Big Buddha is Awesome

Big Buddha’s line of non-animal hand bags is expansive and enticing. Some of their PVC bags really do have that supple softness of real leather, and the patent bags are so eye catching you know if you were carrying it, everyone would notice you.

But it wasn’t until my new bag started to fall apart that I decided I really loved Big Buddha.

Yes, it’s true, after a month of caring my large snakeskin print bag both of the straps started to rip and come apart. Which obviously upset me greatly, and when I spoke to the manager of the store where it was purchased, she wasn’t overly accommodating.

I decided the best course of action would be to go directly to the company, and I’m very glad that I did.

I emailed a photo of the deteriorating straps to the customer service address listed on the site and got a response within a few days. They were very sorry that my bag was breaking, and since the color I had it in was out of stock, they told me to choose any bag I wanted from the fall or winter collection to replace mine.

This has now worked in their benefit, because after hours of scrutinizing every bag on the site, I now want about seven more bags.

The bag I am getting to replace mine is the Brooklyn in navy, and the straps look to be quite sturdy.

They also didn’t say anything about having to return the breaking bag, so I might see about trying to repair it on my own – it would truly be a shame to just toss it, as it is a gorgeous statement making bag.

I love it when a company is responsible for their products, and don't try to make the customer to blame for anything that goes wrong. Also, by replacing my bag without causing me even the slightest bit of inconvenience, they have truly earned my loyalty. And I've heard stories about companies causing months of aggravation for a person who simply wants the product they bought to do what it's supposed to.

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