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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Craving spring

I've come to realize the problem with the fashion world is it's insistence on always being a season ahead of the weather. So while the summer sun is blistering, no one can shut up about how they want to wear layers and boots and knits, and now while we are in the middle of winter, all I see are bare legs, pastel colors and open shoes.

It kills me. I want bare legs and sandals.

This mild winter isn't even helping, because while it may not be 10 below, it is still winter, and I probably shouldn't be wearing thin cottons and fishnet tights. But it's 42°, and I can just barely get away with it.

spring craving.jpg spring craving-6.jpg spring craving-7.jpg spring craving-5.jpg spring craving-4.jpg spring craving-2.jpg
The Rundown
Dress Avon The Nude Look - Gingham Button Down J.Crew - Mustard Clutch Zara - Shoes Me Too - Tights TJ Maxx - Turquoise Bracelet Thrifted - Gold Bracelet The Cavernous Jewelry Box - Necklace Made by Me "Sweet Drops" - Earrings Taken for Granite - Sunnies Betsey Johnson


  1. Totally wistful of spring, too. It's gotten back a little colder here, which is a bummer. Was enjoying the 60-70 degree weather. Adore your pumps, and the clutch is total eye candy. x


  2. That gingham looks awesome with that nude! GORGEOUS Lyddie! Love your hosiery girl. You look great.

  3. Fun outfit, I love the touch of playfulness with the necklace.
    I totally feel you about seeing bare legs and wanting the same thing but it is still winter and it is still cold outside.

  4. I love this light look. It is always warm here so any fashion posts would reflect that!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  5. I have the same dress! Love how you paired it with the gingham top!

  6. Love how you paired plaid with a feminine skirt, creating a great balance!

  7. Totally digging the gingham top and those amazing fishnets! Great preppy look! Sigh. I was just fantasizing about my sandals earlier today . . .

  8. It is -9°C here, I'm wearing two sweaters, thermals, a coat and two scarves!!! I'm so jealous you can get away with this outfit!

  9. Gorgeous way to wear that shirt.
    I love the touch of yellow in the whole attire. You look sooooooooooo gorgeous in skirt and dresses, LOL.
    You know me...

  10. You look fab from head to toe!! ...You are just one step away from this $100 Giveaway :)

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  11. I am in love with all of your outfits lately. Those sunnies are fantastic - where did you get them?

  12. You look so pretty! Loving that flowy skirt with the gingham :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  13. LOVE those sunglasses! And I see you added your chain to the bag! Looks good! :D

  14. I love your accessories! I'm a huge fan of gold and turquoise. They are beautiful.


  15. Right there with you - seeing all these gorgeous pastels and bare legs is making me long for summer.

    You look gorgeous in this outfit. Oh and ps. can I please raid your jewelry? Thanks ;)


  16. absolutely wonderful!
    www.milavojtowicz.blogspot.com my blog with DIY

  17. You look soooo fresh and summery in this outfit (even though its winter). I know what you mean about always wanting to be a season ahead. I would wear my summer dresses all winter long, and then wanted to wear tights during the summer... haha. You look fantastic in this outfit. I know I alreayd said that, but I just HAD to say it again. Keep up the great blog and incredible fashion :)


  18. If it's warm enough to do it then I say go for it! Plus those tights are so cute. Ditto on the yellow bag.

    Courtney ~ http://sartorialsidelines.com

  19. That is a great dress, absolutely love the colour, and it looks really good paired with the gingham.

  20. After looking at your outfit I definitely miss spring! Love your texturized tights!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  21. That's an amazing pair of tights and every time I see you wear those shoes I want them. I think they are spectacular.
    I was at a store the other day and was holding a pair of similar heels in my hands (2 tone). I was thinking about all the outfits I could assemble around them (daydreaming as I am on a shopping ban).
    Suddenly this 16-18 year old girl comes up, grabs another exact pair and shows them to her mom indicating they were "old lady shoes". I died a little, put the shoes down and walked the other way.
    I guess in the end the girl helped me maintain my ban :(

  22. I love your tights, Lyddie! It's a mild winter, alright, but not mild enough for me to go bare-legged either!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  23. You are totally emulating Spring!! Loving your gingham shirt!!



  24. oh wow I love this! I just adore turquoise. Nice blog, your pictures are all so nice!

    xx Missy

  25. If it's warm enough to dress like it's spring- I say go for it (in a very envious tone!) I love the necklace and your shoes and your hair in a bun is so adorable!

  26. I too am getting sick of wearing tights everyday! Love how this outfit is more casual on top, but dressy from the waist down with those great tights and pumps!!

  27. you do look like you are dressed for the spring but maybe if we all dress for spring then it will come early? Gosh I hope so!! (please remind of this the next time I start talking about wanting to wear tights)

  28. Um, go away. You look so springy and it's way too windy in New York for sheerer tights, no matter how much I want to wear them :P

    I'm also jealous of how good these photos look. The colors are way amazing.

  29. thanks you for the comment
    this outfit is so cute !
    if you want we can follow each other


    Elegantesque Blog 

  30. Very classy shoes. Loving them with the gingham blouse. Wearing that shirt over the nude dress is a great idea. I have a nude pleated maxi dress. I just might bite your style and throw this look together.


  31. I love this look. I've been feeling a little guilty the past couple weeks for neglecting my boots & sweaters. But since it's so warm outside it's hard to not put on all the short skirts and thin tights that I own.

  32. Girl, I'm craving spring too! Love that bright necklace with the gingham, perfect, perfect, perfect!!

  33. I am loving that yellow clutch. I am looking forward to spring. I like wearing layers, but not a coat!

  34. Those shoes are fantastic! I am afraid I will end up copying your shoe wardrobe!:)

  35. The length of that skirt looks so goooooooood on you. And the color is fabulous! I think I've told you over and over that I adore that purse, but I really do. I want to steal it from you.

    I don't want bare legs and sandals. We can switch weather if you'd like-- all we have is warmth. ANd I want to wear colorful tights and heavy clothes for at least a week straight. xD

  36. I think you're doing a great job with the unseasonable warm weather you've been having! The gingham is darker and very winter-like and though your skirt is lighter, it's a nice neutral that transcends seasons. Plus the warmish weather is perfect for the bright yellow in your clutch! I think it's probably the best possible weather to incorporate some of the spring trends early!

    ...though that is coming from someone who lives in perpetual mild weather...

    xx Melina

  37. Love the mix of the navy and turquoise

  38. Love the navy gingham paired with the mustard clutch! Such a beautiful color combo! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

    The Tint Heart

  39. THAT BAG! I just love this look! From the gingham blouse to the turquoise jewel necklace, it's just perfection!

  40. I know, it's just cold enough to be such a tease! Well you look adorable, and I can't even tell that you're freezing your booty off :) I'm definitely pinning this one!

  41. i SO love this outfit. another fav! i am ready for bare legs too!! c'mon spring/summer...


  42. This is a great look. You look so cute and the yellow is stunning.

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    The Fashionable ESQ

  43. hi!! it's a pleasure to meet you!!!
    love this look!

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