Fabulous clogs for less

Clogs seem to be everywhere lately, and why not get your Dutch on and buy a pair? There are some really beautiful, but very overpriced clogs out there, so I've used my three favorites as inspiration for three complete steals.

Stuart Weitzman Studded Peep Toe Clogs, $345 at Nordstroms
Miu Miu Dove-Print Satin Clogs, $495 at Saks Fifth Avenue
Tangerine Rind Clogs, $395 at Anthropologie

To really show off the clogs I chose, I decided to use Looklet to model them!

The first clogs I chose were the Mammoth Crocs in Khaki and oatmeal. They are currently on sale for $20. I really love the furry lining, how cozy would those be? For the amazing studded look, I would add a handful of the rhinestone jibbitz. I think the yellow rhinestones would go great with these.

Next I chose the Mary Jane Crocs, which are currently 40% off and only $15! These are such a steal - plus you can grab a bunch of these wonderful mallard jibbitz and create a look just like the dove clogs. I may even like this better, I mean, how cute are these ducks? At $2.50 per duck, you can easily cover the shoes for under $15.

Last, I chose the Rx Relief Crocs, since there is no reason you can't be amazingly stylish and comfortable! Some colors are on sale for $15, with a regular price of $40.

Best of all - use this code: CROCSAFF25 and get an additional 25% off and free shipping!

When my shopping ban is up, I am so getting a pair (or two!!)


  1. I love the way you modeled the footwear, even though I'm not a Crocs or clogs fan. :) Hope you saw my comment yesterday about the outfit post! I know sometimes I miss comments on old entries.

    Hope you use this model method again- too funny!

  2. Haha, I was just thinking yesterday that I wanted a pair of clogs. I looked online for a vegan pair with a wood sole for ages, though, to no avail.

  3. Hahaha, I love the duck flare

  4. p.s. WHY do those Anthro beauties have to be so pricey? Sigh.

  5. Hey! You won my purse giveaway, please email me to let me know your address!
    Yay for you!

  6. hahah! you are too funny. I am excited for the return of clogs I remember around 2000 looking for them everywhere and having no luck whatsoever.

  7. you've inspired me to buy a new pair of clogs! i've been missing my old ones. i go for the classic swedish clogs, like bastad

  8. eww plastic Clogs. i hate those..butttt i do like the first pic!!!

  9. I can't seem to get myself to buy clogs. I think I'd wear them right now while they're in style... and then they'd sit in my closet. Maybe I just haven't found any I love yet.


  10. Thanks for commenting on my blog! I'm following yours now, if you like mine follow me too! :) I saw some really cute clogs the other day but can't remember how much they were. I don't think its a look I'll do but a friend of mine wears them and always looks so cute in them.


  11. Wow, nice blog! :D Do you take the pictures yourself? :)
    Huggs xx

    Erica in Singapore! :D

  12. beautiful shoes nice outfits looks very nice


  13. i dont think i'll be hopping on this craze... but i love those miu miu clogs! ekkk!

  14. you know, I'm having a really hard time getting on the clog trend, but that anthro pair is actually really cute!

  15. I love clogs! So hot.

  16. I love the models you made with their crocs. Don't get me wrong I love anything with that miu miu dove print... I'm just not sure I will be getting behind the clog trend.

  17. Im not a fan of crocs myself but the way you have styled up the models has made me think twice.
    Maybe i'll invest in pair.

  18. Haha, this page is so funny where you can have the items "modeled". I just returned my clogs from River Island, even though I loved them, but they were tooo uncomfortable. You won't have the problem with yours, right?!
    Have a good weekend

  19. You're such a hoot! Hope you had a good April Fool's Day! ;-)


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