Wishlist Wednesday

Overslept again this morning. I was having a crazy bad dream brought on by last night's episode of White Collar. Which seems weird because of all the awful violent television programming I subject myself to each week (yes, I mean you, True Blood) White Collar is pretty tame, usually just funny, and you know, adorable.

But none of that matters when I am now 20 minutes late and must grab the simplest thing in the closet. A dress of course. And one with sleeves so I won't have to worry about any other layers for the office. Silver and black accessories to be simple. Perfect.


With the exception of the stupid belt, which was very poorly designed. The buckle is too heavy for the thin leather and it sags. See?

stupid belt

I'm mad at the designer, but I'm mostly mad at myself for buying it and never realizing the fatal flaw. I did try it on, didn't I?? Perhaps I could glue another piece of leather to the back? Perhaps I could take it to a cobbler. They do belts, right?

The Rundown
Dress Avon - Sandals Onex - Bracelet Chicos - Necklace The Cavernous Jewelry Box - Belt Steve Madden

It's a week into September and I've got my $80 budget to think about. I still can't get through a day without at least a little fantasy shopping, so here are a few of the things currently on my mind.

Tulip Skirt, $34.50 at the Gap
Wishbone Necklace, $24.50 from Etsy seller SoraDesigns
Zig Zag Railway Top, $29.99 at Ruche
Anchors Aweigh Oxford by BC Footwear, $32 from Amazon Wharehouse Deals (list price is $51)
Wilhelmina Waist Belt, $24.50 from Delia's

What is Closet-Worthy this month?


  1. You could just tie the loose end around and then the sag will look intentional!

    CLOTHED MUCH, a modest fashion blog

  2. Oooh great stuff!!! I love the shoes that are with the skirt XD
    Your outfit is great too, very weird about the belt though... :/

  3. I love the wish bone necklace. I totally want it!!

  4. Ahh, I had this dream once where I confronted Eric, unfortunately nothing explicit happened, hahahaha! I kid, I kid. I'mma good girl. :D In fact, I confessed to the police that Eric was innocent and that it was some other guys. Who did something. That I don't remember. Then I won a plastic crown. :D LOL okay, I'm done rambling.

    Here's a way to fix your belt: Take a bobby pin and pin the floppy part from the bottom to the belt already around your waist. It's what I do all the time! :)

    The shirt you like it very cute, I'd pick that and the shoes. Those tulip skirts aren't always the most flattering so unless you try it on, I warns you. xD Good luck, and have funn! <3 YAY LYDDIE.

  5. No you did NOT get that dress from Avon! I clicked on it, and it's crazy you made it look so good. It looks so different to me on their website. I would never think to buy it, but you killed the look! I thought it was vintage, you got me!

  6. Ah your hair looks so gorgeous! =D

  7. I love that dress and the way it drapes. Good luck with the September budget. It's tough, but I've found I really treasure clothes more the longer I take to think about if I really want them. I've also been spacing my purchases out, which helps as well. It will always be a struggle though...

  8. lovely outfit i do like that belt too :) too bad it sags but i can't tell !


  9. love that dress! too bad about the belt but it doesn't look bad!

  10. I really like that top from Ruche. Get it! You know you want too!

  11. I would skip the shoes and get a similar top for $10 at Ross (I just did)!

  12. stunning look! i'd tie it rather than buckle it if it were thin (saggy) leather

  13. I really love the way you have your hair today!!


  14. Oh oh, I love White Collar! That ending made me so mad. (And I watch True Blood, too, if I can broaden the definition of "watch" to include sitting halfway under a blanket with my hands over my eyes?)

    Love your look. That dress is so pretty. It's a shame about the belt, but I love the color!

  15. I love the print of your dress!

    I feel like that tulip skirt would suit you to a T, and I love that belt, too. It looks like it would not betray you like that flimsy one is.

  16. I think the belt can be repaired or weighed down so the buckle sits well. Either way the dress is too nice to regret buying it!

  17. I think you can save the belt. It's super cool...could you wrap the end around? I actually like that little bit of droop b/c it's kinda 80's. Your dress is great and the shoes are perfect!!


  18. Thank you!! =D Yeah this sweater is one of my Summer's finds, I love it, it's so comfy!

  19. there are so many cute styles of oxford's out there that i don't knwo how to decide! :)

  20. I love those shoes in your wishlist!

    And your dress looks very pretty today :) Love your hair down also.

  21. Cool dress. I hate that feeling of oversleeping and being in a rush, but you still look great!

    Cool picks on your wishlist...I'm especially digging the shoes.

