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Monday, September 20, 2010

Lesson in Impermanence

I can't decide what to talk about.
Yesterday I thought about making a skirt to go with my J. Crew antler tee. I had purchased some mustard plaid wool from the thrift store over a year ago and never done anything with it. So I folded it and held it up to me and started to pin it with straight pins.

I was really liking it, and that broach covered blazer from the J. Crew fall look book came to mind and I started swapping pins for broaches and arranging and rearranging until I had everything just so.

Lesson in Impermanence

But now that the 'skirt' is off and unpinned, I know I'll never quite be able to recreate it into something permanent. I'll just have to make the pencil skirt I'd originally intended and forget about this ruched ruffled one time only hodgepodge.

plaid and broaches
The Rundown
Top J. Crew - Sandals Nine West - Broaches and Bracelet The Cavernous Jewelry Box

Saturday I ventured into the Gap to seek out my tulip skirt. They had big sale signs in the window and I was hopeful.

I somehow managed to bring an armload of items into the dressing room...

 Tulip Skirt in Grey

Tulip Skirt in Black with the Boyfriend Button down

 Grey Striped Sweater Dress

Tweed Jacket

I am completely smitten with the boyfriend button down, which is currently reduced to $32, and the Jacket, currently $98 (aka no way is this happening until I can get it for 60% off).
I was certain that I was going to prefer the tulip skirt in the grey, but ended up getting the black. It had not been marked down, but the list of $34.50 wasn't too treacherous. Especially since I had rewards and a gift card!

While I was trying things on, one of the sales associates and I started talking, and she was really great. I was kind of wishing she were my friend. I wonder if that could be possible.

Oh--- the straw fedora was there. One size small is left. And it's finally been reduced to $16. But I already have a fedora. And summer is pretty much over. But I still want it. I think it's because I've got two dozen photos in my inspiration folder of fabulous outfits that include them. Do you think I should go back, or let it go?

As for my total, after all my rewards and gift certificate, I got the skirt for $7.97. I was pleased.

My outfit was pretty awesome too, I think.

"My humble assault on the commonplace."


The Rundown
Top Gap - Skirt TJMaxx - Jacket NY&Co. - Sandals Onex - Fedora Market in Italy - Bag Big Buddha - Ring American Eagle - Pin and Necklace The Cavernous Jewelry Box


  1. You are so creative. I just love that wool fabric. It will be the PERFECT pencil skirt. I can't wait to see the results!

  2. oh wow you are so creative lady! i love what you did here. the brooch are so nice! love this outfit of yours! :)

  3. the first outfit on this post is one of my absolute favorites from you! the brooches are really beautiful!

    <3, Mimi

  4. I love the pop of red for fall! Very pretty!

  5. The first outfit is a stunner and you, lady, are looking so incredibly gorgeous in these shots! Your hair and lipstick and the posh fabrics and neutrals here are totally enviable. I adore.


  6. I love how creative you were to make the material into a skirt with all the broaches.. very cool!!

    Great final outfit in the last picture.. I love the pop of red..!!

  7. The tulip skirt looks AMAZING ON YOU!

    It hugs you in the right places, showing off your curves.:D

    Happy Monday, Lydia!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  8. Oh my. That mustard skirt is stunning. Ah, at least you've got pictures now. Pictures, at least, are permanent. :)
    Wow that boyfriend button down look is awesome! Very sexy.
    p.s. you should definitely see Heathers. It's totally quirky. Glad to hear your high school years were filled with angst. If you can't be angsty when you're a teenager, when can you, eh?

  9. omg! you can not imagine how much skirts feets on you! you look amazing!
    love all your outfits, especially your skirts and that dress!

  10. Love the cascading brooch/ruffle look though I imagine it gets unrulier as the day progresses.

    Ooh yes love seeing the tulip skirt in action and wish it was with me now!

  11. love the skirt on ur first outfit..
    adore ur sense of fashion
    so gorgeous.
    visit my site :)


    in Love&Light
    Queen D

  12. You are so creative! I love it with the brooches :) I also love the lace skirt in your second outfit, so cute :)

  13. You are so creative! I love it with the brooches :) I also love the lace skirt in your second outfit, so cute :)

  14. Oh I really hope you can make that skirt work permanently like that - it's very Vivienne Westwood.

    Nice job at the Gap - there are some beautiful pieces this season. I'm kind of dying over that striped sweater dress. Even though I've worn jeans in two outfit posts lately, I hate them. I'd much rather curl up in a dress like that on the weekends!

