Wishlist Wednesday: Seafaring

seafaring wishlist

Chevron Striped Top - $20 at Old Navy
Crochet Cross Front Wedges - $33 at Old Navy
Canvas Octopus Tote - $10 at Old Navy
Beaded Torsade Necklace - $15.50 at Old Navy
Cuffed Sailor Short - $15.80 at Forever 21
Seafoam Crystal Ring - $12 at Kohl's
Turuqoise Avery Bracelet - $40 from Towne and Reese
Mermaids Tears Nail Polish by OPI - $5.25 at Amazon

I wasn't planning on doing a wishlist post today, I was just going to post yesterday's outfit, but I got an email from Old Navy this morning and became quite smitten with so many of their things that I had to this nautically inspired look!

I must say that most of the time I go into Old Navy and find nothing... but lately they seem to be stepping up their game and offering trendy things that we might see in the likes of J.Crew and Anthro. Those espadrilles are a perfect match for the much more expensive Steve MaddensI'd been eying too...

I'm also completely in love with the turquoise studded Towne and Reese bracelets, and Closet Fashionista is currently having a Towne and Reese giveaway, for any piece of your choice. I'd really love those bracelets!*

*@Closet Fashionista does this count as blogging about the giveaway? 


  1. Oooh yes! I'll take all of this! The bag is so cute :)
    And yes, it counts as blogging about the giveaway :)

  2. Oh yes please, I'll take one of everything on your wish list(I especially love the octopus bag!) I love your monthly budget idea- I think I should limit myself- makes you get more creative!

  3. Wow - that rope necklace is awesome!

    xox Lexi
    Glitter & Pearls

  4. I love love LOVE that striped top! And what great colors here!

  5. It's interesting that you mention this about Old Navy. I've been seeing some really cute stuff on blogs and a lot of it is Old Navy. Hmmmmm


  6. i haven't bought anything from Old Navy in awhile either, but you found some cute things. really loving those wedges!

    cute & little

  7. Old Navy is kind of funny- I rarely find anything, but when I do, they are pieces that I end up keeping for years. I'm absolutely in love with that octopus tote, it's so cute and perfect for a day at the beach! The studded bracelets, although not from Old Navy, are gorgeous, too :)

  8. If the necklace and bag could just wing their way into my closet please! Now that would be a miracle.

  9. Love the nailpolish and pretty much everything else here. I haven't strolled through Old Navy in awhile so now I might have to...

    Thanks for the inspiration!
    Lindsay Living

  10. I would so wear all of this - love the shorts!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  11. I adore the nautical look, coupled with your eye for steals this is the best inspiration board! That top is so cute and I'm totally in love with that nail polish.

    xx Melina

  12. wauw, that top gives me a NEED-TO-HAVE-IT-NOW feeling ^^ love old navy! x

  13. Yah, ON is kind of hit and miss sometimes, but I kind of miss it!

  14. Those shorts are so cute and the price is awesome! xo

  15. love the items you picked
    Old Navy is so tricky, a lot of times it is a total bust and then every once in awhile they will surprise you.

  16. wow i haven't even tried looking in old navy for a couple years, these items are gorgeous! i'd wear this outfit in a heartbeat. that octopus tote is too cute <3shelby


  17. That is such a cute outfit..I would totally wear it..The top is so adorable! Hugs and kisses, darling

  18. I have not looked at Old Navy in years but the next time I am state side I might have to shopping...

  19. I absolutely must have that ON top. J'adore chevron stripes!

  20. I really like the nail polish color and I have the same bad luck with Old Navy. Very hit or miss..most likely miss

  21. That Octopus tote is adorable!!! I may have to swing by Old Navy on my way home. ; )

  22. I love the octopus tote! It's so cute. :D

  23. Great weekend look! Love the espadrilles. xo style, she wrote

  24. Old Navy can be hit or miss for me too, but lately I've found some great stuff there! I can't believe those wedges are ON--I'm impressed!

  25. Chevron has been on my radar ALL SPRING but I can't seem to get anything before it sells out... maybe a trip to Old Navy is in my future! I love the nautically themed necklace too, such a clever way to do knots!

  26. I am drooling over that old navy top! So perfect for summer!


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