Yes, I'm Cold

I'm just not ready for Fall. This cold feels so foreign and undesired. I know most of you are rejoicing, excitedly piling on cardigans and boots. But the frigid cool blowing in through my still open windows is making me depressed.

Yesterday I ventured out and did things, but not today. I stared longingly at my summer clothes and felt betrayed.  It took several cups of coffee and twice through my September magazines before I forced myself into clothing at a late and unmentionable hour of the day.

Just can't get there

Even still, the best I could manage was an outfit that might as well be pajamas -- leggings, long loose top, long loose wrap cardigan.

black and brown flats

Don't be fooled by the presence of footwear, these were only on during my brief time outdoors for taking these photos and walking the dog.
new belt

And after finally getting out of bed, I relocated to the couch and watched Breakfast at Tiffany's. So good. I cry at the end. And her style. Sigh... 

I also had an extended battle with blogger and my desire for a second sidebar. It was more challenging than I'd anticipated and now I don't know if I like it. But I suppose any change takes a bit to get used to, so we'll give it a go. Do let me know if it isn't laying out properly for you. I thought it might be nice to have a space to track my purchases and keep track of my monthly budget.

I have a few items to go up there!
Saturday I went to a church fair/tag sale and found a few things at the jewerly table I had to take home. Apparently I have a thing for gold lions, as I instantly fell for this lion crest pin for $1 (going to be so fabulous on my navy blazer!)

and these lion earrings for $3, which I'm not sure I will actually wear as earrings, but rather turn into something else.

I also picked up this skinny grey belt for 20 cents. How could I not?

My most expensive purchase at the fair was a huge bowl of peach shortcake for $5 -- so yummy!!

Then I went to TJMaxx and you will not believe my self restraint!! I only took four things into the dressing room and then only let myself buy two of them. I ended up with a pair of khaki pants for $15,

and this glittery burnout tee for $13.

I'm sad, I wasn't though with my summer wardrobe and am having trouble feeling excited for fall. I did see lots of red pants, fur, and animal prints, which I did rather enjoy. Maybe in a few more weeks I can start to embrace fall, but fingers still tightly crossed for another heat wave.


  1. I love your outfit! Despite you disliking fall, you sure do look cute for the season. ;)

    I feel kind of the same way. A small part of me is really excited about fall b/c of layering and wearing all my new (and old) fall clothes. But a big part of me wants summer to stay forever b/c I love the warm weather. I hate coldness. Fall brings winter quicker than desired. Ugh.

    I hope you had a great weekend! xo

  2. Aww. :( Just move down to the southern hemisphere, you'll get two summers in one year!
    Hmm, if it's gold lions you like, perhaps you might like this?

    Really liking the second sidebar! Very neat. It must be the change of season that everyone feels the need to update layouts...

  3. Lyddie you look very cute in this outfit and I love that lion pin! It's great and it will certainly go great with your blazer!

  4. at first i was a bit sad that summer is going away, but i do find myself kind of enjoying the cool breeze. you're dressed as good as always, nevertheless. i hope you have a wonderful week.

    oh btw, i am loving that lion pin you got! :D

    <3, Mimi

  5. Your outfit is cute considering you were not in the mood that day!:D

    I think the lion accessories are such a nice and unique find.:D Looking forward to see what you'll do with the earrings.:D

    Have a great week, Lydia!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  6. You look lovely, although I am definitely joining you on feeling betrayed by summer, I am a little reluctant to head into autumn.

    Great blog, I'm now following. Would love you to check out mine. Robbie xox

  7. I love all you accessories - and sounds like you got some great bargains!

  8. I completely get where you're at with fall. This was the first weekend I've really felt at peace with the season...and not because of clothing (miracles never cease) - but suddenly the slower pace and the cool breeze coming through the window while I huddled under the covers just made me feel cozy and safe.

    Am I losing it??

    I love your leggings. They're super cute. The whole outfit is wonderful. And may I say that belt for 20 cents is more than a little deal!?!


  9. I agree with you, I'm missing the summer and techincally it's not over! Where did this cold weather come from?

  10. Lovely outfit as always, I love the colours you put together.
    We're still having the odd sunny day here (like yesterday(Sunday)) but today is a lot colder. Time for the tights and boots to come out.
    The lion earrings remind me of door knockers, so cute, I'd wear them as earrings.
    The second sidebar looks great too.

  11. You always give me so much to comment on - and I forget half of my comments halfway through typing, so bear with me!

    First off, I just love those lazy days - and when it's fall, I think they're even better. Because with the cool breeze, you have an excuse to be lazy and watch an Audry Hepburn movie!

