Coral, Olive and Turquoise

Feeling inspired by my three latest nail polish acquisitions: coral, olive and turquoise, I wanted to create an outfit with those three shades.

Chaos and coral

But someone, who shall not be named, seemed to think that three colors and a pattern was just too much for one outfit, so I swapped out the coral top for an olive one.

Simply Olive

However, I need to know who is right, and therefore have created a poll. Which look do you prefer?

Which look do you prefer?

Coral, Turquoise, Olive

The Colors: Coral Bikini from Avon, The Real Teal from Sally Hansen, Olive from Avon

flower sandals

These sandals are a travesty. They were my special B-Day splurge last year and they were a little uncomfortable, but I thought, they are leather, after a few wears they will be great. But they are NOT. They are painful, they dig into my feet!! I am so sad.

nail color closeup

I love this turquoise, it is fabulous!!!

The Rundown
Olive skirt Urban Outfitters - Turquoise Flower Sandals Poetic License - Turquoise belt Thrifted - Olive earrings Made by Me - Flower ring Kohl's - Coral top Gap - Olive top Arabella


  1. Nice outfits!:D

    The first one is fun and I can picture it worn on a warm spring / summer day. The second one I can picture for a date night during the spring / summer!:D Both are cute outfits!:D

    Have a great weekend!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  2. Girl you are so stylish!!!! I love both the looks you created! I voted for the simply olive outfit though. It looks amazing with the pops of turquoise.

  3. O yeah . . . those old navy wedges I'm wearing are new. I got them acouple weeks ago. They were like 30 bucks.

  4. I really like them both. I have to agree Marie :)
    Your outfits always inspire me - time to start mixing colors!

  5. Personally, I like the coral top, but I am a big fan of color. The olive looks good, don't get me wrong, but the coral just stands out so much!

  6. I prefer the crazy color combo! It's such a cute outfit, the other one two but I think you did a great combination of colors. The sandals are way too cute, too bad they aren't very comfy, maybe adding some invisible padding will help? no? Well if they are size 9 you can always send them my way hehehe just kidding. =)

  7. The sandals are so cute!!


  8. I like the coral - I think the burst of colour really adds to the outfit! And that's a really cute ring!
    Oh why will you have to go see Iron Man 2 alone? Is it not something your friends are in to?
    Yes plus size models are indeed tricky...I guess this is why it's causing so much if an issue within the industry. Sigh.

  9. I love the first one best - obviously I would say that, colour blocking fiend that I am!

  10. Both looks are adorable but I really love the second one :)
    The nail polish rocks and your sandals are so cute!
    Kisses and have a wonderful weekend, sweetie:)

  11. So pretty! I prefer the second one, but only because I tend to wear more simple color palettes. You look lovely in both of them, though!

    I just adore that turquoise polish. I saw a bottle of it at Walgreens and was tempted to pick it up for summer pedicures, but refrained. You, m'dear, may have changed my mind!

  12. beautiful skirt looks soo pretty

    wonderful ring
    i like this post

    enjoy have a great weekend

  13. "one who shall not be named" huh? Sounds like I'm a Harry Potter character. Just call me
    "Simply Cindy!"

  14. Wow! I love all the bright colors! I voted for the coral top outfit especially. Love the nail colors :)

  15. I have that same exact ring! (:

    I honestly like both of your combinations! The olive shirt makes it look like a dress, but the coral top is so pretty and gives a pop of bright color.. plus I really like your belt. :D your outfits always make me so happy (in the pants? hmm, perhaps not that far, but very close to it)

  16. Yes, that turquoise is fabulous! But I have never seen here...

    Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving me a lovely comment. Your blog is great!

    See you soon.

  17. love the coral top with it! its just so bright and cheerful for summer! love the shoes too!

  18. what stunning colours

    i love bright coloured pieces!!!

  19. Normally I’d say the first but with my new direction I choose #2.