It's almost strange to be home again. April 9th feels like it was months ago, and Italy was really beginning to feel like home. I think somewhere around the 21st I resigned to the idea that I could just be happy to stay forever (if I had my dog and my computer, of course). And I while I was staring out the window at the airport in Milan, I was feeling a bit sad, since I hadn't actually gotten to see any of Milan...

But I'm home, and it's time to get back to things, and share stories and photos - lots of photos.

April 10th
Straight off the airplane and into a bus headed to the Colosseum. I can't say I learned much while I was there, since every time I got a chance to sit on a rock, I started to fall asleep.


I did learn the reason the Colosseum is full of holes is because rather than constructing it with cement that would crumble during an earthquake, they used steel pikes which would allow the stones to shift and not fall. But, when we reach the point in history that people start to cannibalize the Colosseum, they dig out all the metal pikes to make weapons, since that is easier to do than mine for metal. And now, there isn't really anything holding it all together.

Far too jet lagged for an outfit post, but here is an adorable couple getting married!

Newlyweds, getting their photos taken

April 11th
Trevi Fountain II

Touring the city on foot and seeing the Trevi fountain, the Spanish steps and the Pantheon. I loved the fountain, it was unbelievably beautiful. Apparently if you toss a coin in over your left shoulder you will someday return to Rome. I didn't have any euro coins, so I tossed in a dime from the year I was born.

Spanish steps

I didn't climb the Spanish steps (I know, so lazy, right?) But with the intense population of tourists, it was hard to move at all. I can't even imagine what Rome is like during the peak tourist months!

The Pantheon was really interesting as well - there is a hole in the top of the dome that was designed so that no water would come through it when it rains.

Entering the Pantheon

Day Outfit
First day walking around Rome
Floral cardigan Gap - Grey Tank Urban Outfitters - Jeans Kohl's - Sneakers Converse - Scarf Taken for Granite - Earrings Taken for Granite - Bag Avon

Evening Outfit
The fountain at the top of the hill
Dress Urban Outfitters - Lace Cammi TJMaxx - Belt Nine West - Red pumps Nine West - Bag Bandolino

Favorite shop window

Black, white, and red; stripes and polka dots -- I love these looks! Fun thing about all the shop windows in Rome - The prices of the items were listed on little cards so I would know straight away if I should even bother going in to torment myself.

April 12th
(My Birthday!!)
My last day in Rome was spent on a tour of the Vatican, where is such a tremendous amount of art and beauty - I could have easily spent a couple days there, the collection is so expansive.

My Birthday present from my Mom is the nOir Jewelry porcupine ring (which I think is actually a hedgehog and therefore have named him Sonic) In the interest of being Chic on the Cheap, you can find him at HSN for $50.

Hedgehog ring

In the plaza outside, I spotted this cute boy, who's name is Marcus


I loved this girls outfit

And how cute are matching couples?

Day outfit
Birthday at the Vatican

Yellow coat Vertigo Paris - Jeans Kohls - Snake sandals Naturalizer - Scarf Taken for Granite - Bag Avon - Pink top Avon - Ring nOir

After seeing the Sistine Chapel (where you are not allowed to take photos) I went to St. Peter's and actually attended Mass (and almost fell asleep a few times, haha).

Evening outfit
At St. Peter's for Mass

Blazer Kohl's - Jeans Kohl's - Scarf TJMaxx - Red pumps Nine West - Bib necklace Macy's - Earrings Taken for Granite

By the time I was back at the hotel it was 8 pm or so, and my time in Rome was quickly running out. More than anything else, I wanted to take a photo of the Colosseum at night and rather than going out to dinner (cuz I can have a birthday dinner anywhere, but I can only photograph the Colosseum in Rome!) I took my tripod and started walking. Then it started raining. And I stopped, and looked up at the sky and demanded that the rain stop, because it was my birthday, and I was getting my photos!

And it did stop. And it was beautiful.

Colosseum at night

Back at the hotel I had my €2 cake that I picked up earlier, which was a very odd cake, to say the least...


Sorry for the length, but I just have so much to tell!


  1. I love it !! SOunds like you had an amazing time- busy though!

  2. wowwwwwwww. i'm actually going to rome this summer for a few weeks and your post just added to my excitement! thanks for stopping by me and genny's blog btw- i know i should get a tripod! it's so annoying not having one.

  3. Ugh, I'm so ragingly jealous. :) Gorgeous photos, and classy outfits! Way to make Americans look good.

  4. Fantastic pictures. I went to Rome in April 2007 it is a fabulous city and you look gorgeous.
    Happy Birthday.

  5. wow how beautiful! and I love your purple dress outfit!!

  6. happy birthday, that night shot is fantastic!

  7. yay updates, Happy Belated Bday too.

  8. Lovely lovely in my favorite city in the world! So glad you enjoyed Rome (and looked fabulous doing it). Happy birthday!!

  9. Looks like so much fun! Happy belated birthday - your new ring is fabulous!

  10. Just came across your blog today and I am so glad I did!:D

    Enjoyed reading the posts and looking at the pictures!:D Thank you for sharing these!:D

    Lovely outfits and belated happy birthday!:D

    Just followed your blog, btw.:D Follow mine too?:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  11. OMG these are such great pics !! And your outfits are nice... I laughed at the last pic with you and the odd cake ♥

    Mon Mode Blog

  12. omg, these pictures are amazing!!! i would love to go to rome one day. :) and i love your yellow coat. :D

    p.s. i am now a follower of your blog. follow mine too? thanks! :D

  13. Wow it looks like you had an amazing time. I love how you included photos of the matching couple and the random cute boy.

  14. Incredible! It looks like you had a wonderful time - and that nighttime photo is beautiful! Could you imagine living somewhere with that much history around you at all times?

    Is your cake in the shape of a spade?!

  15. Ahh I'm headed over to rome in a few weeks! I'll be sure to do all these things :) you look so incredible and happy.