I still have a handful of outfit photos taken pre-quarantine, when I wasn't agonizing over putting on jeans and a sweater for a low-key day of visiting with family.

I surprised myself last month when I decided to buy this same v-neck cashmere sweater in both the cream color and black; truly I was going to return the cream and just keep the black, but it's so terribly soft and was on sale for $50 and I convinced myself this time would be different.

I have a terrible track record when it comes to buying duplicates of pieces in different colors. I always end up loving one far more than the other - how could such a perfect and versatile piece in one color feel like an impossible style challenge in another? (The first thing which comes to mind would be linen joggers I loved so much in olive green that grabbing the blush pink seemed like a necessity. I never wear the pink.)

However perhaps the issue isn't with the piece, but simply the color, and it feels like both cream and black are safe bets. Fingers crossed.

 cashmere v neck sweater, high rise skinny jeans, brown croco bag-7.jpg cashmere v neck sweater, high rise skinny jeans, brown croco bag-2.jpg cashmere v neck sweater, high rise skinny jeans, brown croco bag-12.jpg cashmere v neck sweater, high rise skinny jeans, brown croco bag-9.jpg cashmere v neck sweater, high rise skinny jeans, brown croco bag-11.jpg cashmere v neck sweater, high rise skinny jeans, brown croco bag-4.jpg
The Rundown
 Cashmere Sweater Nordstrom
Curvy Mid-Rise Skinny Jean Banana Republic
Croc Embossed Leather Bag Loeffler Randall
 Mules Charles David via TJMaxx 
Double Ring Belt Express
Loop Earrings Mejuri
Gold Chain Necklace Thrifted similar
Thin Gold Ring Etsy via Ellyn Blue Jewelry


  1. It's a really lovely sweater - I probably would have been tempted to buy it in two colours as well (although I know what you mean about that sometimes backfiring - as my recent decision to buy one shirt in both white and blue (I'm never comfortable in white) and another in black and copper (the copper just doesn't feel like me) attest to).

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  2. Such a cute sweater! I can see why you wanted to get it in 2 colors!

    xx Chelsea

  3. With black and cream I'm sure you'll wear both a great deal! If it were me the black would definitely get more wear, haha.

  4. It's a lovely top and both are such staple colours I think you'll really enjoy them both! I used to like to buy multiples of things, now I try to wait until they have proved their usefulness in my wardrobe before I get another colour of the same thing. Sometimes I make exceptions for basics like tees that I wear a lot of anyway! But I've been working on trying to remove a lot of the duplication in my wardrobe - although there are some things I just can't resist having in multiple colours!

    Hope that your week is going well :) I'm working from home and also trying to teach the kids since the schools are closed! It's interesting, ha!

    Away From Blue

  5. What a great classic outfit. It's something I'd wear anywhere, especially a cashmere sweater. I need one in my life next Fall :)

  6. You cannot go wrong with this staple in both shades, you'll wear them both.
    I have not purchased duplicates in a while as I've been more into second hand shopping and this stops being an option.