We all know how to be Chic on the Cheap

Last week I asked you all to share with me your greatest steals, because what better way to celebrate my blog than sharing your stories?!

A huge thanks to all you lovely ladies who did; here they are!

"This was my formal dress last year. Not a typical formal dress (they're usually rather tacky over here, if I'm being honest) which is why I chose it. It was AUD$60 (or maybe it was 40?) which is about USD$55. Absolute steal as far as I'm concerned (especially considering the year before I'd spent almost 300 on my dress)! It was the first and only dress I tried on, and knew it was for me. "

- Romany of The Robins

"Joe (husband's) cousin was getting married, and I had nothing appropriate to wear, so rather than buy something, I convinced my mom to help me sew a dress. I bought a reproduction vintage pattern on sale, and fabric that was also on sale, and made the dress for about $30-40. The sweater and shoes I already owned, and they matched perfectly.

This was also my very first official outfit post on my blog, with me in the photo!

It was one of the first times I was very proud of spending little on something, with an awesome end result."

- Suze of MissVinylAhoy

"Ohoh! Amazing find! I found these Jeffrey Campbell shoes last week. They were $102.00 on Modcloth (the "Fashion is Art Heel"). Then, I did super searching and found them for $60.00 at another place, and with a coupon, got free shipping. Happy? YES SO MUCH, especially since my parents said they would buy them for me for homecoming, and that's strange since clothing is the one thing I have to buy myself. They came in the mail today. I LOVE THEM and literally flopped a bit when I saw the box, opened the box, licked the box, did inappropriate poses with the box and shoes, etc. :DDDD we both got our first pair of Jeffreys this year, Lyddie! yayay!~ "

- Ali of The Drawing Mannequin

"One day at Marshall's, I spotted a lone Giuseppe Zanotti shoe sitting on the shelf. Even with a price tag of $200, I tried it on to admire the beauty before reluctantly putting it back. I came back to Marshall's a few times after that and kept seeing the neglected heel without its mate - and getting one sale sticker after another added to it. The next time I stopped in, the clouds parted and angels sang - there it was, the missing shoe perched next to the original one. Now with a sale sticker for $40! Those babies were mine. And while I never did find the original retail price online, GZ shoes normally run around $700!"

- Jessica of Style Obsession

"Best steal? ER. I guess getting a shirt for free wasn't bad. Hahah. I actually like it; it's not one of those crappy tourist t-shirts, or anything!"

- Lexy of Quirky Explosion

"I think my favroite thrift store steal was a J. Crew animal print cardigan I got last for about $5, and it's in excellent shape. It;s one of my favorite items in my closet, and it's J. Crew - woot!"

- Mandy of .Clothes Coquette.

"I found a genuine leather vintage cowboy boots at Value Village for 9 dollars!

It was pretty special!"

- ML of Twenty York Street

"My fave cheap on the chic purchase as of recently has got to be the trench coat I just bought a few weeks ago - baby blue French Connection for $35, originally priced over $200."

- Ashley of Free Honey

"I do love finding rare treasures on the sales racks, even if the size is too big, you can always customize."

- Gypsy

"I've actually been finding some great finds on F21... although those aren't a hidden gem really are they? x"

- Jamie-Lee of Pagesixxx

As for my favorite steal, it's too tough to say, but the one which sparked the creation of this blog and is my first post, is probably worth retelling:

"I was in TJMaxx, (as I so often am, hehe) and I found this beautiful turquoise handbag by Charm and Luck for $80, with an original price tag of $376. While completely enamored with it, I knew I couldn't bring it home with me.
I hated leaving it. I thought about it constantly, and went back the following week thinking I was just going to have to buy it. But it was gone.
Then, two months later, in a different TJMaxx, we were reunited, and now the bag was marked down to $60!"

So I brought it home, and decided to blog about it.
And here we are.

The color of the yearLongest Day of the Year

The thrill of the deal is a feeling so elating it can become addicting, as I'm sure you well know.
So keep on shopping, bargain hunting, and sharing!!!


  1. You know I LOVE, LOVE a good deal =) You are the queen of good deals.

    Very cute post!

  2. Why did I not say a good steal for myself? *ponders* Maybe I was in a rush, haha
    Everyone has such great steals! :D

  3. Jeepers! Awesome bag girl! Glad everyone shared their great deals with us!


  4. WOOOOWSAHS! The Jeffrey Campbell shoes are sooo sweet! :)


  5. OOO! This is a great round up! : )
    And your bag is amazing.

    It was fun reading about everyone's finds.

    gah! Sorry I missed out on this! But it was such a hectic past couple of weeks...

  6. Congrats on the 2nd birthday! There's nothing like the thrill I get when I find a great bargain. My best of the summer was a pretty 1940s-inspired handmade dress at Goodwill. For $5, I practically floated to the cash register!


  7. aaaah, i love great bargains!!! :D

    <3, Mimi

  8. I love that floral printed dress and those gorgeous Jeffrey Campbell shoes!

    Love your blue bag.

    Pouring paint onto earth,

  9. Nothing beats a bargain!
    This was a great post, great idea :)

  10. such a fanstatic post! it's hard to resist a really good bargain!

  11. There is nothing better than getting an article of clothing you really really really want for an amazing price. Whenever anyone compliments me on what I'm wearing, I have this weird habit of telling them where I got it and how much I paid if it was a great buy, especially if it's from a thrift store. Gotta share the wealth!

  12. WOW! These are all fabulous deals/steals!

    It's amazing that deals/steals inspired the beginning of your blog (and mine). I love the purse- so worthy of your first post!

  13. Great stories. Nothing better than getting a good deal! :) Love the photo of you on the right! That salmon colored top is stunning on you.

    Don't forget to enter my accessories giveaway!


  14. Ah I love this! I think my biggest steal was a St. John dress - originally $1000+ for under $200... now if only it still fit me!

  15. Thanks for visiting my blog, the tree room was my fav too, so amazing!! Love this post by the way!

    Daisy Dayz Home
    Cross-Jones-Photography Home
    Daisy Dayz Day Zero Challenge

  16. Great idea to have everyone else share their cheap finds - love this post!

  17. Awesome finds, it is so exciting to find what you were wanting for such a long time at a more affordable price! =D

  18. Haha, well I don't have winter here so I yearn for it. It's funny how we humans always want the other thing :D

    Have a splendid day,

  19. I enjoyed reading this post !
    Adore you in turquoise, it looks amazing on you :)
    Here is my story: the bargain of my lifetime probably... I got a LANVIN dress for 1.99 USD...
    I posted about it...