Eight tiny reindeer

I'm counting down to Christmas with my 12 favorite things, today is day eight, and I love the idea of Santa Claus. The idea of a giving, caring person who rewards good behavior and gets around with flying reindeer - Awesome. I can't wait to have kids who I can raise to believe in Santa, and read them The Night Before Christmas and watch Miracle on 34th Street. Being a kid at Christmas time is best.

waiting for santa Waiting for the rest.... Bugling Elk in a snow storm! S A N T A * C L A U S  in flight! Waiting for Santa Santa Claus........ Waiting For Santa Wanted: Reindeer, must fly
Above images are not my own; please click for source!

Today was my holiday party at work and I decided to take the work staple of the blazer and make it party ready with my fur collar. It occurred to me last night that I totally should have planned to wear the antler tee -- both because of it's seasonal appropriateness and because I thought of the reindeer title for this post. Drat! But I'd already planned and photographed this look, so I was committed to it. I'll definitely wear the antler tee soon though!

This is my christmas cheer

A sparkly tank and this bright skirt are my idea of holiday cheer -- I could have gone with a more traditional 'festive' look, but you know that's just not my style...

This is my christmas cheer

The Rundown
Top TJMaxx - Skirt Target - Blazer Gap - Shoes Kohls - Fur collar Thrifted - Necklace The Cavernous Jewelry Box

This is my christmas cheer

And the winner of the Cavernous Jewelry Box Giveaway is The Fancy Teacup!! Congrats!


  1. These photos are enchanting! Damn you totally know how to work an outfit, that whole look is AMAZING on you! You look so gorgous :)

  2. Thoes images made me smile! Oh how I love the holidays. Thanks for sharing :)

    <3, natasha
    twenty-something blog

  3. Love the outfit, looks like we both had our work parties today!
    and YAYYYY for Santa! :D

  4. Lovely skirt! We just had our holiday party at work and I was the only one that dresses up!

  5. I wish Santa would bring me a great skirt like the one you are modeling!! Great look! I think my favorite picture above is all the running Santas...last week, here we go!

  6. What a fab outfit...the fur adds that extra touch of holiday glamour!


  7. Love the drape of this skirt and the shoes are sassy!

  8. That fur collar was such a good buy. I know you debated it, but it's just perfect!
    And, I love the picture of the little girl asleep on the couch, with her dolls all lined up. I love how she's all a-glow from the Christmas lights! Good photo picking, as always!

  9. This is like a fairytale : )
    Wish magic existed, it would be fun!

    Stuck in a pretzel,

  10. You look gorgeous.

    Being a kid at Christmas is the best.

    Can't wait to see posts of you with the antler tee!

  11. You look awesome! LOVE the blazer.


  12. Great look - with the print and the fur.

  13. Super cute pics and I love your skirt!

  14. such cute outfit!! and i love the idea of santa too! it's every child's heart!

  15. OH MY GOD these photos are gorgeous! love from a new follower!


  16. you always success to look chic and very classy in every outfit that
    you wear..wonder where those sense of style come from :))


    in Love&Light
    Queen D

  17. Ahhh yaya, Santa! I like that picture of the boy by the fireplace, hehe. So cute!

    I love the fur around your jacket. :)) And your tights! So exciting. <3

  18. Havent been by for a few days.. loving all the outfits of late.. and your great ornament photos.. i was thinking HOLY crap she is getting REALLY good with the camera and then I read you little note about "these are not my photos"... :)

    you are looking beautiful as ever!!! cant believe xmas is almost here... blogger land is pretty quite.. kinda nice to have a bit of a lull..
    xox J

  19. i swear i ve the same skirt but with slightly different color intensity..
    but i always use it as a top since its too small for my thighs :P

  20. I really like this look. In fact I think I may feel an inspired by post coming on! Very nice ma'am.