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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rain; Day 8,472

Rain, Day 8,472
snoozer loser
  The Rundown
Top Gap - Scalloped Blazer H&M - Pants Express - Shoes MRKT via DSW - Necklace Snoozer Loser via La Fille Dor's Giveaway - Ring Payless
Rain, Day 8,472

Yes, it's still raining. I suppose it's actually more like day five, but it might as well be day 8,472 because it feels like it's been forever.

The last time I remember it raining for a solid week was April in 2006. I was in Boston, I didn't own rain boots and at some point during the week I forgot my only umbrella on a bus. It's a miracle I survived.

There is a promise of sun for Saturday, which will be great for my Brother's Wedding. Speaking of which, I need to decide how I'm going to have my hair done (there will be a professional involved). Here are a few photos I found that I might like, but really, I'm clueless. Any thoughts on what to do with my massive mane?
 photos via we heart it

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  1. It has been raining here for about a month! I can't stand it anymore! How cool is that necklace? It adds such pizazz to your outfit!

  2. I think the second hairstyle would look beautiful on you.

  3. I'm in love with your jewelry in this post, especially the zebra ring, it's so pretty!

    much love.

  4. Love the outfit, your new shoes are lookin goooood :D
    And I love those first 2 hairstyles :)

  5. The second hairstyle is gorgeous!

  6. Sorry about all the rain...we could use some down here!

    I'm so unimaginative with hair styling - hence, the short hair. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

    Fabulous scallops, btw!

  7. I think you would so rock the second hairstyle - I would love to see that on you! The rainy, humid weather has gotten into my hair and it's a straggly, limp disaster! On the plus side, I love the scalloped jacket.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  8. Ah I love that second hairstyle!! So so nice! Hope you have fun at his wedding! :)

  9. You look beautiful. That coral / pink color is lovely. I love those hairstyles!

  10. OMG you have to do the wispy fishtail braided one! I love the idea of this hairstyle on dark hair, and you love a good braid, don't you??

    The scalloped edges on this jacket are amazing, as are those pants on you...looking good, lady!

  11. It's been raining a lot in SoCal too....past 3 days more off than on. If I had your shoes I may or may not be feeling a lot better about it!

    Hope it's nice and sunny on your brother's big day :)


  12. Girl.... I feel you. Coming from a woman who also has "massive hair". Before my wedding, my stylist suggested that I actually get my hair thinned out to make it easier for styling. I had never done that before. I could not believe the difference. I have no idea if you have the opportunity to do that or not, but if you get it done right, it can totally ease your life. At first I freaked. I tend to trust people and let them thin to their little heart's content. I reached back and instead of feeling the usual horse tail, I felt like I had white girl hair. Eek! Panic! But, no, it was beautiful, still super thick, just not ridiculous-impossible thick.

    If all else fails, I have typically tended to steer clear from updos. With such weighty hair, it ends up being super weighty and falls down even with 500 bobby pins in place. Maybe go wavy? Just a thought.

    Hope that helps!

    That Girl in Pearls

  13. I love that pretty pink color of your top. Your pictures are always super gorgeous too. I need photography lessons haha. My boyfriend just bought me the photography for dummies book lol.

  14. The pink is such a pretty shade and was made for you . Love the one-of-a-kind neckpiece. Hope it does stop raining there. I'm dreading the winter rain that is due here soon.

  15. great scalloped jacket and love the necklace. your hair looks really great in these photos!

    i vote for the 2nd hair style!


  16. i love the hair in the last pic so much! :)


  17. that scalloped blazer is aahhhmazing!


  18. I love that necklace, looks great with that top.

    I hope you get some sunny weather for your brothers wedding

    I have really thick hair too and find it difficult to find ways to put it up. I think your hair looks great down. How about with a beautful jewelled hair clip?

  19. We having in Ireland gloomy days as well for a long time :( I'm so looking forward to sunny, warm days.

    You're such a beauty. I love your scalloped jacket and your platform sandals <3

    Most of all I love last one hairstyle.

    xoxo Ra

  20. Your whole outfit works so well, I love each piece and the overall look. The last hairstyle gets my vote. They're all pretty but the last one is AMAZING.

  21. Great outfit post dear, i like it so much!!! It looks so so dainty <3



  22. I love your necklace. The Taylor Swift hairstyle would look good on you.

  23. I am LOVING that necklace!!!
    And for hair I think Taylor Swift's side bun is perfection!


  24. that necklace is like, perfect for that outfit!

  25. That hairstyle will look great on you! It's so pretty!

  26. The rain has really been getting on my nerves over here too. Very cute outfit and I love the scallop edge blazer. I need a tassel necklace, it will definitely be another DIY project.

    I choose the 1st picture I love the loose waves!

  27. i hope the rain clears up for your brothers wedding although rain on the bid day is supposed to be lucky. I will like Taylors do and I think it would look very pretty on you.

  28. Very cute outfit - love that necklace! :-)

  29. There's the scalloped jacket! Looks great! Agree w/LikeSpinningPlates, your pictures are awesome. I'm having blog envy over your pictures.

    Hairstyle - My vote is for any BUT the last one. I'm not a fan of the messy, looks like you slept in your hairstyle from yesterday, look.

    BTW, you're like my favorite blogger right now.

  30. Are those the new shoes you were tweeting about...love them!! Very cool necklace and I love the scalloped edges on that great blazer!

  31. I think that the second 'do would look great on you.

  32. Oh my gosh, your trousers are so perfect! And I love the necklace it totally completes the look.

  33. Love the necklace! And that pink is so pretty on you.

  34. Oh, I'm so jealous of your long, pretty locks! I love that look that Taylor Swift has going on--I bet that would look great on you! I love the colors you have on, the coral really pops against the black and cream. I hope the rain goes away soon!

  35. I saw sun today, and it was amazing. I love you top (and not just because it's the same color as mine) and that scalloped blazer is so cool! It's a lot less structured than I imagined it would be-- very soft and flowy! My favorite style is #2, the loose french braid.. I think that would look amazing on you!

  36. loving the pictures that is second from the bottom
    so feminie and pretty and not seen everywhere

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  38. beautiful outfit , love your blazer and shoes


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