your dog... <3

  49. wow
    great findings!
    and I love how you mix n match everything :)
    your dog is sooo cute!!!


  50. Just stumbled on your blog. Love it.
    Check a giveway I am have going on my blog , handmade by me.

  51. So many bargains! Your dog is adorable :)


  52. It looks like you found a lot of great stuff! Love the skirt and the leopard print sweater!

    And great outfit!!

  53. Uuuhh all the things you bought are fabulous! Congrats on the wonderful finds!

  54. I am so glad I found your blog! It's everything that I try to achieve, that is, dressing well while having a budget. Keep it up!

    P.S. I don't consider leggings are pants either.

  55. Lyddie I read this post the other night and totally forgot to comment. I think it was the sheer exhilaration of seeing the amazing finds you got. Holy Moses you hit the motherload of jackpots.

    I love, love, love the fedora on you. The leopard top - $25?? WHAT??

    I call these "pass out prices" b/c that's exactly what I would have done. Right after I stuffed my bag full at that one place!!



  56. I would have gone for the free cuppies alone. HA! Love the top you scored!

  57. Sticking to a budget is hard :( but, at least you're up front about it. I like the items you got and am glad that you seem happy as well!

  58. aw man what a bargain on the fedora! ive been hunting for one. and those banana republic plaid pants are hilarious! haha

  59. You may have already spent your allotted amount, but you did well! Each piece is incredible - both interesting enough to be a statement piece, but will also integrate into your existing wardrobe. Can't ask for anything better, right?

    I have about $50 left for my October budget and I've found so much I want to buy, but I also want to save it to add it to next month's budget. I'm torn. (Oh, the things that keep me up at night. Haha.)