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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Four christmas specials of my favorite shows

I'm counting down to Christmas with my 12 favorite things; today is day four and I love it when show have special christmas episodes!

Here are some of my favorites...
Doctor Who has done a christmas special ever since the 2005 revival. Last years episode was really sad, but this year is supposed to be a take on A Christmas Carol, so I think it will be really fun.

No Holiday season would be complete without a viewing of Seinfeld's classic invented holiday, Festivus.

I totally miss the good old days of Full House. I suppose the Olsens are super fashionable these days, but they were just cuter then.

How I Met Your Mother is just one of the funniest shows there is!

USA has been really good about Christmas specials for their original shows. Even though Monk is over, Psych continues on with the tradition.

Leverage did a special this year -- I love Elliott in the Santa suit!

I adore Chuck and the Buy More Christmas spirit.

Ummmm, there was a Glee Christmas episode this year? How did I miss it? I need to go watch it as soon as possible!

Do you have a favorite Christmas episode?

I'm wearing a few things I haven't had on in a while, like this green snake cardi. I think the last time has to be February. Crazy, I know. It's good to do things like the No Repeats Challenge to help me think about what is in the closet and why I'm not wearing it. 
These boots though, it would seem I'm living in them this winter.

And I really like tucking it into the skirt. Who said you can't tuck a cardigan?

Snake and shine pt 2

The Rundown
Cardigan Express - Skirt Macys - Booties Madden Girl - Necklace Macys - Tights Simply Vera - Belt Thrifted

Snake and shine pt 2

Did you know that today is the shortest day of the year? Isn't it wonderful? I mean - everyday from now on there will be just the tiniest bit more sunlight.
Not to say that I don't miss the longest day of the year. Just thinking about it makes me a little teary. Light until 9 pm, warm summer air.... Only six more months.


Closet Fashionista said...

YAYYY Christmas specials! You look amazing as always!!
and yes...love that the days are going to get longer now :D

Meek said...

I love your necklace, it is awesome.
I love the Seinfeld Festivus episode, Seinfeld is my all time favorite TV show

Courtney Erin said...

I love that amazing bib necklace! So lovely. It really never is Christmas without Festivus - I actually print that coupon and enclose it with my Christmas cards most years. I'm also a fan of Friend's Christmas episodes, of which there are many and of which I never tire.

xoxo ~ Courtney

Sara C said...

That necklace is sooooo fabulous!

Sue said...

I like your outfit, I hadn't thought to tuck a cardigan into a skirt, good idea!
A pity Monk has finished but I do enjoy Psych too!

Dina's Days said...

You totally can tuck a cardigan in! I do it all the time! Looks great!

Trystan L. Bass said...

And this year's Dr. Who Christmas special is actually on Christmas in both the U.K. *and* the U.S. for the first time, yay!

Love the cardigan tucked into a skirt, tho' I'd feel like it was too bulky on me (don't want to add to the midsection).

WendyB said...

Ah, Festivus! Mandatory viewing!

Modesty is Pretty said...

I loveeee this outfit Lyddie! I want your skirt!The necklace, everything is perfect!

Vanessa said...

Love the little twist on the belt and the tucked in cardi! Super fun ways to take an outfit out of the ordinary.

My favorite Christmas episodes have got to be Festivus (Duh! It's still eminently quotable) and all of The Office Christmas episodes where they have ridiculous gift exchanges. Too great!

Kristen said...

i just watched that glee episode today! i love your cardigan, def a killer statement piece

ps- i'm having a leather jacket giveaway and would love for you to enter!

cathy. said...

I adore Dr Who Xmas specials! I also must go and stalk down that Glee one as well :P


Agora tô pronta said...

Hi dear, I love your blog, nice pictures
I'm following you .. You can follow me too?
Let's connect.

And sorry for my english, it's terrible.
kisses. And Merry Christmas (:

alefashion said...

Such a great post!!

And very nice outfit!

xx Ale

Diana Mieczan said...

Hahah..I also adore Seinfeld...I could watch it over and over:)
Such a sweet and beautiful outfit,sweetie
Wish you a Merry Christmas:)
Kisses and hugs

Marina said...

I love your necklace:))

xx Marina

DaniellaBella said...

I love this whole outfit, especially the fullness of the skirt!

Ashley J said...

What the?!?! How in the heck did I miss the Glee Christmas special...thank god I read your post today so now I can jet home after work and watch it on the computer!


Stéphanie said...

So nice !

Ali said...

Yay for TV shows! I haven't watched any lately. I think this needs to be fixed. I don't know my favorite christmas episode/show. D; HMMM. I don't watch enough TV.

I have always liked that cardigan of yours. It's so pretty! And tucked into a skirt it looks even better. ;) <3

agnes said...

j'adore ton look, et ta jupe, et ton haut sont sublimes

Pop Champagne said...

ohh I love your neck piece! it's so festive and sparkly! and hehe I love seinfield, that was one of my fav shows. have a great holiday!

Lorena said...

Festivus !
You had me at Festivus !
I have yet to try tucking in a cardigan... I like it-

Maddie said...

I love the concept of your blog!! I found you through another blog. Glad I did! :D

Matchless Vision said...

I love to see new ideas such as the cardigan tucked it. Its a simple thing that I never thought of. It looks great on you. The colors of your outfit are classy. Thank you for the reminder that the days are getting just a bit longer!

Isabel said...

i love your necklace!

Kristin said...

Loooooove that fabulous skirt! And I still watch that Full House episode every time I see it on tv!

Frances Joy said...

Full House! No Friday night was complete without Uncle Jesse.
I love that outfit. Tucked in cardigans (and sweaters) are my new favorite thing.

Sarah Dee said...

I am so in love with your outfit!!! The cardigan tucked in is a nice touch =)

<3 Sarah

Iris said...

Oooo, yay longer days! I love the print of that cardi and the necklace looks awesome :)