When is a deal too good to pass up?

Today I was faced with a dilemma whilst shopping in TJMaxx. I found a LeSportSac Stella McCartney bag for $90. Now, this is a nylon bag, nothing exceptionally beautiful about it, muted mauves and tans. It wasn't an enormous bag either, bowling sized - to be exact. Yet the orginal price tag was for $350. Which is crazy, I mean, who on earth would ever pay that much for this bag?

But now my mind is spinning. $90 is nearly 75% off, and that is a fantastic deal. So I begin to rationalize:
  • I need a nice overnight bag - this one has lots of pockets and a shoulder strap.
  • I made extra money last week, so I wouldn't even have to take anything out of my savings account.
  • Why shouldn't I spend my extra money on something frivolous?
  • I've never owned any designer bags before, why not treat myself to one? (Not that I've ever really regarded LeSportSac as a 'designer', but with a price tag that high, what else to I call it?)
So I carried the bag around in my cart. I photographed it and emailed it to my friends and then called them up to ask them what they thought. I consulted sales associates, my mother, and my sister. I looked up the bag on ebay too see how much it was going for there (about $150).

Finally, I had to take a good, critial look at the bag, and ask "Do I really love this? or, Do I just love the price?"

I handed the bag to the girl at the till, and told her I wouldn't be taking it.

I love a good sale, but I won't be the sales bitch.

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