Arena in Verona

Did you know Juliette was a real person? Honest to god I thought Romeo and Juliette was fictional!

April 16th
Fair Verona was the city of marble streets and home to Juliette's Balcony. I could not get over how awesome it was to be walking on marble streets. And fittingly present were all the many very high end stores with things I only dream of affording.

But, as it seemed there was not a place in Italy with out outdoor vendors, there was the Festival Bambino, full of all kinds of food and FREE SAMPLES! Cheese, bread, wine pastry, chocolate... do you need anything else?

I had a real Italian cannoli and a giant hunk of bread with whole olives baked into it. I so want to make olive bread now, it was delicious.

Interspersed with the food were booths of handmade items, mostly jewelry and I got these gorgeous blue crystal earrings for €24. Which I thought were €15 because I swear that is what the sign said and the vendor did not speak any English but he got really mad at me when when I handed him 15!!

The Arena

One of the other really awesome things in Verona was the Arena, which is still used as an actual venue for concerts. While we were there they were setting up the main stage because Rod Stewart was supposed to be there the following week. I wonder if he made it - considering the volcano and all?

I thought it was kind of dumb that they added all that plastic seating to the center, but what can you do, it's the 21st century and people sitting there are probably paying €300 a seat and don't want to be on ancient marble.

Day in Verona

Floral top TJMaxx - Yellow cammi Macys - Jeans Khol's - Gold wedges Onex - Belt NY&Co. - Scarf Taken for Granite - Straw hat Market in Italy - Earrings Avon
- Bag Avon

April 17th
Juliette's Balcony

On the way to Juliette's Balcony there is an underpass completely covered with love notes. Some are letters to Juliette, most are just the names of two people who are in love. Some have been there for a very long time.

Love notes

Japanese love note

Under her small balcony is a statue, and apparently there is a rumor that feeling up Juliette will grant you good luck in love. I did not do this. Honestly, did you read the play? Did you see the movie?? Things do not work out well for Juliette! How the heck is she going to grant anyone good luck in love?

Verona day two

Studded top DKNY - Mustard cords Gap - Denim military jacket NY&Co. - Pink flats Bakers - Scarf Taken for Granite - Earrings Taken for Granite - Bag Avon

Some cute boys (we need those!)

And some awesome shoes. I'm not sure how I feel about the super tight look of the rest of the outfit - not that she can't pull it off, but I don't really care for it. I adore the shoes though!
I also love how she is looking at the revolving boxer shorts with cans of whipped cream on them. If I had a man, I probably would have gotten those for him. haha.

So, this was supposed to be the end of my trip... But of course, it was not...


  1. These are some really amazing pictures. And hey, I would rather sit on ancient stone seats then plastic ones! It would be a more epic experience, that's for sure. I love your flower cardigan and your hat, so cute. :)

    And that chick's shoes are awesome.. I've been wanting something gradient. :D and whipped cream boxers, of course!

  2. I didn't know Julliette really lived a long time ago! I love Romeo and Juliette's theme song from the Movie from 1968, the best version ever (for me)! That olive bread looks yummy! And the guys? so cute! Love the balcony picture and like you I wish better luck for me than Juliette had for herself! hehe

  3. : D love it! That Balcony - and the letters. I know I would have tacked a letter on there myself.

    Star-Crossed young lovers- a tragic end. Each not wanting to live if the other were dead. I love this stuff. Poor Romeo and Juliette.

    And you look super cute in that hat!

  4. Ooo wow! I just loved Italia! Venice is the city of LOVE. You look GREAT! Love the mustard colored pants.

    You will always see tight in Europe. No matter what year you go. LOL I don't like her shoes, either. Not with the outfit.

  5. gorgeous photos! sigh. LOVE romeo and juliet.
    p.s. passed on a blog award :) xx

  6. ooooh,those boys are really cute!!! :)
    And I love all the photos,looks really fun.

  7. i love ur style its so simple&sophisticated!
    i lurv the places u went to!europe<3

  8. I love Verona and venice! I'm from italy!!!
    pass to my blog and follow me<3
    xoxo francesca

  9. looks like a fun trip, the bread looks so good!!

  10. i am loving reading about your trip (i am totally jealous by the way!)

  11. Someday I will make it to Italy and take gorgeous pics like these! Great use of color in your outfits, you totally rock suitcase chic- not easy!
    alltumbledown:a modest attempt at style

  12. I adore the first outfit! The yellows are so beautiful!
    I've never been to Verona, and I never knew Juliette was real either! I know Shakespeare took it from a folk story/poem, but before that...

  13. My jealousy is unending, your outfit is amazing, you look like you had so much fun and you had OLIVE LOAF, i die.


  14. cute boys indeed! was out of town myself, just caught up on all your posts ;-)