April 13th
To break up the eight hour drive from Rome to our hotel in Garda (which is about a half hour drive from Verona and a two hour drive from Venice) we stopped for a few hours in Florence.

Since most of my day was spent seated, I wanted to dress comfortable and went with my go-to leggings and jersey dress. It was also freezing, so I wore my new denim jacket (this got so much use this trip, I'm so happy I bought it!) and my scarf. My feet were unfortunately cold in my sandals, but oh well.

Pink dress TJMaxx - Brown leggings Poof - Denim military jacket NY&Co. - Snake sandals Naturalizer - Bag Avon - Scarf Avon

Open air market in Florence

 I sort of refer to this day as the power walk through Florence. There was a huge open air market with booth after booth of leather bags, leather coats, leather gloves, and scarfs. Repeat to infinity. A good deal of the items were the same, and the owners of the stands were quite aggressive in trying to get a sale. The prices there were also the best, you could get a cute leather bag for €15 that would be €24 everywhere else. There were tons of €5 scarfs that would be €10 + elsewhere.

Sadly I didn't end up buying anything there, I was about to get a scarf but the person working there was rude to me so I left. Then I wanted to go and find the fake David, and by the time I was finished getting lost it was time to leave.

The fake David

 But that's okay, I enjoyed my taste of Florence - it was much better place to stop for lunch than a highway rest stop, and I had the best pizza there -- it had artichoke hearts, olives and mushrooms - yum!

Oh, and here are some hot guys I took stalker photos of. That sort of became a habit, so I've got many more for you to look forward to, heh heh.

Some hot guys.


  1. Hello there hot guys, I like you especially, Red jacket man. ;D don't you just love fashionable guys? haha I saw one today wearing this cuuute little vest and I was like AH I WANT YOU NAO PLEASE.

    But I am glad you're enjoying your trip! Sounds fun fun.

  2. I have to agree with Ali and say that man in the red jacket is smoking! :)
    Looking at these photos bring back so many good memories of my trip to Italy this past summer. I went to the same exact leather market!!!

  3. Gosh I hope I get to visit Italy (well most of Europe) one day!!! :)

    xx Love & Aloha

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  4. I don't know, I'm kinda into the blonde grey shirt guy, hehe. Anyway, I love Florence! Didn't you have a wonderful time? Lovely, photos!

  5. Beautiful photos. Keep posting them!!

  6. Gorgeous! I love that pink on you! :)

    And the pizza looks delicious. I just ate pizza at lunch today. It was a pizza party. Haha.

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  7. haha stalker, they are cute can't wait to see the rest ;)
    I'm so glad you had a great time and maybe it was a good thing that you didn't buy anything that day. The pizza looks good! And that is the fake David? I had never heard of that, will have to google it. =) That jacket is cute!

  8. Italian guys rock! That's why I married one : )

    I'm loving all your photos!

  9. Beautiful pictures!:D Pink looks good on you!:D

    You just made me hungry with the pizza photo!:D Continue enjoying your trip and stay safe!:D

    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  10. LOVE these :D looks like you're having a fantastic time!! :)

  11. I haven't been to Florence. Thanks for sharing the trip and your wardrobe. Love the travel chic.
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  12. I really need to travel abroad. These photos are lovely!

    Melanie @Unravelled Threads
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  13. Ah, Florence! It's so beautiful there. Your outfit looks perfect for touring!!

  14. OMG I am loving these pics as I haven't been there yet ! You look exhausted but still chic !! BTW I'm loving your pics of the boys ;)

    Mon Mode Blog

  15. BEAUTIFUL <3


  16. I don't even know where to begin with my comments. Let's just boil it down to: I love hearing about your trip!

    And the guy on the right, in the red jacket, looks like Gavin Rossdale in the 90s. Definitely one of my long-term celebrity crushes.