Day before Thanksgiving

You know the sales have already started.
NY& Company is having a half off everything sale. I love this. I wish more stores would slash the prices of their entire inventory semi-annually. Last spring I walked out with quite a few awesome finds, and hopefully I'll be able to control myself this time around (since I've used up my month's budget already). However, these are a few things I might be hinting at for Christmas gifts. (are you reading this family?)

Flyaway Cardigan, $25
Wool Camel Toggle Coat, $60
Sheer Ruffled Top, $18.50
Leopard Print Belt, $10
Gold Sequined Skirt, $25
Plaid Button Down Shirt, $19
Faux Fur Cowl, $18.50

You can also kick off your shopping weekend with this freebie; three MP3 credits from Amazon. You could buy some Christmas music, to get into the spirit, but I used mine to get some songs that were played in Monday's episode of Chuck...

Today I tried to channel J. Crew again, belting my velvet blazer over a ruffled top.

Belted Blazer

The Rundown
Top Gap - Blazer Urban Outfitters - Skirt Thrifted Ann Taylor - Belt Thrifted - Shoes Kenneth Cole Reaction
Belted blazer

Damn it was windy and cold!!
Belted Blazer


  1. This outfit is PERFECT!! I aim to look something similar to this nearly every week at work. I love the ruffles under the velvet. It is like a texture gold mine!

  2. Love the look, especially the shoes!

  3. dyinggg for something sequin for the holidays

  4. I have a full basket over at NY&CO too - trying very hard to not hit "submit," but 50% off is tempting! I love that sequin skirt, and I would really love to see what you could do with it.

    I really like today's outfit, especially the blazer.

  5. You channel perfectly!! I love that Velvet blazer with the little belt. Lurve!

    Now about that sequined skirt...uh $25!!! HOLY MOLY!!

    I'm going to dive back into some more snacks in prep for tomorrow...Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  6. Wow, half price? That's awesome!

    You look fab! The ruffles, twisted belt and the skirt with all the lines that would play tricks with our eyes : )

    Cycling in the clouds,

  7. Ooh, I love the velvet and the ruffles! And I love NY+Co's sales, I've gotten stuff for so ridiculously cheap there.

  8. You look stunning and that sequin skirt is amazing :)


  9. 'kay- so can I hire you to be my stylist : ) ? Love this. Is that blazer new at uo?

    I'm trying to find something that transitions from office to party well- and how can you go wrong in velvet?

  10. You did a good job of channeling J.Crew. And thanks for the amazon credits heads up!

  11. Feels like J. Crew to me and such a great fall outfit!

  12. Great finds!

    Love your outfit as per usual, the ruffled top is so pretty!

  13. CUTE BLOG DEAR!!! Will you check out mine? i'd love to have you as a follower and know your opinion, hope to hear from you soon!!

  14. May your stuffing be tasty
    May your turkey plump,
    May your potatoes and gravy
    Have never a lump.
    May your yams be delicious
    And your pies take the prize,
    And may your Thanksgiving dinner
    Stay off your thighs!
    - Unknown

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  15. I love your all grey outfit. :) Your ziggy zag skirt is so nice!

    AND HOMG I LOVE NY&C AND THEY HAVE HALF OFF SALE WHAT. asjhdkasdaksd that sparkly skirt is GURL SO AWES and those circle furry scarves. Want all. O 3O~ <3

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, my Lyddielove!

  16. That sparkletastic skirt must be mine! Happy Thanksgiving pretty lady!

  17. lookin' good! I love your ruffly blouse!

  18. Great picks! Hope your fam is reading! Happy Thanksgiving!

  19. I LOVE the belt over the velvet blazer. I have one that's a little large for me, and I've always wanted to try it, but never thought it would look right... You always seem to try stuff that I want to, and prove that it can be done and look awesome! :)

  20. I was just thinking to myself if anyone loves Black Friday it's probably you!

  21. I was just thinking to myself if anyone loves Black Friday it's probably you!

  22. This outfit is beautiful:) I love how you used that belt:) Hope you are having an amazing Thanksgiving weekend,darling

  23. You are too sweet!
    I like this look a lot, especially the skirt.

  24. j'aime beaucoup ton look, c'est très jolies, et tes photos sont magnifiques

  25. I'm a huge fan of ruffles so I love this pic! have a great black friday shopping!

  26. I love that camel coat you posted. And $60 is a great price for wool. Prices on "stuff" always seem cheaper in the U.S. No wonder there are so many chic dressers like yourself :) (Hope you do get it for Christmas so I can drool over it in your pics.)
    Cami lllove

  27. i love the coat on your wishlist! :D

    <3, Mimi

  28. i've bought 2 bags from black friday online sale :D

  29. This is beautiful. You have gorgeous photos all over your blog (looked through about 10 entries so far!!!!) Posting this outfit on's modest outfit inspiration tumblr:


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