Shades of purple

Thursday again. I feel like this week totally passed me by. I did something I haven't done in (dare I say) years. Went for a bike ride. It was just this perfectly perfect fall day, and the feel of the somewhat icy air whipping around me was so liberating.
My ride was very short, not more than a mile round trip but I was wheezing and gasping when I returned home and my legs felt like jelly for sometime after. But it's not like I could have expected anything different. The weekend forecast looks promising, perhaps I'll do it again.

I decided to experiment a bit more with my post processing -- what do you think?

Shades of purple

And I finally FINALLY managed to get a decent jumping photo. I've been trying for months, and when I'm not too early or too late, I'm wearing a dress and flashing the camera.


purple gal

Did you know that this weekend is buy one get one holiday drinks at Starbucks? Actually it started today. But it's only from 2 pm, to 5 pm (I think). Small window, but for a free $4 drink, I made a point to get it.

Peppermint Mocha

Another interesting tidbit, I asked for my peppermint mocha without the lid so I could get a good shot of the whipped cream, and was told they could not serve it to me without the lid!
I explained I just wanted a photo without crushed whipped cream, so they let me photograph it while it was still 'in their possession' behind the bar. Not quite the lighting I was hoping for, but that's what photoshop is for I suppose...

I got the Versatile Blogger award from Amber Blue Bird, thanks!!
I'm supposed to share seven more things about myself... what don't you know? I feel like I've been spilling my guts here for two years and I've run out of odd tidbits. Well, lets see...

1. I've been teaching myself photoshop since seventh grade. I used to like to make Buffy collages.
2. Right now I'm listening to Madder Red by Yeasayer. They are cool. Check 'em out.
3. My favorite kind of sandwich is Italian bread with green olives and sharp cheddar cheese.
4. Turquoise is my favorite color.
5. I'm the most eclectic dresser in my entire family.
6. I like to sew, but I hate it when people ask me to hem things for them.
7. I wish Michael Weston was my boyfriend.

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You girls know the drill - share seven things about yourselfs and pass it along to seven others!

showing off lining
The Rundown
Dress Gap - Jacket Free People - Scarf Old Navy - Boots Migliorini - Socks Target - Necklace Kohls


  1. absolutely beautiful.
    these photos are breathtaking.

    <3 dennica pearl
    - through the eyes of a pearl
    - vintage shop

  2. I love these pictures, there's something about the leaves and the purple scarf, and your boots! Those are the things I first noticed, great job on the bike ride! I wish I had a bike again, I love bike riding but I don't have a bike anymore. =)

  3. First of all, thanks for the award! I'll fulfill my end of the deal in a post this weekend!
    Secondly, I really like your processing technique here. Must be all those years since Jr. high of Photoshop experience! I like how the contrast gives the photos an almost un-earthly glow or tint to it, without making the colors/tone seem completely improbable. It looks especially cool on the silver adornments on your boots and necklace.
    Third: I've tried jumping pictures, too. I always end up having this look of fierce concentration on my face that is so silly and ridiculous looking that my vanity prohibits me from posting them. You,however, look adorable. Well done.
    Whew... I haven't even mentioned the outfit, which is - as usual - fantastic!

  4. Oooh great job editing the photos, they look very cool!!! And I'm loving the outfit too ;)
    And annoying that they can't give it to you without the lid...haha

  5. your outfit looks great! and i have yet to get a decent jumping photo. haha. :D

    <3, Mimi

  6. congrats on the jump shot...and I wish I had been Photoshopping since 7th grade!

  7. I like the colors of this outfit, so rich and cool on the eyes.:D

    Yay for the decent jumping photo and your favorite sandwich sounds yummy!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  8. Beautiful colours - lovely for fall! Bike riding in cool weather is scrumptious.

    Lydia x

  9. The more I learn about you through your blog, the more I know we'd be good friends if we hung out in real life! Turquoise is my favourite colour, plus I love Yeasayer. I just got the album on vinyl and it's amazing.

    The edited photos look great, plus well done for getting out on your bike! Like most things, it gets easier with time and practise.

  10. Stunning! I love this touch of purple!

  11. I love the photos - I know it probably wasn't intentional, but the purple with the fall leaves in the background is beautiful. Serendipity.

    It really annoys me that Starbucks won't serve a drink sans top. You can get the drink in a mug if you're staying there, so what's the difference?!

    I know how you felt post-bike ride. I worked out for the first time in months on Wednesday and my muscles are still sore. I'm hobbling down the stairs in the morning like an old woman.

  12. Love LOVE this outfit ! Simple and perfect.
    oh and thanks so much for the award!! :)) I will post it soon.
    have a great weekend!

  13. Fun jumping photo! Are you using a sepia type process now? It brings a vintage air to the pictures.

  14. You are absolutely gorgeous and I am drooling over those boots... and those Starbucks drinks!


  15. The pictures are gorgeous! I love the coloring!!

  16. Whoo! An award! I'll be thinking of my seven facts.
    This is a great outfit and I think I like you a little better knowing that you made Buffy collages. Buffy, loved that show.

  17. Those boots are amazing and I want them!!! You look so cute in the pictures, I love the one of you jumping!

  18. Super cute boots.. and I like your jumping shot! I just found your blog thru Daniela at D, Et Cetera and I love it!


  19. girl you look out of this world. Purple looks fabulous on you. Those boots are beyond killer.


  20. you look delightful in purple. and i'm loving your high socks. great shot of the starbucks drinks even with the lighting!

    p.s. you look great in turquoise, i can see what it's your favorite hue.

  21. Congratulations! You look so amazing and there's something about these photos that are so lovely!


    Come say Bonjour at:


  22. these photos are absolutely stunning! i love them so much. and i'm a huge fan of those boots, especially with the knee high socks. :)
    and i haven't ridden my bike in forever! i know what i'll be doing over thanksgiving break!

  23. Hi babe!!!! Love this pic you look so pretty!!

    I like so much the purple touch on your outfit, and this boots are fab!!!

    HAve a great weekend!

  24. I love every piece in this outfit! Just found your blog, I love your style. :)

    Second Star

  25. your very welcome! Starbucks is weird, maybe they thought you would spill the hot drink on yourself and then sue them? Love your seven facts, Yeasayer!

  26. Lovely,lovely images! Those boots are to die for and the purple scarf is a beautiful burst of color in this outfit. The other thing I love is that necklace! Pretty!

  27. This is such a great look for fall! I love the boots so much!

  28. Oh, hooray! The perfect jumping pictureee! I am so very happy for you. :D :D Your boots are just adorable, Lyddie.

  29. those boots are awesome!!!


  30. great outfit and photos. one of my favorite color combos is black and hot pink!