Layering lace tops

I found myself a purple lace top at TJMaxx for $16 the other day, and since it was down pouring this morning and I was not going to even attempt to go out; I thought I would spend some time experimenting with layering the top.

Subtle Pattern
A navy tank with polka dots is a bit more interesting than black, but still pretty tame.

A much bolder statement, and it really showcases the lace pattern.

Under a vest
I wanted to be daring and try it without a cammi. I thought putting a belt over the vest would be a good way to establish that this vest isn't going anywhere.

Under a strapless dress
I was thinking it would be a fun way to dress-up something more causal, but this dress was begging to be paired with it. (You want to know something awful? I've had this dress for three years and haven't worn it yet. I really like it with this top though, and I need to wear it, pronto!)

Under a romper
I like experimenting with really causal pieces to see if I can't turn them into something I'd wear to an evening out. Maybe not 'fancy restaurant' appropriate, but perhaps an outdoor bar, on a tropical island...

And today
lace over yellow
Under a mustard cammi and a vest!
Lace top TJMaxx - Denim vest TJMaxx - Mustard cammi Macy's - Grey cords J.Crew -  Bronze wedges Unlisted - Necklace Aldo

And now some lace tops you could call you own:

Purple short sleeve, Urban Outfitters - $38
Grey racerback, Mod Cloth - $50
Black short sleeve, ASOS - $25
Black long sleeve, Urban Outfitters - $28
Peach short sleeve, Forever 21 - $19.80
Burgundy tank, Forever 21 - $9.80


  1. Wear that dress!!! STAT!

    I really like it with the jumper, too.

    LOL: "...this vest isn't going anywhere"

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

  2. My favorite is the outfit you wore today!!!


  3. Wow, I never thought about these options I would usually just pair it with a matching color cami but this is great. I especially love how it looks with the romper, the dress and the neon cami. I like bold colors. Girls you have got to wear that dress! It's nice I love the flowiness of it. I also like the vest and belt option, it highlights your waist so well,I must try the belted best! =)

  4. I love lace this top is fabulous and you have so many ways to wear it such a bargain xoxo

  5. Great job integrating the lace top into your wardrobe! Who knew lace could be this versatile?! My favorites are when you're wearing it underneath other times, so you have just a touch of flirtatiousness with lace-covered shoulders. Lovely!

  6. Oh my gosh I love these looks! I want that romper : ) and that strapless dress : ) so pretty!

  7. I think this is my favourite post of you so far. Such a great idea and soooo sooo versatile

  8. Your ability to style the same shirt so many different (good) ways is seriously amazing. Wow!

  9. I love it under the vest and what a cute dress!!

  10. I've just recently started discovering lace for myself and I have to say the way you combine it in outfits is very inspiring and chic! I absolutely love the romper + lace top look!

  11. love the lace <3

  12. that sounds like the perfect day to me, staying home and playing around with clothes, almost as good as shopping! It is a crime that you haven't worn that dress yet!

  13. I like how you put it under the vest and wore no cami - still looks very appropriate but interesting. Also, it goes really well with the dress.

  14. u looks so sweet in this outfits
    lovely outfits
    great post

  15. So cute! I like the one with the color poking through :)

  16. What a great idea. I love to see the creative goodies you come up with for us!

  17. This is just brilliant! Loved the various ideas you came up with, thanks for sharing your creativity :)

  18. Oh I love this. Lace tops intimidate me, but you just made it look amazing many times over. I'm inspired!

  19. I love the lace look, I'm starting to try it out myself! You look great!

  20. OK that is a fun shirt, I can't believe how many ways you can wear it. I also love the idea to wear it under a tube dress!