After the Bloom

Time has been moving quickly this year. Contrary to the believe that it would be passing slowly with so little to differentiate between the days, it turns out the less I need to do, the less I want to do, and large swaths as what could only be described as 'nothing' consume the days before I even realize the daylight hours have dwindled away. 

Which is likely why when my sister and I went to visit the rose garden at Elizabeth Park we'd missed the roses. And why it's now taken nearly a month for me to post these photos. 

However, the heartbreak I feel every August, as the skies start to darken before 8 p.m., is right on schedule with the deluge of Nordstrom Anniversary sale posts (pandemic be damned) only this year as the summer winds down, the loss of trips not taken, swimsuits not worn, and events not attended feels even more profound.

 joie handkercheif hem embroidered maxi dress, straw bag, sandals-15.jpg joie handkercheif hem embroidered maxi dress, straw bag, sandals-13.jpg joie handkercheif hem embroidered maxi dress, straw bag, sandals-1.jpg joie handkercheif hem embroidered maxi dress, straw bag, sandals-11.jpg joie handkercheif hem embroidered maxi dress, straw bag, sandals-4.jpg joie handkercheif hem embroidered maxi dress, straw bag, sandals-8.jpg The Rundown
Dress "Milanira" Joie 
 Strappy Slide Sandals Zara similar
Straw Box Bag Zara similar
Versailles Earrings  Julie Vos similar
 Fatima Bracelet c/o Gorjana similar
Gold Croissant Ring Etsy
Thin Gold Ring Etsy
Sunglasses Ray-Ban via TJMaxx


  1. Most days lately I find myself just being "done" (with work, with the monotony of the day, with everything) by around 2 pm and then just sleeping to 4 pm. I weirdly feel like it's a very needed "escape" for me as the isolation just sort of reaches an overwhelming point for me in the mid-afternoon and it's either nap and watch something stupid on TV or I'll start day drinking every day (not a great plan). Regardless of all that, this is a really beautiful dress and, even if you missed the roses, it's still a stunning place to visit.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  2. I always enjoy that dress on you!
    And yep...the end of Summer this year is so weird. I should have gone on 3 trips since May and all were cancelled. We planned to visit Christian's Mom in September but that probably won't happen either.

  3. At first the summer was going so slowly and now I can't believe it is almost mid August! You look lovely! These photos are beautiful!

  4. Normally at this time of year, I'm eagerly counting down to our September holiday. And this year, it was supposed to be a big one - two full weeks of exploring in Spain. Evidently, nothing like that is happening, but I'm finding it hard to feel much of anything at all about it except that it was inevitable. I imagine it would be different if we'd actually made a booking and had to cancel, but we were taking our time, and thank goodness we did. I'm telling myself there will be other years and, for the moment, I think, feeling distracted by more pressing problems, like the enormous spike in infections in our local area coupled with the government's decision to stay the course with reopening because there is still room in hospitals. At least for now we can still go outside, but the prospect of having that taken away again in the nearish future is very real and so the bigger things I've missed out on seem less pressing at the moment. But I'm sure that will change for me as winter sets in and the reality of almost an entire year wasted dawns on me :(

  5. You absolutely look gorgeous hun!


  6. Such a beautiful dress on you! I've found I've struggled to wear my winter wardrobe this year - I usually love it as a change from summer and it's never around long but with going out less...time really is passing by and we haven't been able to do as much as I'd like, the days do go by so fast!

    It's nice you got to go out even if the roses weren't there, and enjoy an outing with your sister. I'd like to have more trips out but we are staying close to home. Maybe next year when things are better? Who knows what the future holds!

    Hope that you are having a nice weekend :)

    Away From Blue

  7. I completely feel you. Time has been so strange this year and I am always amazed when I see people have done so many makeovers /renovations in this period.

    It is really nice you got to see the gardens with your sister. At least fall colors are coming up around the corner. There are always more opportunities to go out and enjoy some local sites.

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