They Should Put Warning Labels On These

Something along the lines of: Caution, shoes are known to be highly addictive and can result in rapid depletion of ones savings account.

One month ago I resolved to limit my shoes purchases to one pair a month, and only if I really need them. I started out great, I got those black suede booties - in season, on sale, and very much needed.

Then I had a slight slip with a pair of floral print canvas pumps. They were only $15, and pretty much free because I used my Amazon credit card rewards. So, really, quite forgivable.

Unfortunately my amazon shoe wishlist is really my downfall. Sure, no harm in just putting them on there, it's quite fun really. Especially when I see the prices drop.

Amazon also has the courtesy of letting you know when inventory is low, which has proved to be a small problem up against my ever-so-strong powers of will.

I was completely content to wait until today to purchase these Cha Cha Cherry sandals by Oh...Deer! In fact, I would have happily waited until some time when I could actually wear sandals.

But when I saw there was only one pair left in stock, it was imparative that I purchase them or forever regret letting them slip by! I simply had no choice....Look how awesome they are!

I can only hope all my shoes stay in stock through Febuary.

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