August Budget

I'm sure there is more to life than shopping, I'm just having trouble remembering what that is these days. 

Since TJMaxx and Marshalls reopened their online shops I've been obsessively checking for new items and price drops every day. Each time my Gap credit card rewards arrive I try to convince myself to save them up for something special, but that typically lasts a day before I go and order another dress to try. I have no more room for straw bags, but when a bag with a $100 MSRP is on sale for $15, how do I not buy it? I did actually return the last two I got from TJMaxx, but now the price went down to $10. We shall see if I can resist buying it again. 

I've also been convincing myself that spending more on 14k gold jewelry (as long as it's at the marked down TJMaxx price) is completely worth it, as I'm so tired of watching my gold plated sterling pieces tarnish and then turn to silver when all the gold eventually gets polished off. Though I finally bought a new polishing cloth, and have started putting desiccates in the pouches I store my gold plated sterling in. Hopefully this will help get some extra life out of the pieces, including the earrings I just bought, falling victim to their far too tempting $10 price tag.




Mango Rust Floral Maxi Dress, $35

Cleobella Raffia Tote, $32 via Marshalls

Banana Republic Vintage Belt, $5 via Poshmark

Banana Republic Belted Shirt Dress, $26

Argento Vivo Mother of Pearl Disc Earrings, $10 via TJMaxx 

Handmade Braided Jute Tote Bag, $37 via Etsy 

Bernardo Bella Sandals, $65 via Amazon

Loft White Linen Button Dress, $35

Joie Tilsa Blush Linen Maxi Dress, $25 via TJMaxx

Lucky Brand Floral Kimono, $15

Urban Outfitters Slide Sandals, $30

Hirajule Blue Topaz Stacking Ring, $99 via TJMaxx

Anthropologie White Woven Leather Tote, $54

Mango Knit Tank in White and Cream, $16 each

Pons Quintana Bayona Sandals, $69 via Marshalls 

Rebecca Minkoff Fan Straw Tote Bag, $36 via Marshalls

Joie Orita Ruffled Floral Dress, $20 via Poshmark

Rebecca Taylor La Vie Knit Dress, $10 via eBay


Not pictured because I forgot, couldn't find a photo, or couldn't find a way to fit it in:

Banana Republic Bodysuit, $7

J.Crew Swimsuit, $30

Cynthia Rowley Maxi Dress, $18 via TJMaxx


  1. I love that red kimono! You got so many cute summer pieces and some real bargains too! I ended up buying a couple things in August but they arrived right at the end of the month so I'm going to count them for this month's purchases instead, now I've had a chance to wear them! They arrived faster than I expected as there have been a few delays with shipping here with everyone ordering so much online!

    Hope your week is off to a good start :)

    Away From Blue

  2. Love that top red dress and the black printed one!
    Lots of straw/woven bags, haha! But it's like me and my ancient greek sandals ;)

  3. I hope that fix works for lending some additional life to your jewelry pieces (I have the same problem and feel like I should also try this). And how gorgeous is that off-white belted dress? I love it...if only I weren't so terrified of wearing white.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  4. You've gotten some really good deals, so I cannot say anything.
    I am dying for stores to open here so I can buy bras. my bras are falling apart and i always need to try them on.

  5. There is more to life than shopping? Honestly, you could have fooled me - and my closet can certainly attest to that. I was talking to a friend who owns a secondhand store yesterday and she described it perfectly: "No one can plan for the future right now, so the best substitute is looking fabulous in the present." That has been my motto for most of the year without my actually knowing it. And you know, I'm embracing it. When things are normal, then we can behave normally. Until then, I will be shopping - and not getting nearly as many great deals as you, either!