Review of Echo Touch iPhone Gloves

Three years ago, my first winter with my iPhone, I quickly realized I could not answer it while wearing gloves. I lost three right hand gloves that winter.
Then I realized I could answer the phone with my nose. (Go ahead, try it, I know you need to see it for yourself. I wont laugh, promise.)
That trick got old fast, and I eventually went in search of a glove that would give me phone functionality without cold fingers or lost gloves.

Echo Touch iPhone Gloves

Currently on the market you've got a few options; the pricey leather Touch Tech, entry level is $99, cashmere lined, $195. Only in black.
There are the super affordable merino wool Dots Gloves, all gloves are $20, and come in a handful of colors.
And third, the Echo Touch which come in cashmere or a wool blend, $30 to $78. They have a few different styles, including a driving glove, and a cute ruffled one. They also come in every color under the sun.

(There are a few other gloves out there, but I filed them under too ugly-manly-utilitarian to even consider)

Since I liked the price and style choices of the Echo Touch the best, I chose it.

I got the simple $30 wool blend in bright pink and have been using them for the past month.

The gloves feature what Echo refers to as eLink fabric on the thumb and index finger of each hand. These are the only parts of the glove that will interact with the phone. The gloves must fit snugly and the fingers must go all the way to the tip to function properly.

typing stills

I mainly use my thumb to type, but my thumbs are slightly shorter than the gloves which occasionally gives me trouble. I also can not type nearly as fast as I can with bare hands.

But I can indeed type and use all the functions of the phone with gloved hands. This is perfect for when you are on the move and can't be fussing with taking off your gloves. It was especially nice while I was in NYC, since I had to check my map a ton of times while I was navigating the streets. (Remember when we used to have paper maps and didn't have GPS? Hahaha.)

Gloves in Action (I apologize, my movie is kind of awful)

The thin wool blend has been keeping me warm enough in the current weather, which has been about the mid 30°s F, though I haven't been spending a whole lot of time outdoors. These would not work for a day spent in the snow. For my usual commuting to work and errand running, they are adequate.

Overall, I'm very happy with my purchase; and would definitely recommend them and give them as Christmas gifts. Especially since everyone and their mother now has an iPhone or an iPod Touch, and functionally in gloves is a wonderful thing to have.

The gloves are cute, affordable, and work.

But if you are interested, I did find this iPhone glove DIY

**This review was not furnished or promoted by Echo in anyway. I bought the gloves because I liked them and wanted to share my thoughts with you.**


  1. cute and useful!! Now i only need an iphone to go with them...


  2. OMG, that's awesome! A much better alternative to me letting my hands freeze in the name of texting and tweeting. ;)

  3. That's an amazing idea! My fingers get freezing when I text in the cold, so I may get myself some of these! Cute and practical!

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  4. That is definitely something keep in mind... thanks for sharing all that info!

  5. Oh genius!!! Thanks so much for the review, I'm totally getting these!!

    - Jill

  6. Ooh, well if I had an iPhone I'd have to get these...Ive been debating whether or not to get one (and now I might just have to because I could get a HP iPhone case for free XD).
    I also want an iPad *sigh* But I need to save for my trip to London so I shouldn't (ignore my dumb rant on your comments section ;) )

  7. I don't have an iPhone but these look fabulous.

  8. boy do I need this! last winter I suffered through fingerless gloves for this very reason! thank you!

  9. I've seen those around.. if I lived in a colder location I would definitely get some, especially because I just got the touch Blackberry. As always, love your blog :)

  10. Thanks for the review, I need eother fingerless or tec touch gloves. I know isotoner makes some cheaper ones as well.

    And about the nose thing - yeah, I've totally done that. It feel less weird know that I know I'm not the only one!

    xo, Ashley

  11. I have the Echo ones on my Christmas Wish List. I checked Saks & Nordstrom the other day and they said they are selling out fast - within hours of when the shipment is received. Looks like if I don't get them as a gift I will have to order a pair.

  12. That is such a great review..Thanks so much for it,sweetie
    Happy MOnday

    Ps: I am hosting a beautiful home decor GIVEAWAY today, just in time for Christmas!

  13. those gloves are so pretty!

  14. what a cute toy! relationship with the world!

  15. Sorry dear for the late reply, hope you're great!

  16. My sister bought a pink one, as well, and I tried it on. My thumb won't go until the tip, though. So, I changed my mind in buying the gloves.

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  17. what a brilliant invention! i am sooo getting a pair asap!

  18. no way!! my friend and i were just talking about how we needed something like this, but i had no idea it existed!!

  19. What a cool idea! I want some for my MyTouch.

  20. Awesome! These are totally the gloves of the future.