In the Presence of Free People

Free People apparel always stands out in a crowd. The prints and designs are very unique, often unexpected, and sometimes a bit unconventional. Needless to say, I’ve always made it my business to acquire as much as I can from this label when I find a good deal.

Sometimes local boutiques who carry Free People will have good sales, sometimes things make it to the clearance racks at Urban Outfitters, but the very best deals to be had are always at TJMaxx.

Every so often there will be a sudden abundance of Free People merchandise at TJs, and while those items will often be a bit more than other similar things from ‘lesser’ brands, I always go for FP.

It’s the attention to detail that I love so much. Every inch of even the smallest, simplest items are elaborately embellished, and often in places that can not be seen while being worn. I don’t know what it is about velvet seam tape that delights my senses so much, but when I see these often ignored elements of a garment being lavishly attended to, I want it.

Today I chose three items from the Intimates section; boy cut panties with embroidered birds on the back and working snaps up the side seams. I wonder what the designers were thinking about when they decided on the snaps…

I also go these super short shorts in maroon and orange, and they even have pockets.

Finally, a little racer back negligee in a jungle-esk print, complete with a sheer upper and gold embroidery in just the right places, a ruffle under the bust, and lace trim straps. It’s suggested retail price of $88 was made a mockery of by TjMaxx’s price of $5.99.

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