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Sunday, September 26, 2010

If I were in Stockholm

It's Sunday again. How did that happen? And the last weekend in September no less. Christmas things are already out in stores, which is really not helping!

This morning I spent a while on the pages of Stockholm Street Style, and I wanted so badly to have that effortless, messy hair, fabulousness of many of the girls who you find there.

If I were in Stockholm

I really want to plan another trip to Europe. Badly. Who wants to come with me?

If I were in Stockholm

The only truly productive thing I managed to accomplish this weekend was to make Harvest Loaf, a spiced pumpkin bread with chocolate chips. Probably my favorite thing to bake in the fall, this bread is unbelievably moist and delicious!

Harvest Loaf

I wanted to share the recipe, but I wasn't in the mood to type it up, so here is a scan of my yellow, food covered recipe.

If I were in Stockholm

The Rundown
Skirt TJMaxx - Top Too old to remember - Jacket H&M - Boots Migliorini - Necklace Gap - Sunnies Aldo


Daniela said...

love that skirt!!

Closet Fashionista said...

Cute outfit!
And EUROPE!! I'll go ;) Ha ha :)

MarchMusings said...

I'm in for Europe any time. However I have to work on achieving that casual, bedhead hair first !!

Ali said...

You can take me along!~ I'd love to go. ;D <3

I'm loving your boots and the zipper detail on them! You look so so pretty miss Lyddie (rhyme!) and you hair looks super cute like that. <3

Audrey J. said...

I want to go to Europe ;) too maybe we can go together next year or so! You look really great, and i wish i looked half as awesome as the girls on the web!

La Fille D'or said...

LOVE that jacket and boots! : ) Oh I would so go on a tour of Sweden with ya! The pumpkin loaf looks so yummy!!
I may try it with egg replacers : )

La Historiadora de Moda said...

I love the skirt and your hair!

I really miss Europe and would love to go back. I've never been to Scandinavia and would love to visit Sweden!

silviasiantar said...

that looks yummy. youre beautiful i love your styling.

following your blog now babe


Lorena said...

I want to go to Europe too.
Sometimes I feel I was born in the wrong continent !

Miss. Studios said...

You look so glamorous!

wonderfelle.com said...

Mmm Harvest Loaf looks delish! I accomplished pretty much nothing this weekend, but it was nice. Seriously what is it with Stockholm gals - they always look amazing!

Natasha xoxo said...

Love the jacket! The color is so versatile.

<3, natasha
twenty-something blog

Casee Marie said...

Fabulous outfit! Love those boooots.
Oh, and I'd totally be up for a trip to Europe since I've never been at all!

morefruitplease said...

I'll go to Europe with you if you can get my hair to look like that! My mom was just raving about a pumpkin loaf with chocolate chips... I bet she got the recipe from your mom! I asked her the other day if she had any recipes for baking with zucchini and she said that she had one for a chocolate cake with zucchini. So I told her that's funny because you had mentioned the same. Then she told me that figures since she got the recipe from your mom!

Lynzy said...

OK two things
1.) YES I want to go to Europe and
2.) I am baking that Harvest Bread tomorrow, YUM!

xo Lynzy

Morning Cloak said...

I'll go to Europ with you - When do we leave?

Romany said...

I'll come!!!!! All of my friends are in Europe at the moment. I'm so ronery. :(
I love the sunnies, I've been looking at pairs this shape recently. Very flattering.

re: your comment, I appreciate that you gave realistic support rather than blind optimism. Generally, I'm a pretty optimistic person, but often there is a difference between optimism and realism. It's so easy to say "you'll feel better soon" (something we Aussies are famous for), but I mean how true is that, really? It doesn't mean anything. Anyway, I don't think I'm making sense anymore.

sofi moukidou said...

oh! so nice post! i really can not believe you, that there are Christmas things over there! hahaha!
oh! and please take me with you to your next trip! i LOVE LOVE LOVE TRAVELLING!!!
p.s. you look gorgeous!
p.s.2 check my blog out, i've got something for you!

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Mmmm looks delish, I love fruit infused cakes!

