Chocolate Makes the World a Better Place

Wondering what to give your sweetie for St. Valentines Day? How about some of the most witty chocolate you've ever eaten?

Bloomsberry & Co makes 3.5 oz bars of milk and dark chocolate with outer wrappers as injoyable as the sweet confection inside.

My favorite pick for february 14th is this bar with a large 'I [heart] U' and in a much smaller font underneath 'I [heart] Chocolate, but U aren't getting any'

That, I do Believe, is perfection.

They have tons of other choices of the romantic persuasion, with the Lusty bar, the Dark Secerets bar, the Fair Share bar, and the Worlds Greatest Pick-Up bar. As well as many, many others.

The bars are generally $5 (which I know is kind of a lot for a candy bar) but these are worth it. Not just for the wrapping either, this is really yummy chocolate. Plus, Bloomsberry isn't some gargantuan company like Hersheys or Mars or Lindt, they are cool and funky, off the beaten path.

Plus the bars quite often pop up in TjMaxx for $3, so you can have your chocolate and eat it too.

Oh yeah, that's a good one....

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