I died so I could haunt you

If you visit me on Flickr, than you've heard this story already but otherwise...
About a week ago my camera was on my tripod when it fell face down to the ground. I can't tell you how, did I bump into it? Did the dog? The wind? All I know is the sheer panic when I saw it plummeting to the ground. And then the complete relief when I picked it up and everything was fine. No broken glass, still taking photos, still auto-focusing.
Little did I know, I was just on borrowed time. Yesterday I noticed my photos were looking a bit distorted, and not getting in focus. Confused, I went to look at the lens, when it fell into two pieces!
The little plastic bits which hold it together were clearly damaged in the fall, and after a few days, just broke off completely and caused the lens to separate.

I'm really upset about this, not even so much over the lens, but the fact that it happened to me. I'm not supposed to be this clumsy forgetful person. I have friends like that, ones who lose every cell phone they get or have broken half a dozen cameras.


Since I've had this camera I have lost* it, and now I've broken [a part of] it. WHO AM I?

Panda Scarf

The lens can't be fixed, it's plastic, and you can't just stick little plastic bits back together again. If I replace it, I have three choices.
1) the f1.8, the same lens for $100 which is cheap, and I've been generally happy with it.
2) the f1.4, for $350 with the biggest difference (as far as I'm concerned) being in regards to the bokeh. The bokeh on the 1.8 appears as hexagons, while the 1.4 has pretty, circular bokeh.
3) the f1.2, for $1,459 which is an actual, professional lens, and if I were somehow profiting from my photography, this would be a wonderful lens to have. Anyone want to give me money?

My brother thinks this is a good reason to get the f1.4, but I'm tempted to just re-buy the 1.8. Based on the plethora of bad reviews on Amazon, this is a common problem, second only to the auto focus failing after a year. That seems to be the life span of the this lens. So mine has lasted 9 months.

You are probably super bored, and not even reading anymore. Sorry!!!

I'll talk about the clothes now and stop sobbing.

Losing Daylight

I'm wearing two dresses again, I really like using the shirt dress as a layering piece now, which is so much better than having it sit around in my closet collecting lint. And this printed dress -- I never thought I would get so much use out of it, but this is the fifth time I've worn it this year. (Does that not sound like very much? Well I think it is. Especially for a dress with such a bold print.)

Panda Scarf

I'm trying to start wearing scarves more, since I have so many and it's starting to get cooler. This one I picked up in Italy for one euro. I should have gotten a bunch more to give as gifts, but I guess I wasn't thinking that far in advance.

It's also too soon for tights. I think I'm resisting until at least October, which will be here sooner than I think. Wearing tights will mean summer is truly gone. But boots are okay for now :)

The Rundown
Shirt Dress DKNY - Printed Dress Avon - Booties Steve Madden - Scarf Market in Italy

Panda Scarf

*I was taking a train home from New Haven, and in the station, the board said my train was on track 10. I go to the track, the train is there, I sit down, take off my bags, get settled - then a conductor tells me the train I'm on isn't leaving for half an hour and my train is on track 8! So I grab my things and RUN to track 8, make the train, get settled again, but, WHERE IS THE CAMERA BAG? Before I have a complete melt down, I go and find the conductor and tell him what happened. He calls the other train, and tells me to just wait at my stop, the other train will be by in half an hour. So I endure a painful 30 minutes and the other train pulls in, the door opens, the conductor has my camera bag. I almost give her a huge hug, but just thank her profusely.
And that is how I lost my camera.


  1. Yowza...your poor camera XD
    My Nikon (not an expensive one but a good one anyhow) died a few years ago and I got a cheaper Canon to replace it but its just not the same :( I should just get my Nikon fixed but I don't want to spend the $50 XD

  2. If you have the money (and ability), I'd get the middle lens. It's a little more money, but if it'll last longer, it might be worth it.

    Anyway, I love the outfit! I love the dress-on-dress vest-type action you've got goin' on. I can't pull that off AT ALL, so I'm totally jealous. And I love the panda scarf!!

  3. Thats bad news about your camera. I had that happen once, the tripod fell over and the camera flew right off the tripod.. lucky no damage.. oh, or maybe there was and thats why my pics dont look so good :0 ha hah
    anyway.. I love the printed dress- it looks really cute on you and especially with those booties.. super cute.. I still have booties on my wish list...
    good luck with finding another lens.

  4. So so sorry to hear about your camera! At least it was just the lens that broke and not the actual camera itself!

    I love your dress layering, btw :)

  5. First I love the tittle of this post - second I don't love that your poor camera broke! : ( I can ask my sis about the lenses if you'd like - while I know very little about cameras she is a professional photographer.

    P.s. I love the pandas!

  6. Sorry to hear about your camera :(
    Love the way you layered these dresses xo

  7. I'm sorry about your camera :(

    I love the two dresses together, I'm inspired!

  8. That scarf has the most incredible print. I have to say I have the 1.8 and the 1.4 and I love the 1.4 sooo much more. The 1.8 just doesn't seem to capture the same quality photos.

  9. Geez, sorry about your camera, I know those cameras are very expensive, hopefully you can make the right choice on the lens, hoe you feel better though, everyone has accidents. You look very pretty, I love your dress and scarf. =)

  10. I'm so sorry about your camera, I hope you get the perfect lens.:D

    That's a cute scarf and great price too.

    Thanks for sharing your camera/lens story.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  11. I love your scarves!! And very creative with the dress on dress look. Love it!

    I'm so sorry about your lens. That is no fun at all. And and expensive item to replace!

  12. im so sorry about your camera!! I think you should invest in the f1.4 just because if the plastic breaking is a common problem you might find yourself in the same place a year from now! good luck dear (and you look fabulous as usual btw ;)


  13. That's unfortunate about your camera! I say upgrade to f1.4 esp. if it's more cost effective in the long run. Love the two dress look!

