Last look for the pencil skirt

I was hesitant to do a straight forward outfit post today, since I usually let those just default to flickr, but I had to go to a work dinner and I haven't gotten home until just now (almost 10 pm!)

Knowing I wouldn't get home in time to catch any daylight for an outfit post, this photo was taken outside of my office, and you can see the wonderful drive thorough of the walgreens next door in the back ground. I hated to go back in after this, it was 80 degrees and just beautiful out!

I'm happy to have finally fisnhed one of my four items! I do love this skirt, but I'm a bit tired of it now.
I worry I wasn't diverse enough in my looks with it, but here are the other three to compare:

pencil skirt look three

On the town

Pencil skirt - look one

Also, I have received the Beautiful Blogger award from Blessed are the Meek  - Thanks so much!!

Beautiful Blogger Award recipients need to:

1. Thank and link to the person that gave you the award.

2. Pass the award on to however many bloggers who you have recently discovered and who you think are fantastic.

3. Contact the blogs and let them know they have won

4. State seven things about yourself.

Seven things, okay....

1. My birthday is monday, I will be 24
2. Chocolate is my favorite food group
3. I am a Canon person
4. Reading blog comments is my favorite part of my day
5. Unless Chuck or Burn Notice is on, and then that is my favorite part
6. I have never owned a PC
7. Coffee is my second favorite food group

Okay, to pass this along to some new blogger friends...
A.Co Est. 1984
The robins
SHOP T.O. Live

Oh, and if you were wondering,
The Rundown 
Pencil skirt TJMaxx - Polka dot top Gap - Green tights Gap - Black slingbacks Dress Barn - Black belt Thrifted - 'Diamond' studs Aldo


  1. OMG!!! An award! YIPEE!! Thank you, Lyddie!

    I love how you showed all the ways you've styled this skirt.

    AND, LOVE the straight-forward outfit post! Keep 'em coming!

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

    PS - we are in the same time zone! I'm going to bed. LOL.

  2. Aww - I like that picture- Walgreens drive through background or not.
    I know what you mean about being kind of sick of the skirt. I am not sick of yours, I love the looks you came up with! But, I think I got kind of sick of my picks!

  3. I love the last outfit! I think you were very diverse and wore the skirt well!


  4. I looove that skirt on you, it looks like it fits you just perfectly. :) And you were definitely diverse enough with your outfits with all of the different colors and styles of clothing you picked! All so wonderful.. happy early birthday. :))

  5. I think you wore that skirt and made it chic in all of those pictures, but just because I love florals the best was the second outfit =D

  6. I'm getting tired of my picks too!

    I love this outfit though, I think it's my favorite pencil skirt outfit!

  7. Oh! I meant to comment about Lost as well- Yes about Desmond, I love the Desmond- Penny story. Seriously that episode where they are talking over the radio while on the ship, when they are finally "together" again- I cried and cried and cried-

  8. Oooh you are sooo sweet girl! I wish I could give this back to you, but that would kind of go round in circles, eh? Haha. Thanks, sweetie, you're gorgeous!
    And you look so adorable in that first pic - made me smile.
    p.s. have fun in Italy! :D

  9. I really love that skirt, beige is such a great versatile colour. My favourite look is the last one but I am in love with those green tights in the first picture. I really would like a pair exactly like those.

  10. You look so great in that pencil skirt. I'm glad it made it into rotation for the challenge. You may not have too diverse, but you look classically beautiful in each outfit.

  11. I really like that skirt - I think the third look from the top is my favorite; love it with red!

  12. You're braver than I am! I get all kinds of insecure when I try to hang outside and take photos.

  13. the skirt is so wonderful! great color too!

  14. You're tired of the skirt??? I like it on you! I think your looks have been pretty diverse.

    Enter to win a William Riera dress!

  15. Love your style, you look georgeous:)

    X Factory Girl

  16. Very versatile indeed! I liked looks 3 and 4 the most.

    See you soon.

  17. looks gorgeous out, I am ready for some sun!!

  18. I love to see all the different stylings of the skirt at once. I think you styled it very versatile

  19. the skirt looks amazing on you!

  20. Look at you with your stripes and your ruffles. How cute! You look great. :)

  21. I love your army green tights in first pic !! You look amazing :) Mon Mode Blog

  22. The second look was my favorite. I love how you made something that I consider to be corporate like a pencil skirt look casual. Also, coffee is a food group. Good call.

  23. I love the green tights! They make the outfit so eye-catching!