Camel Coat

I can be very fickle when it comes to what I want to fill my closet with. You might not think that, because I've been shopping with such reckless abandon as of late, but I'm not good with on the spot decision making. I tend to ruminate about my purchases, probably too much, which is why after shooting these photos I went and returned this coat. Loft might have listed this coat at $200, but I know it's not a $200 coat. It was, and is on sale for $80 - reasonable, I thought, but actually, not really. It wasn't particularly warm, it was comprised more of polyester than any other fiber (I'm picky about my fibers) and was it the very exact right shade of camel that I wanted?


Back it went. Then I decided I'd rather have a vintage coat, bid on this one at and wasn't thrilled with it when it arrived. The problem with buying vintage however, is that I can't just return it. The answer that I dream of giving is that I will carefully tailor it myself until the fit is perfect, the reality is, beyond ripping out the shoulder pads I will be too afraid to take my scissors to the coat, it will sit unworn, and then likely get donated once more.

 camel overcoat, white blouse, distressed jeans, cream booties-12.jpg camel overcoat, white blouse, distressed jeans, cream booties-2.jpg camel overcoat, white blouse, distressed jeans, cream booties-16.jpg camel overcoat, white blouse, distressed jeans, cream booties-9.jpgcamel overcoat, white blouse, distressed jeans, cream booties-7.jpg camel overcoat, white blouse, distressed jeans, cream booties-15.jpg camel overcoat, white blouse, distressed jeans, cream booties-13.jpg camel overcoat, white blouse, distressed jeans, cream booties-14.jpg camel overcoat, white blouse, distressed jeans, cream booties-6.jpg
The Rundown
White Satin Blouse Banana Republic
Straight Leg Distressed Jeans Gap similar
Camel Overcoat Loft
Cream Booties Aerosoles
Brown Round Bag Mark Cross thrifted similar
Necklace French Kande
Midi Stackable Diamond Ring c/o AUrate New York
Thin Gold Ring Etsy via Ellyn Blue Jewelry
Gold Herkimer Diamond Ring c/o Lumo
Cat Eye Sunglasses H&M similar


  1. A camel coat is always a good idea. Aka a total wardrobe must have! I absolutely love this one and the slightly lighter hue of it!

    xo Laura Leigh

  2. This coat is such a beauty!! I think I need to finally take the plunge and buy one! It goes with everything!

  3. I need to be more fickle with what goes into my closet. I feel like I'm always just adding into the closet with no rhyme or reason, and then when I look for something simple I can't find it. This camel coat is such a nice color, and I like that is is a lighter shade! x

  4. Finding the perfect camel coat is so tricky! I know it took me awhile. There's so many things to consider like price, fit, length, and shade. I never thought to get a lighter colored camel coat but I am loving yours. It has a Spring feel to it.

  5. I *desperately* need a camel coat and this one is right up my alley! Love how you styled it for spring.


  6. Those are frustrating experiences in the hunt for the perfect coat - but I admire that you aim to be so precise when curating your closet.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  7. Such a pretty coat, it's a shame the quality wasn't up to snuff! I've been getting a lot more trigger-slow lately. Even if I really want something I talk myself out of it and then when it sells out I get sad, haha. So sad not having much spending money.

  8. This coat looks so chic! It's a shame that it didn't work out but I totally get it and it's definitely a frustrating process. I do love vintage coats though but only buy in person so I can see how it fits, what the quality is like and if there are any flaws.


  9. I purchased a camel coat last winter and have worn it non stop! It was such a good purchase for me.

  10. You can never go wrong with a camel coat. I have one long coat and I absolutely LOVE it.


  11. This is such a great staple coat to have in your closet!

  12. It's a beautiful coat, but I'm glad you were able to reconsider what it is really worth to you! Hopefully you are able to make the vintage one work because it sounds beautiful!

  13. It's a shame you haven't found the perfect camel coat, but I do like this one with your jeans! I agree it's better to be 100% happy with what you have, hoepfully you can rehome the vintage coat and keep up the hunt for the right one for you! :)

    Hope that your week is going well :)

    Away From Blue

  14. This coat looks beautiful. But when I look closely, I can clearly see it is more look than anything - that it has style, but lacks substance. It looks lovely in these photos, but returning it was the right call. That said, when I see the coat you bought instead, I know it's not right either - mainly because I have almost the same one, takenf rom my mom's closet, and while it is a beautiful brown coat, it is not camel and the shoulder pads are, for lack of a better description, a lot. I do hope you'll find your perfect camel coat one day! It took me more than three years, but I can honestly say that the wait was worth it.

  15. Love a good camel coat...I have one I love and wear it every year. This one looks like a great staple!

  16. I have a camel coat I've worn since college that's my FAVORITE!

  17. It can be so tough to find. I have a camel coat I LOVE that I found in a vintage store years ago and have literally worn holes in the lining. I love this one on you and you will find the perfect match!
    xo Annie
    New England Romance

  18. I'm becoming more and more picky with fabrics these days too. And really trying to stay away from polyester but it is so hard. It's like a parasite! You might find a cotton jacket here but the trim will be polyester for example. Anyhoo I really like this coat on you, I love how you styled it. Shame you weren't overly happy with the buy but I'm sure it will go to a good home when you donate it


  19. Coats are so tricky! I've always struggled to find one that not only fits properly, but is also warm and fashionable. It's too bad this wasn't it, because it does look very pretty on you in these pictures. But good for you for returning it and hopefully finding one that suits you better! I also appreciate your candor in telling us you returned it. That is SO refreshing coming from a blogger, and very helpful!

  20. I kind of like the oversized fit! But I'm with you on not keeping things that just aren't right. More and more I'm trying to pare down on what's in my closet.

    District of Chic

  21. Can't go wrong with this classic, so timeless and stylish. And yes, it looks lovely with your leather bag dear. Chic contrast.

    Jessica |

  22. The reason i do not shop on line is because i cannot return it. I can imagine receiving the items and them not being what i had hoped for.
    Lovely bag - I've never bid on anything from Goodwill.