  14. such a misfortune! sorry about your camera...
    still, you look gorgeous! the scarf is so cuuute!

  15. So sad about your lens. :(
    Your outfit is fantastic, though! I'm loving your dress on dress layering.

  16. I hate it when they switch tracks like that, its such a hassle when you have more than one bag and are in a hurry, glad you got your camera back and sorry about your lens

  17. What a bummer about your camera :(

    But on the upside, you look adorable!

    xo Lynzy

  18. Hi, found your blog (which I love) through the flickr remix group. (I'm now a fan!) I'm considering a holiday gift to myself of the 1.8 or the 1.4 for my Nikon d90.
    I bought my sister the 1.8 last year, and she adores it for tricky low-light situations. When you decide which lens to buy, will you keep us readers posted?
    Ps. 2 dresses = very clever look.

  19. Ohh I am so sorry about your camera my dear:(

    Ps: I am hosting a sweet GIVEAWAY today :) Hope you will join in :)!!!

  20. Ah I really love this look! Good luck with the camera troubles-I'm such a klutz too, so your in good company :) hehe.

    hope your having a good wk beautiful!

  21. I am hard on myself when I am clumsy or forgetful.
    I refuse to be that person.
    Knowing me, I would go for the same lens. If it worked and the price is reasonable...
    I particularly like the scarf.... it's got PANDAS !

  22. Aww no, I hope you get it sorted, I hate breaking things like that! Lurve the scarf by the way, 1 euro?! What a steal :D

  23. I am very, very sorry about your camera. That totally sucks. A couple years ago, my trusted digital camera was accidentally left in the backseat of my car on a very hot day. I thought the camera was fine, but then a few days later, like you, I saw the shots were distorted and soon the camera just completely died. I was heartbroken. It took me one year to get a new camera because I'm poor. Lol.

    I am crossing my fingers that you win the lottery or something and you are able to get that cool lens that costs over a grand. Lol. That would be awesome!

    And I'm loving this outfit. You are BRILLIANT at layering! The colorful scarf with the whole ensemble is just gorgeous as well. Love it! xo

  24. I am so sorry about your camera! I hate it when unsuspected things happen like that... especially when they are so expensive.


    p.s. Be sure to check out my Lil Petite Jewelry Giveaway when you get the chance :)

  25. such a cute scarf and thank goodness you got your camera back!!

  26. aww, it could happen to anyone!!! i would be so sad though. but...new lens! :) sorry i've been a bad blog friend, hope you are well!

  27. I really love your outfit. great way to mix patterns! Sorry about your camera :(

  28. Sorry about the camera! But, you look cute. Loving the dress and the scarf!


  29. Oh no! So sorry about your lens. That's so sad. Well I hope you get it all figured out.

  30. Awww... I'm so sorry I'd cry hysterically too if that happened to me. The positive note thou is that you look really good, brilliant how you did the dress on dress combo!


    20 York Street

  31. Aww no, it's a stressful experience for you. I reckon, if you've got the money then you may as well shell-out for something that will be worth the money (aka, the second option).
    By the way, I assume these outfits you post are outfits you wear to work? Where do you work, if you don't mind me asking? Is it an office? Must be a rather lenient office, don't they usually ban colour, hehe?
    p.s. thank you for your opinion on the print vs digital! That's such a good point, I *really* hope that editors consider that if they're ever thinking of converting from print to digital one day.

  32. Hooh, it happened to me and now you too. I feel for you =<

    Nice outfit, especially the scarf! So colorful and cute =3

    Roasting marshmallows,

  33. I am so sorry about your lens! It's a shame that its not easy to replace :( Have you tried Ebay?

    I myself have been thinking about getting a good camera for my photography but I just can't bring myself to spend the money!

    Your outfits are still super cute though, take heart :)

    Classy and Delicious

  34. Oh Lyddie what a freaking nightmare. I can totally relate and feel your pain. I've had so much stress for the past 6 months it's unbelievable. For my bday the bf checks us and my bffs into a pretty fancy hotel for a special treat. We go out to dinner that evening and someone on hotel staff stole $800 worth of my jewelry. Which was stuffed at the bottom of my bag that was not even opened, but rather zipped up under 4 other bags against the wall.

    Anyway. I haven't stopped bawling in a month. I collected that stuff via gifts, savings, sales and only 1 piece is still replaceable.

    Stuff like that NEVER happens to me because I'm such a worrier. Let my guard down once and BAM.

    Back to you. The conservative person in me says replace it with the same, but if you have the money and the step up is better than why not treat yourself. You take a lot of pictures and totally deserve it. I can't believe you had a double whammy and then lost it at the train. UGH!!

    If it's any consolation (and you're enjoying this book of a comment). Your boots are adorable and the combo w/scarf totally sasses up your outfit.


  35. Oh no! I'm sorry to hear about your lens breaking (my tripod has fallen before with my camera attached but luckily when that happened nothing broke. At least you didn't pay a lot for the lens so you could always easily replace it for cheap (or upgrade to the 1.4)! :)

    loving the scarf by the way, i love the colors and the pandas, haha!

  36. Ahh, so sorry about your lens :( I'd go with the f1.4. :)

    Ooh, and you look super cute! Love those boots!

    Don't forget to enter my accessories giveaway!


  37. Oh my goodness I am so sorry that your lovely lens broke! :( Lyddie!~ I have feared that with my tripod.. oh nooo! I hope you can get a new lens. At least you have an ecxuse to get a better one? :D

    Cute cute outfit, though-- I love your booties and your colorful scarf. I personally cannot wait for tight season!~ I, too, am resisting.