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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Is it summer yet?

I am so ready for summer. See how bright my clothes are? That equals warmer, longer days, windows rolled down in cars, and grandé iced coffees in cup holders.
It might get to be 80° for the first time tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to it. 
Sort of 70's
I'm not sure if I took the time to properly gush over these new sandals. They are by MRKT and are insanely comfortable. Not 'comfortable considering they are 4" heels' comfortable - real, actual, comfortable.
The foot bed is well padded, the suede is soft and doesn't dig in at all, the platform is really high so it's more like wearing a 2.5" heel, and they are cork, so they are really light.
I love them, and they were absolutely worth the $70 (+ that pesky sales tax) I paid.
Sort of 70's
Something like 70's
Something like 70's
Something like 70's
The Rundown
Mustard Dress Forever 21 - Floral Blouse Tucker for Target - Cork Sandals MRKT Holly via DSW - Aviator Sunnies Kohls - Ring Lia Sophia - Earrings TJMaxx - Necklace Macys

Be sure and enter to win $100 to Shopbop!


Jenn said...

Great use of the Tucker blouse! I love it with the yellow dress.

Oh, its so great to find a good pair of heels that don't hurt and are comfortable.

Complex Cardigans

Mimi said...

i love it! i love how summer-y the whole look is! :D

<3, Mimi

Burning Skies said...

Love this vibe! Love how you matched the red polo with the yellow, so effortlessly chic :)

Courtney Erin said...

The fact that those shoes are both comfortable and super chic makes me want them sooooo badly! What a great summer shoe.

xoxo ~ Courtney

Stacey Kay said...

Love it! And I totally get my grande iced coffees all summer too. FAB!

Stacey Kay
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Theresa said...

Ah, all these vibrant colors look fantastic on you! Those shoes! Goodness, love them. ♥

Anne said...

Oh I hope it does get to 80 tomorrow, you look so ready for summer! It was 40 and rainy here all day, so I'd be happy with pretty much anything warmer than that.

Those shoes are pretty cute, and wow, actually comfortable? What a find!

rlutz said...

Love how you knotted the tucker dress as a top! That yellow dress is so springy...make me want to walk through the grass barefooted!

Danielle said...

Great shoes! It's always nice to find heels that are actually really comfortable.

Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

oh my gosh, i just bought the dress version of the Tucker floral blouse at a thrift store yesterday! Love the print!

In the Hammock Vintage

Anne @ The Frump Factor said...

Ah, the pesky sales tax doesn't count. (I always round the price down by $5, anyways....)

Love the colors and the breezy, sunny look of that outfit. Hooray for summer! Bring on the iced coffee!

srochelle said...

It might not technically be summer yet but your look sure says it is here! I love all of the bright colors and those shoes even look comfy!

Faith J. said...

I love your bright colors! Great outfit!

Jodi said...

great colors!! and I love the photo of you with your hair covering your face.. very riske!!

lucky you to have hot weather!! we are still waiting!! xo oJ

Eyeliah said...

Oh you look so cute and summery! It is so cold here still :(

Cee said...

I am so with you- summer needs to hurry up and arrive! We've been having nothing but miserable rain and it's giving me a serious case of the horribles :( So nice to see you're finally getting some sun, though, and I love the bright look you brought out to celebrate. The sandals are the perfect finishing touch, and I'm so impressed that they're truly comfortable. It might be time for a trip across the border for me!

Oh, My Darling said...

I'm loving that type of shoe this season!

Claire said...

love that mustard colored dress. and that tucker top is so cute! i have the dress version of it and i'm analyzing how you styled this so i can think up a new way to wear the dress!


jenna said...

i'm a HUGE bargain shopper. i can't bring myself to spend full price on anything--unless i absolutely know it's one of a kind!

you look adorable!!

xx, The Freckled Husky

kris said...

Love the last shot of you. You exude happiness and confidence. Shoes are cute, but would wipe out my $365 budget. I'm considering asking the hubby for shoes for our anniversary. Chunky/strappy/high heeled sandals are alluding me and I need them. ; )

One dollar left for May. Long weekend without a shopping budget. Bummer.

Josie said...

I LOVE that little Tucker for Target blouse! Crazy-cute, my dear, especially tied up that way.
xo Josie

northwest is best said...

What a delightful outfit! I'm jealous of your weather.

Jo said...

I love how bright your outfit is! Even your nails are a beautiful bold colour!


Shen Dove said...

I love this whole look and how fantastic that your sandals are comfy and stylish!

Closet Fashionista said...

Love this outfit! So bright and fun!!!
and woohoo for 80 !!! :D

Beatlovingmusic said...

You look stunning!

Lynzy said...

This may be one of my favorite outfits of yours...loving the colors and the tied up blouse, you look so cute :)

xo Lynzy

Nikki said...

whoa, love that purple nailpolish ^^ x

Julie said...

I love all of the color! Isn't the warm weather great?!

Lorena said...

I have wanted that shirt for sooooo long !

Amber Blue Bird said...

those shoes are worthy of a gushy post, comfortable heels are hard to come by

silvergirl said...

Super Cute look
hard to believe those shoes are so comfy, but if they are they are every bit worth the price tag!

jamie-lee said...

So cute - I love seeing your in all these bright colours. And those shoes are sweet, they do look a bit comfy too ;)

Ramona said...

It's always great to have not just comfy, but camfy , trendy fabulous shoes as well. This colour mix looks os amazing on You.
♥ xoxo Ra

Shea said...

Yay for nice weather! We're supposed to hit 80 tomorrow too, and I can't wait! Those shoes are awesome, and the fact that they're comfortable makes them even more awesome! I love how you're wearing the Tucker shirt--I'm going to have to try mine like that!!

Marie said...

Yellow looks lovely on you and wow how lucky, it's been so cool over here in California!

***** Marie *****