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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Three million tiny flakes

I'm counting down to Christmas with my 12 favorite things; today is day three and it was a toss up between exterior illumination and snow, and then I thought about people who put giant inflatable creatures on their lawns and decided it would have to be snow.

So yes, I am dreaming of a White Christmas, and I always am. It's now, when the snow would be fresh and novel and fun that I would like it. However by the time March rolls around and we've had storm after storm and there are piles of slush and ice everywhere, I'll start to wonder what I though was so darn majestic about it in the first place.
But, for now, lets just focus on the positives; those unique flakes, that clean white blanket, the potential for work to get canceled (I can hope). Yes, I love snow.

Morning Sun Venice, first snow in like 20 years! 7/365: Blue snow at dawn Winter Alley Let it snow Snow Flake 98|365 Snow, light and christmas Trees in the back yard 2010 016 Snow snowed in Fox in the Snow
Above photos are not my own, please click for source!

This purple top hasn't seen much blog action in the years I've had it. I can't say why. It's a perfectly nice top. I like the color and the bit of detail on the neckline.

This outfit is also an example of getting stuck on a color, hence the purple cardigan and purple shoes. These little berry wedges also haven't seen as much wear as they should. So I'm glad this No Repeats Challenge is getting me to bring out more of my closet.

back to my darker hues

Can you believe there are only three days until Christmas? I still have cookies to bake, and a few presents to wrap (they were ordered on line and just arrived today).

back to my darker hues

The Rundown
Top TJMaxx - Skirt Tahari - Cardigan Kohls - Shoes Poetic License - Belt Thrifted

Last night I won a Twitch Vintage auction for the first time; this little striped dress became mine for $10 and is on it's way. Now just several long months before I can actually wear it...


  1. I love the rich purples you are wearing here! happy holidays :)

  2. You look so great in purple! And the snow makes me so happy. We might actually have a white Christmas this year!

    Follow @UnraveldTreads on Twitter!

  3. Beautiful winter photos! Your so pretty in purple!

    Ill def be following your blog now, hope you do the same for mine, like you, I love being thrifty : )



  4. I'm going to echo the other ladies and say you look great in purple! I really like the skirt you have on!

  5. Man, you look GREAT in purple! I have a hard time pulling it off (or more likely, I'm just psyching myself out due to a strange color phobia). Love!

    - Jill

  6. You do monochromatic better than anyone else I've seen, I think. Gorgeous look!

  7. Love all the seasonal photos! You have been heard at work inspiring us into the holidays =)

    I love the neckline on that top! It is very pretty. I love small details like that.

  8. PURPLE!!! hahaha I love this outfit :D
    And yayyy for snow! Too bad we won't be having a white Christmas in CT though...unless the weathermen are wrong (which they are most of the time).
    Congrats on finally winning an auction too! :D

  9. If only it snowed in Florida! ;)

    <3, natasha

  10. love that little snow angel picture- what a cuuuutie!!

    The kissing picture almost the end is pretty rad, too. Lucky you to have won a twitch vintage dress!!!

  11. I love the purple and leopard print together! What a luxurious combination!

  12. Bummer, I want a white Xmas too!
    You look mighty lovely, you've won yourself a new follower!

  13. AH I LOVE SNOW. Thats the perk of Canada/Ontario. ALWAYS SNOW. Except for one year. There was no snow. It was SO WEIRD.

    And you look INCREDIBLE. I really have to try this monocromatic trend because youre certainly workin' it. I love purple!

    Check out mine?

  14. ooh isn't ebay addicting? I just won a skirt from Twitch Vintage. It was a pencil skirt with this really colorful 60's floral print. Did you see it?

  15. ooh isn't ebay addicting? I just won a skirt from Twitch Vintage. It was a pencil skirt with this really colorful 60's floral print. Did you see it?

  16. Lyddie I'm heading off to Canada where I hope the snow is majestic and not just freezing cold :)

    Merry Merry Christmas to you!! I hope your day/weekend is wonderful and filled with all your faves.


  17. Ahhh snow angels...loving the flashes of purple!

  18. You look gorgeous in purple and that skirt is just utterly lovely!

    I feel a little bit like a Grinch, but I'm already kind of sick of snow since we've had massive amounts of it where I live for about six weeks now already....

  19. In photos, snow looks so magical. In reality, I'm not amused. ;-)

    I hope you have a very happy holiday! I'm so glad we "met" this year! Happy 2011!


  20. what lovely photos to describe winter :)

    You look awesome, and you seem so cute and joyful :)

    Love the outfit:**

  21. Awe, you look so pretty in purple, Miss Lyddie!~~ I love the little details on your flats, so very cute. :D You look royally-christmasy-esque (neatest word ever?).

    Ahh, snow! We have snow forcasted for Christmas day. It would be ever so exciting if we could actually get that. :) A miracle, hehe!~

  22. you look plumtanstic :) and thats a good thing

  23. Those pictures are gorgeous- I wish it would snow over here in southern california!
    I love your outfit. As for all the purple, this is when the phrase "you can't have too much of a good thing" comes into play! Have a wonderful holiday! <3

  24. inspiring photos! love them!
    wishing you merry christmas!

  25. Still no word on the laptop, but I keep hoping!

    Love all this purple on you and your hair looks so pretty pulled up like this!

  26. Snow is one of my favorite things about Christmas too but, I'm over the cold come mid January... love that skirt!

  27. I love this purple look, you should definitely bring out that top more! I love the big gold grommets on your belt too, very cool!


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