The grand canal

April 15th
There are no cars in Venice. I love that.

The first thing I did when I arrived in Venice was to go on a gondola ride. So touristy, yet so essential! What better way to view the sinking city than weaving through narrow canals and under ancient bridges?

Best store front ever

Tell me that isn't the coolest store front ever! I would have liked to have gone in, but couldn't just hop off my gondola for a shopping trip... They should offer a gondola shopping tour where you get to make stops at all the cute boutiques...

The only other way to get around Venice is by foot and to look at a map of the place, you could be beyond confused. Fortunately all alleyways lead to squares and all squares lead to St. Marks - and that is all you need remember!

Murano glass and carnival masks are the two major items in Venice, and it took me a day of hunting around little shops of handmade glass goods before I finally chose these purple glass earrings for €6.

I loved exploring all the alleyways of Venice. I suppose there is nothing more boring and common place than an alleyway for someone who lives there, but to me -- Ah I was enamored!

Looking up at Venice

This is my absolute favorite shot of the day, and I literally got down on the ground to take it. Worth it.

I was also in love Venice's Winged Lion, he was everywhere, and I think I've got about two dozen shots of him, because is so awesome!!!!

The winged lion looking so badass

Day in Venice

I probably should have had on one more layer that day - while it was so warm and wonderful in the sun, the alleyways had quite a chill to them.

Floral cardigan Gap - Blue skirt TJMaxx - Black sneakers Converse - Scarf Taken for Granite - Cammi Urban Outfitters - Tights TJMaxx - Sunglasses Simply Vera - 'Diamond' studs Aldo - Bag Avon

Cute couple of the day

Cute couple of the day in Venice
Don't these two just kill you with their cuteness??

Cute guy of the day

Venice was amazing! I wish I had more time there, so I must go back someday!


  1. LOvely photos- no wait, fantastic photos-the alley picture is awesome!The earring are really cute and yes, you have to go back : )

    plus I have to say I love that you are wearing chucks! I wore my back high top chucks all over Europe and Japan- they are now full of holes and the soles are so thin- but I am keepingthem for ever because the touched the streets in so many different countries. (I am a cornball I know) but just seeing you wearing converse in your pics makes me so happy! : )

  2. What an awesome picture you took of the alleyway! I've never been there but I almost feel like I'm traveling with your pictures, thanks for sharing. Now for the question of the day(hehe) did the guys know you took their picture? =D he's a cutie.

  3. Your new purple earrings are awesome! And I love that picture right beneath them, where you had to lay on the ground. It kind of makes my stomach flop like when I'm going up a roller coaster hill or something!

  4. That photo is definitely worth it! And your new earrings are so fun - what a great souvenir! I'm in love with these posts - keep 'em coming!

  5. This is incredible!
    I can't believe how neat all of Venice looks. What are you doing in Venice? (sorry- I'm coming to this late; I'm sure you've already posted all about it)
    Love the alleyway picture, of course. So neat.
    And I love that you had a "cute guy of the day" picture! Ha ha ha That is soo funny!

    Have a great Saturday!

  6. I'm living vicariously through you lady!

  7. You look really cute! Loving your new earrings!!! I hope you had a blast!!!!