    And if you've been dreaming about that fedora, I'd go back for it. (Obviously, I'm an enabler. But you have the money left in your budget and September is almost over ...)

  15. Wow that skirt looks AWESOME, too bad you won't get it like that again :/
    And oooh, you tried on some great stuff! :D :D The jacket is so awesome, but way too much :(
    And love your outfit :p

  16. Awesome post, that skirt looks amazing, I'm so glad you got a picture, but such a shame you won't be able to recreate it, I'm sure the pencil skirt will look just as fab though!

    I'm craving hats at the minute, I really don't think they suit me but I'm sure I'm going to give in sooner or later, but if I were you I'd save up for a more 'wintery' hat rather than but that straw fedora now, as lovely as it is.

    I Love the last outfit too! xxx


  17. oo I love the skirt that you've created!


  18. Both your outfits are so gorgeous. :) I love them. :) And what you did with that plaid wool is just pure genius. ;)

    Love from Toronto, Canada

  19. You found a fantastic wool fabric! I think it will still look great as a pencil skirt and probably go with many different things in your closet.

    Glad you bought the skirt you've been coveting...that fedora is like one I bought for my hubs last month...it's so fun! The jacket looks amazing on you too...I'm sure if you're patient it will go on sale :)

  20. that plaid fabric is gorgeous and I think it would make an awesome pencil skirt. Cant wait to see it when its finished

  21. I love that top! So great!


  22. Your outfits and photos just keep getting more beautiful and more classy- I'm especially in love with the way you arranged that plaid skirt!

  23. Love that skirt-so CUTE! And I love the dressing room tutorial and pics-so fun!

  24. Loving you in the hat! Perfect autumn attire! :)

  25. You are so great and creative...I adore the first outfit so much:)
    happy Monday,sweetie

  26. I LOVE that pinned 'hodge-podge'. Just do that- seriously! Love it!

    And the tulip skirt is so flattering on you :) There are so many great things out for fall- makes the colder days easier to bear lol!

  27. Lyddie you have been bad....
    I thought you were trying to hold back.. although I cannot blame you, the skirt DOES look really nice-I totally loved the jacket. I honestly cannot remember when I paid full price last.... (insert Jeopardy music here)

  28. I really love what you did with that wool fabric...all the brooches look amazing..such a great idea!!

  29. I am so diggin' your style. That plaid "skirt" held together with brooches is DIVINE! And the lacy gorgeousness in black and white?! I swoon...

  30. Aww, great looks! I LOVE the antler shirt!

  31. Ooooh, I love what you did with your mustard wool! I'm glad you got pics of it while it was so fabulously draped. I think it will make a nice pencil skirt too, though. Annnnd thanks for reminding me that I owe the Gap a visit!

  32. Wao, you did an awesome job with that skirt!! I can't believe how beautiful it looks!


  33. Love it all! And yes, get the Fedora.

  34. The wool fabric looks like a kilt and looks good with the jewellery

  35. Such a beautiful garden.
    I love your skirt with all those brooches! The lace skirt and red bag is just sweet! You look great!

    Have a pleasant day,

  36. You have the best skirts!! Love that lace one. And you are so creative...great idea what you did with those brooches! I love J Crew lookbooks.

  37. Love what you did to that skirt with the broaches! So fab and chic! Gorgeous!!

  38. love your gap finds! the tweed jacket is adorable but i completely understand wanting to wait until its on sale!

  39. You are so incredibly creative! I have a t shirt dress very similar to that striped sweater dress and I live in it!

  40. Wow, talk about fashion innovation with that first skirt!!!

  41. I love both of these outfits! Seriously, the pins on the first make it look so elegant! Genius idea! Plus I love orange. Lalalaorange. And that skirt is very cute on you, which I am very jealous of because I think those tulip skirts are adorable yet they look quite terrible on me.
    And I love your second outfit, as well! You can never go wrong with black and red. :D I wish my skirt like that still existed, but sadly I wore it way too much and it began to snag. Sniffles!

    PS) awwww, I'm in your last posttt! I have been slow with blogs (this week is Spirit Week for homecoming and so I've been building awesome outfits for a grand slam post at the end of the week !~) but I always check yours when I am able. I just love your blog and it's so much fun to read and I am very glad we met. :) <333

  42. I was gonna ask how you got it for so cheap. But I have no gift card or anything to help me along. It looks awesome though! And not as short as it looked on the website

  43. You made this skirt into a real dream, congrats on the One Year as well! Woop

  44. I love how you wore the tulip skirt, nice skirt!



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