    When I added my third bar it was such a freaking pain! Kudos to you - I know how annoying it is. And when I first came to your page this morning, my first thought (seriously) was "wow - I love that she has her itemized budget here!

    And the jewelry you picked up is fab! I wouldn't wear the lion earrings (they look a little too 80s for me), but wouldn't they be amazing on a long chain with maybe a beaded or chain tassel attached to the loop? (Though, they're probably too small for that, but they definitely have potential.) Or ... Maybe on a necklace at each side with small chains strung between them, sorta like the necklace I have on here:

    Basically, I can't wait to see what you do with them! Haha!

    Have a lovely Monday!

  12. Seriously, you have a fab jewelry collection! You did well with your shopping (yes I know it's hard!)

  13. I love your outfit!! And such great/fun purchases!! :D :D A nice variety, haha

  14. Oh I love the movie Breakfast at Tiffanys so much and I cry too!

  15. I love lazy days...especially during the cooler seasons...I adore your flats and that cardi is so cute...I am thinking about getting something like that:)
    Happy Monday

  16. great outfit!!
    ur cardigan looks good on you, nice belt anyway :D

  17. Your outfit is great! I love how you have cinched it in with a belt, it really gives the outfit interest.

  18. love the simple layering in your outfit here. the colors are great, quite perfect for colder weathers. plus i love the lion earrings, so vintage looking! :)

  19. you always find such great things at tj maxx!! lucky!

    and i hope you dont miss summer to much! it feels like fall is coming soon.

  20. Great outfit! I especially love the draping of the cardigan, so beautiful.

  21. I have mixed feelings about fall. It's my favorite season and I absolutely love dressing for it, but here in the midwest, our crappy winters aren't usually too far behind fall, so I do wish it'd delay it's arrival a little bit.

    I do love the colors you've paired in this outfit - jewel tones, especially like the blue of your top, are so great for fall!

  22. Lyddie I'm having a bear of a Monday and you just made me laugh OUT LOUD. Thank you!!!


  23. I love love love your grey belt!

  24. I'm bemoaning the passing of summer, as well. The past few days have been nice, but before that it was rainy and a bit cold. OH well, I'm stockpiling sweaters :)


  25. Great finds...
    That belt is great.
    I have to say that I wish we had fall here.
    It's all summer. Rainy+summer. Summer.
    But, I still wear my cardigans ....

  26. I love your shoes!

    And I can't believe that amazing lion crest pin you found...WOW!

  27. What great finds! I love the brooch, that'll be stunning on your navy blazer :)

    Thank you for your kind words, I really appreciate them xo

  28. Oh my god, those earrings are such an amazing find! I love your shoes, too!

  29. Great finds! and i love your outfit today ;)


  30. YAY! A left side bar - looks good. I felt the same way, though, when I added mine... it grows on ya ;)

    Love those leggings.

    GREAT purchases - cheap cheap cheap - love it!

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

    PS - Can't believe you're blog is 2!! Congrats :D err... Happy Birthday? :)

  31. Love the flats... so versatile!

    <3 visit me sometime,
    natasha -

  32. Hehe! It's spring here! jealous? I actually really love Autumn though...and I don't like summer much, too hot!

  33. Well, you have to get your fall/winter outfits ready soon dear! It just around the corner. OR.. you can move here to the tropics and enjoy the summer sun all year long :)

    Hope you like my jumpsuit post and follow my blog too!

    -Gayle from

  34. I really like that gold pin!
    I wish I had snow and fall here :(

    Have a wonderful day,

  35. I love the crest brooch and those earrings!


  36. I'm a little jealous - it's so hot here that I had to turn the A/C on today! I suppose the grass is always greener; I know I'll be sick of the cold by November. Your outfit is adorable and looks so cozy!

  37. it is sad that summer has passed
    but fall is not so bad, you'll see ;)

    i love your flats
    and your lion crest
    it's amazing
    like some British royal crest or something


  38. Let's trade weather! I would totally rock those door knocker earrings!

  39. I am seriously digging your style! Your style is so unique and colorful but totally approchable.

  40. Ah! I'm so jealous! I wish it would start getting cooler where I live! I'm stuck in shorts until OCTOBER. Seriously, Florida=sucks with weather. I can't wait to live somewhere cooler!

    This is a great outfit, btw, and I LOVE the lion's head earrings! So funky, would love to try them myself :D

    Classy and Delicious

  41. Love,love your purchases; that lion pin specially. I've been trying to get a second side bar as well without reducing the size of my post. Why does Blogger leave so much space on the sides? It's just wasted. Ok-that's my rant for the day!!

  42. Love the effortless braid. You look so cute!