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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Two family members coming home

I'm counting down to Christmas with my 12 favorite things; today is day two and I'm looking forward to spending time with my family tonight and tomorrow.

I thought it would be fun to share some old Christmas family photos...

christmas 88 jan 89

Today I donned my antler tee and my red skirt, which I love even though I hate that I made it out of thin annoying cotton. I've been saying I want to remake it and maybe someday I will. It's funny how sometimes I will make something and put so much time and money and effort into it and then completely hate it when I'm done; and sometimes I will put no money, little effort and hardly any time into something and I can't seem to stop wearing it. Such is the case with the little red skirt, now appearing for the sixth time since I made it this September.

Don we now

I did, finally buy a slip. I have been wanting one ever since static electricity decided that it needed to make life with tights and skirts a living hell. I'd take two steps and my skirt would adhere to my legs in a manner that made me look like I was wearing shorts. It has been really annoying.I ended up choosing the absolute best slip I could find at kohls. I tried getting little vintage slips from the thrift store but they weren't working out for a number of reasons. This slip is quite wonderful though. The material is lycra rather than poly and it lays so well. It has lace at the waist band and is really comfortable. I got the 16" version so I can wear it with all my mini skirts. Originally $25, I paid $13.

Don we now

The Rundown
Skirt Made by Me - Top J.Crew - Cardigan Avon - Pumps Nine West - Tights Simply Vera - Earrings Kohls

Don we now

Well, it's time to start cleaning the house, wrapping the last of the gifts and figuring out what I'm wearing tomorrow...


  1. I see you! hehe you are the cute little girl in the blue dress right? I totally understand your frustration with tights and skirts, for my first year I tried the spray but it didn't work, then I found two great slips at the thrift store and those worked the others didn't, however because I'm clever (at least I'd like to think so) I discovered that I could make my own slips by cutting the lining of the mega-old ugly vintage skirts that no one cares about and are reduces at ridiculously low prices, so I cut off the lining add elastic and voila an anti-estatic slip is born. =)

  2. Going back to the past brings back so many wonderful memories : )

    I like the gold top, the pattern is like the deers antlers.

    Potatoes singing,

  3. i loooove your red skirt! and thanks for sharing some of your family christmas photos. this makes me want to go and look for our family christmas photos. merry christmas! :D

    <3, Mimi

  4. The ornaments in the tree of your old Christmas photos look a lot like the ones we used to have on my tree when I was a child. I smile as I remember them! Love the red shoes and earrings!

  5. YAYYY For family!! :D I just spent time with some of my family and will do more tomorrow and Saturday, hehe :D


  6. Old school family photos are amazing! I love yours, and your darling antler tee with the red pop of earrings!

  7. I should probably invest in a slip too - I definitely have the same problem with skirts and tights.

    I love all the red in your outfit. And the old family photos are so fun, aren't they?

  8. I love the details on that top. JCrew has some of the best fancy t's!

  9. I can't believe it's so hard to find a decent slip these days - especially when skirts and dresses aren't made with lining most of the time anymore. I always venture into the "grandma" section of the underwear department and inevitably find one that's too long and have to shorten them.

    Love the old family Christmas family photos. Just deadly :)

  10. I love the old Christmas photos!

    I'm just about to head out for the holidays, but I wanted to wish you all the best first!

  11. AWE you look so christmas-y and lovely, Lyddie! I love your red skirt and shoooes <3

    I'm glad you found a nice slip. I need to find a better one, it's not working out so well, perhaps I shall consider one made out of the stuff yours is. 8D

  12. What pattern did you use for your skirt? LOVE It!


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