  22. Beautiful dress! The print is cute! I can't wait to see True Blood this weekend!


  23. owhhh you musttt get the shoes! gorgeous!

  24. I love your wishlist. Sora designs makes the best jeweleries ever.

    Thanks for the choice on the bag, I am so confused right now. Tonight I am doing a vote count. :)

    P.S: Speaking of Sora Designs, did you enter my giveaway. I am giving away a beautiful Sora Designs Necklace, It ends tomorrow. so please enter asap at the link below -


  25. thats a bummer about the belt :( but the dress is adorable!

    and for the clothes in the budget...i love the shoes, the necklace and especially the top!! its so cute!

  26. Ahhh True Blood is my fav!! I have the entire season of White Collar on my DVR to watch and now I'm a little nervous...

  27. I like the dress and I think the belt looks good with it!!
    And I love the oxfords you are wishing for! So adorable!

  28. omg I love your blog!! def becoming a follower :)) your style is awesome!


  29. I love fantasy shopping, great wish list.

  30. Cute dress, love the pattern.

  31. hey thanks for stopping by my guest post over at Oh My Darling. Lets be CT blog friends :)

  32. You wear this wear very well, geniale ca! Tres chic!

  33. I think the slouching sort of makes the belt look cooler. I say when in doubt about how to spend, shoes are always the best...you can always thrift clothes more easily, and shoes transform a whole look.

  34. Really lovely blog! <3

    I am your new follower now!
    Wanna be mine?


    Thank u so much!

  35. Try wrapping the end of the belt inside and down? Very cute look though. Especially considering you were running late! AND YOUR HAIR IS FABBBBB. Love how well the color of the belt coordinates with the pattern on your dress.





  37. Ohh, your dress is beautiful. Looks good with the shiny belt too :)

    I like the tulip skirt! You should definitely buy it.

    Haha, I love scary movies but my dad keeps saying its trash.

    Thank you for your comment.

    Have a great day,

  38. Can I just say that you have gorgeous long hair?:D

    ***** Marie *****

  39. such a gorgeous feminine dress! you look so fabulous!

  40. It seems like even tamest shows are getting more and more violent these days. I was watching this british show the other night, Skins, and a main character is beaten to death with a baseball bat. All for entertainment value. Call me old-fashioned but I just find all the violence creepy.
    Ah gorgeous dress. Anything that accentuates the waist is a thumbs up from me. Yes I had the same issue with a leather belt I bought at the beginning of the year (it seems I somehow underestimated how small my waist actually is, and now the damn thing hangs because I have it belted so tight). Add a button at the end or something? If that's possible, haha?
    re: your comment, mmm I agree about the high end/high street collaborations - the quality is that of the high street, and so it simply must be that people are buying for the designer label. I remember when Zac Posen collaborated with Target, the result was shockingly disappointing. Especially the actual clothing quality. Hmm, we'll see...
    Wow colossal comment! Sorry, haha!

  41. I can't watch CSI - or anything along those lines - at night. Otherwise, I'll have horrible dreams and every bump in the night convinces me that someone is trying to break in!

    I love that dress on you - I can't believe it's from Avon. The other dress you have from them with that jacquard-like print is incredible too.

    I need to give myself a shopping budget each month too. I think it'll help me carefully consider my purchases instead of every pretty thing that catches my eye. I really love the belt you featured. I think it'd reinvent a lot of your closet favorites.

  42. Oh my gosh, I'm in love with everything on your wishlist! Seriously adorable stuff. Your outfit is too cute, as well - and honestly, I don't think the saggy belt looks bad!

  43. you look great despite not having time casue you were late :) i love the dress

  44. So #1, the first picture in the post is BEAUTIFUL and you look amazing. #2, I'm loving drapey, feminine pieces for fall so I agree with your wishlist :)

  45. I love the print on that dress. and I may just have to get those tan oxfords you mentioned-thanks!!!!

  46. Wow - your dress is gorgeous! I love your blog!

    Thanks for yoru comment!


  47. Maybe you could replace the buckle yourself :) You seem pretty handy!
    Instead of spending all the $$ how about just buying ONE item. ... for example from these I would go for the belt.
    WHY? because you have some cool skirts AND YOU can make them.
    This skirt is probably not work appropiate and you would not get that much wear out of it, would you ?
    Maybe next summer ? Maybe next summer it will no longer be in style....
    Am I butting in too much ? :)
    Hey Ill let you kknow once I paypal u.

  48. i adore your outfit!!!!!

    that belt is fabulous