I'm planning a trip to Europe next year! I'm hoping to go to London and France for sure and maybe Ireland? Let's have tea in London and macarons in Paris :)

Jessica said...

I'm up for that Euro vacation - just say the word!

I can't believe that Christmas decorations are in stores yet. Two weeks ago, I was at the hardware store and strolled past holiday lights and hummed carols to myself ... until it hit me that it was 75 degrees out and I was wearing shorts - it's just not acceptable.

You look darling, as always! I think you have that carefree hair down!

Marta said...

i heart your boots!

à la Modest said...

Because I gave up eating dessert since I got married, I never really learned how to bake!! That bread looks so yummy, though.

I can't go out with undone hair. My hair is way too thick!! It doesn't look like it in photos, but that's because I straighten my hair and pull a lot of stuff to get it all neat.

I envy people who can do the messy do look. It's very sexy!

Aynna banahna said...

Derek and I need a trip. I would love to go to Europe! But it won't happen anytime soon

Victoria said...

Hey lovely outfit!

I'm finally getting round to responding to comments. You probably don't even remember asking, but you asked if I had a before photo of my brown oversized sweater (when it had sequins on), unfortunately I don't, I wish I had taken one now tho! :(

I wish I could get that messy haired look too, mine has to either be straightened or it looks a total mess!

I holding a giveaway over on my blog, make sure you check it out http://my-favourite-fashion.blogspot.com/

Have a great week! xxxxxx

KP said...

The look is so 90's, except updated. I love it!

Ans said...

Hot & Yummy!!!!

Helen [In Elegance] said...

I'd love to just travel all over Europe, who knows maybe one day.
Love the outfit.
What did we do without the scanner? :)

Kristin said...

I'll never understand how the weekend goes as fast as it does. LOVE that jacket!

Cristiana.C said...

I like the skirt!
and your blog is nice! we could be followers each other, what do you think?

Amber Blue Bird said...

love those boots and the bread looks yummy

dennicapearl said...

you look absolutely beautiful!

i love your hair :D

<3 dennica pearl
- through the eyes of a pearl
- vintage shop

Mimi said...

i want to go to europe with you! haha. :D

<3, Mimi

Hope Adela said...

nice skirt and boots! =)


Oh, My Darling said...

Oh wow, Harvest Loaf combines two of my favorite things ever -- pumpkin and chocolate!!

Jessica Mura said...

I like boots and you and your blog are very nice ^^ I hope to see you in mine, and if you like it, we can follow each other ^^

Melanie said...

Love the skirt and those boots are great!


Kayraheart.fashion said...

Love that skirt..Really cute..and that necklace is Amazing..And thankx for sharing the recipe..im definitely gonna try it..

Mochachocolata Rita said...

lovely skirt! hmm why there's no tj maxx here T_T

and that loaf looks fantastic!

Diana said...

you look awesome! i love the messy hair ;)


Frances Joy said...

I'm all over a trip to Europe - preferably the super cheap spots that are left for maximum shopping potential. ;)

Also, I love your look. I have the hardest time getting that "I just rolled out of bed with my hair looking this good" look - probably because of my curls, but you are working it.
Also that skirt and those boots are making me swoon.

Katie said...

Ahh! This loaf sounds amazing! The best recipes are always on dirty paper. It means they are made often. :)

cococricketsmama said...

love your hair like that! And the bread looks so yum!!!!

I want to go back to Europe, too, We spent almost a month there in the spring. We are going back in March; Spain, Portugal, Amsterdam, Estonia and London (London again, my FAVE!!)Lucky for me I have a husband who has to travel a couple times a year for work!

Isabel said...

i love the floral skirt...and i saved the recipe cause it sounds delish!

Jonathon Pedrozo said...

i bought the same necklace you have!! i like ur poicturess


Diana Mieczan said...

I am in love with your boots,sweetie
Happy Tuesday

Krystal said...

that's a way great outfit. i might have to try that recipe too!

You can call me Jen said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog!

I like the boots with this outfit. I'm really feeling those boots too! They look like they are perfect rain boots!

Matchless Vision said...

Thanks for sharing that recipe! Your skirt is adorable as well!!