My closet is overwhelmed

I hate switching from winter to summer clothes (and back again), so much. I dread it, I put it off, I try to pretend that I can just leave them in their Rubbermaid bins and buy all new clothes instead.

I finally forced myself to preform the dreaded task today, and all I can say is:

My closet is overwhelmed.

I'll admit, I'm a pack rat, I have trouble letting go, even of things I know I haven't worn in ages.
So I decided to follow in the path of so many other fashion bloggers and open up a blog shop.
It is still a work in progress, but I wanted to just start getting some stuff up -- so check it out.

Now, what does one wear to clean their closet?

Hand Made Feeling

Not this. This was a bad idea. I should know better than to accessorize while cleaning. My sliced leather bracelet arrived and I was just excited to wear it. I really love it - the leather is sooooo soft, it just cradles your wrist.

Sliced leather bracelet

And I'd been wanting to wear my Desigual skirt with the birdcage pumps since the day I bough it, so I did, but they were off for the majority of the day while I fought to fill every possible inch of a Rubbermaid bin with sweaters. I had to sit on it, and the top is really bulging, but I got them all in and now I don't have to think about it until the Fall.


  1. Great outfit! I recommend organizing everything by color -- black pants with black tops, jackets, etc. It helps you find things very easily!

  2. Love your bracelet!! Good luck with the closet...I'm still avoiding mine. It's like a war zone.

  3. that's a pretty skirt and that bracelet is great!

  4. I love your shoes!!!!


  5. Love the closet photos and thank you for your submission to my vests posts, I will definitely include you.

  6. wow judging by the size of ur closet, it is no surprise that u dread the switchover task so much......i wish i had that problem

    also amazing purple shoes

  7. I know what you mean about closet cleaning, I did it recently too...haha
    (thanks for the comment on my blog!)

  8. I look sneak peeks into another person's closet - how voyeuristic of me! It's such a chore to clean and organize it, but so necessary.

    Your outfit fits you so well, giving you a perfect hour glass figure. Beautiful! And your bracelet! Sigh!

  9. that is so funny- i am going through my closet this weekend...have been dreading it. i like keeping things too thinking that i will eventually wear it...but now this time i just need to close my eyes and give what i haven't worn in a long time away!

    love your haute birdcage heels and the belt!

  10. Ha! I need to do the same thing with my closet and haven't been able to yet.

    Love that skirt, I like your fancy closet-cleaning outfit!

  11. My closet looks like that too! I love your shoes by the way

  12. We must think alike! I'm doing the same thing this weekend! It also seems like we wear similar sizes! We could swap some stuff (if I have anything you like!)

    I love your skirt and the bracelet is awesome!


  13. I hate cleaning out my closet. Luckily, I don't have to pack stuff away though. I'm dreading that day. For now, I can just leave all the winter stuff in my drawers.

  14. Haha, is that your dog in your closet? Or just a lump that resembles one? I wish you luck on your shop! I do like your new bracelet. :D

  15. My closet/room is WORSE! I love that skirt!